The Last Stand is an addon project for the Sins of a Solar Empire, aiming to provide additional and original content, depth and challenge to the game, including three new races, new gameplay elements and tactical gadgets such as mines, interdiction abilities, deployable starbases, new ship classes and more.

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Equipped with specialized internal bioform chambers, the Chimera can produce a number of interesting, useful and deadly organisms, to be used for either aiding friendly vessels or placing entire planets in peril.

Posted by ManSh00ter on Jun 9th, 2011

Of all the Xin ship breeds, it is the Chimera motherships which perhaps present the greatest threat to undefended but populated worlds. Although it does not sport the fantastic firepower of an Emperor battlecruiser, or the immensely strong armor coating of a Tyrant battleship, the mere presence of a Chimera in a theatre of war can none the less often turn the tide of battles.

Chimera class mothership
A Chimera mothership in the middle of a Xin Battle Group

The primary purpose of a Chimera is to seed new worlds for the Xin. For that purpose it can grow specialized pods in the bioform vats located throughout the vessel, and release them into the atmosphere of a planet once all defenses have been taken care of.
However, even if the planet is inhabited, the Chimera can still claim it for the Xin. But in that case, instead of seeding a desolate world with new lifeforms, the seeding pods release specialized organisms custom-tailored to wipe out existing eco-chains and reform them to better serve Xin purposes.

In other words, instead of scorching the surface of a planet like a Sovereign planetary assault ship would do, the Chimera can effectively create a Mass Extinction Event by introducing extremely aggressive agents into a world's biosphere. This process, however, takes longer to complete than simply glassing the planet, although once started it is difficult, if not impossible to stop, even if the Chimera is chased away or destroyed in the meantime.

Chimera class mothership
Although poorly armed, the Chimera is fairly well shielded.

In combat, the Chimera fares considerably poorer than more dedicated ships; it is not designed for front-line duty. Its primary weaponry consists of quad guided plasma ejectors located behind the "head" - like most Xin ships sporting these, the Chimera can attack targets both to the front and to the sides, although the low firing speed and number of ejector ports means it will be at a disadvantage against more combat-ready ships.
In addition, the Chimera can also release periodic swarms of gestated proto-drones; small, larvae-like creatures which are meant to one day become full sized Xin drones. These creatures still do possess the ability to move on their own, and can utilize their rudimentary weapon apparatuses to attack targets by latching onto their hull or blasting their shields point-blank range.

Chimera class mothership
A Chimera firing its guided plasma ejectors.

Last but not least, the Chimera can release clouds of specialized spores through the cracks in its outer layers of armor and skin. These spores can then be ingested by other Xin vessels, whereupon they can perform various maintenance tasks, providing rapid regeneration of damaged Xin ships and even being metabolized for a quick boost in energy replenishment.

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SwissKnight Jun 10 2011 says:

Looking excellent, texture work in particular is extraordinary.

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Firestorm51493 Jun 10 2011 says:

Way better than the first one I must say.

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RaGod Jun 10 2011 says:

Man, I cant wait for this mod!

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Battle8111 Jun 10 2011 says:

sounds like resistance, man, i wish resistance was and RTS it would be cool, the karken could be a water unit, that maps would be huge, you would have defsive towers aginst there shisp, fighter jets and for the cimerian would have alot of differnt types of shulltles , frighates and other stuff, humans would ahve artilerys batterys and differnt types of helicopter,s and jets, with civilans in the cetner of map for harvesting centers, then inafnrty(after death) could be brought to harvesiting station, witha world conquest mode, for both the cimerian and humans.

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ManSh00ter Author
ManSh00ter Jun 10 2011 says:

@SwissKnight, thanks man. :)

Firestorm, yeah, I like this one better myself.

RaGod, patience is a virtue. ;)

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panosls Jun 20 2011 says:

But...but...but.... were is that small outpost the first one had??? I liked that one....I want it!!!

P.s. Awesome work btw. Looks epic.

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ManSh00ter Author
ManSh00ter Jun 20 2011 says:

The small outpost got traded in for melt-your-face-off weapons. The old Chimera didn't have any.
And yeah, the ability to poison enemy planets. Sounds good? ;)

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panosls Jun 30 2011 says:

Hey is the black hole generator still somewere in the mod? Im a big black hole fan.

Yeah poison...

The Xin Battle manual: Chapter 237

How to take over a planet:
Step 1: Make a chimera mothership
Step 2: Upgrade the chimeras engines
Step 3: Send the chimera to the enemy planet
Step 4: Send down the poison thngies sorry bored to scrol up.
Step 5: Run away with your chimera while the enemy population is under extinction. The upgraded engines will help you run.
Step 6: Enjoy.

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dan720 Dec 7 2011 says:


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Icau Feb 16 2012 says:

Hey I've been following this mod for a bit, as a guest account, and I've noticed this mod has been inactive for a few months now. Is it still in development, is it taking a power nap, or is it in fact dead?

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