The Last Stand is an addon project for the Sins of a Solar Empire, aiming to provide additional and original content, depth and challenge to the game, including three new races, new gameplay elements and tactical gadgets such as mines, interdiction abilities, deployable starbases, new ship classes and more.

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When it comes to building big, the Xin are second to none. Presenting the second in the line of dauntless dealers of death and destruction: the Overlord class Carrier.

Posted by ManSh00ter on Dec 28th, 2008

Hello everyone, time for another small update.

This time I bring you the latest addition to the Xin capital fleet, a ship no self-respecting galactic conqueror can do without - the Overlord.

Yes, it's that big.

Where the Tyrant is built to hunt down the toughest of the tough, the Overlord is built to hunt down everything else. Sporting no less than eight hangars full of combat drones, it can quickly assert its power over any given sector, provided it does not have to deal with overwhelming enemy capital ship presence. While durable in its own right, it is no battleship in that regard.

Overlord class Carrier

The Overlord is built to dominate gravity wells.

However, those who think it easy prey due to the lacking of armor are in for a rude surprise. For the hosts of minuscule combat drones are not the only ace up this behemoth's sleeve. It also boasts an impressive array of side-mounted plasma guns capable of dealing swift death to any fighters or bombers unwary enough to come too close. And for the larger targets there are the infamous Slicer Plasmids launched from the apertures on its beak, capable of latching onto enemy ships and literally cutting them to pieces with powerful energy beams.

And as if that were not enough, for the most prideful of enemies there is a weapon to humiliate them to no end - the Mass Energy Cannon. Fed directly from the ships massive Singularity Engines, the nose mounted MEC can sometimes rend a smaller ship asunder in just one hit - a truly fearsome weapon to face. And when all else fails, the Overlord can use its armored beak to ram its enemies, dealing massive damage to them and to itself.

Overlord class Carrier

The heavily armored beak is a fearsome
weapon in on itself.

To put it simply, this giant, like its cousin the Tyrant Battleship, is built for war. But where the battleship is meant to outlast its enemies, the Overlord is simply built to kill them as quickly as possible.

And for the end, as a sort of a belated Christmas present from me, here is a little piece of wallpaper art I've put together.

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KingSpartan Dec 28 2008 says:


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WarCrime342 Dec 28 2008 says:

I have to ask. Are you the only person making this mod?

+2 votes     reply to comment
ManSh00ter Author
ManSh00ter Dec 29 2008 says:

Yes, why?

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Koshy Dec 29 2008 says:

You do very good work, if I didn't know better I would think there were 3 or more people working with you.

+2 votes     reply to comment
zergling87 Dec 29 2008 says:

Wow your making this mod on your own? Its very impressive then indeed.
That ship is looking very deadly even if it is only a carrier, very nice job. And im looking foward to play this mod.

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Bird_of_Prey Dec 29 2008 says:

Great textures!

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501General May 2 2010 says:

At first i thought a large group was making this, but later i was speechless that all this superb quality work was being done by a one-man team.
Great work and can't wait for the release.

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