This mod is far from being finished so keep a look out for any news on how to mod is getting on. Currently, I am the only one who is developing this mod so progress will be slow, and to make it even slower I am currently a UI dev at Skyblivion so it will be even slower. If anyone wants to help with the progression and to help keep this mod alive, pm me through Moddb on what you do best.(modelling, Texturing, Mapping, Coding, ETC). Oh, and also don't have a go at me for making a duplicate mod for the same game, people may not like that mod so they may want a variety of mods to play.

Since this mods been pretty much dead for two years and it's been resurrected, I decided to redo the mod again mainly because of wanting to add the ships from Homeworld Remastered; for the more higher res textures and models.

The ships are not final; they will have extensive updates to them if needed.

I don't know what to do for the new maps, but I was thinking of a big map of the Homeworld System with a few random planets and the main planets.

So what ships have been done?:

From the Taiidan Faction:

Scout; Mesh and Textures ingame.
Interceptor; Mesh and Textures ingame.
Attack Bomber; Mesh and Textures ingame.
Defender; Mesh and Textures ingame.
Defense Fighter; Mesh and Textures ingame.
Ion Frigate; Mesh and Textures ingame.
Carrier; Mesh and Textures ingame. (Not happy though, will be redone).

Other faction ships will be done after the Taiidan faction.

I do have to note that all the models and textures were created by the original developers of Homeworld Remastered and I just merely modified them to make them work in Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion.

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List of Changes:

- All Taiidan fighter models & textures are in the game. (screenshots below)
- Removed all SOASE factions, So Taiidan is currently the only one.
- The Taiidan Fighters are now buildable from their Carrier, however there is one problem; the game doesn't seem to like more than four squadron types being available to be built.

List of New Ideas:

- For factions like Hiigaran and Vaygr, the subsystems will show on ships when the player has completed certain researches. An example of this is the Vasari Colony Frigate when you complete the research to allow them to create starbases.
- Militia's at planets might be a squad of Turanic Raiders, Kadesh (Protectors of the Garden) and rebellions of the four main factions.
- Buildings will be a problem. I'm still thinking of ideas. (Maybe the mothership will have to be a building?)
- Some weapons might be rotated on certain ships. An example of this is the Taiidan Heavy Cruiser which has two which can be rotated 90 degrees so it has guns for the left and right sides of the ships.

Screenshots and Information of the Fighters:

Taiidan Scout

The Taiidan Scout is one of the first squadrons which will be available to build at the beginning. I think it's useless at the moment because the main idea of it is to scout out the enemy. But how can you do that when it's stuck in the system which already shows the enemy?

Taiidan Interceptor

The Taiidan Interceptor will be one of the first squadrons you can build and will be buildable from the Carrier. This still needs to be researched but it will be early in the game.

Taiidan Attack Bomber

This fighter, the Taiidan Attack Bomber will be the best to use against Frigates and Capital ships but will easily be wrecked by anti-fighters and the interceptors.

Taiidan Defender

This one seems pretty useless to me also. I'm not sure what it was used for back in Homeworld, but it seems like it was to shoot projectiles from enemy ships.

Taiidan Defense Fighter

The final fighter is the Taiidan Heavy Defender. This will be the best to use with a group of Capital & Frigate Ships as it was designed to shoot fast and the less-armoured fighters. If it does end up only allowing for different types of squadrons to be built this one will be one of the four.

What Will Happen Next?

Frigates and Corvettes will be the next ships to be put into SOASE and the Ion Frigate has been already ported into SOASE. Once all ships of the faction is in the game, the balancing of the faction will be sorted out. Heres a picture of the Ion Frigate:

Ion Frigate

Thanks for reading and there's more to come!

Discussing Problems and Whats being developed

Discussing Problems and Whats being developed

News 9 comments

Discussing the problems about this mod and the differences between SOASE and the Homeworld games. At the bottom of the article includes what is currently...

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You are alive, thank Sajuuk! I was already thinking there will be no good mods... But here you are, and I'm looking forward to see this mod in action

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Greavesy1899 Creator

Hey guys, author here. This mod is pretty much dead mainly because I was waiting for Homeworld Remastered but then went onto working on Skyblivion as lead UI developer so this became abandoned.

I might carry this on after two years due to the new update and since we have HW1 AND HW2 factions now.

So if you want to, stay tuned!

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I registered just to say thank you for taking this on again and thank you!

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here it is!

out of curiosity i was wondering if their was a home world 2 mod for this game because a home world 2 mod would make sense in a game like sins of a solar empire rebellion.... but it's dead!

and not even a download of what the author has had finished before he left.. how sad :(

guess the author bit off more than he could chew!

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seems very dead...

although the "keepers" arw actually just what the progenitors left over so they are actually progenitors... if i understood the story right...

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mod is dead ?

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