Mod Features: Resource Management: The resource management in The Great Trench War will be considerably different from the vanilla BFMEII. With the objective of making the process as realistic as possible without disturbing the smooth play of BFME, mines and tree harvesting will be replaced with railroads whereby the player captures railway stations. Trains are then dispatched at regular intervals to supply the goods required for construction and unit training. As a secondary resource, players must capture flags in key strategic locations; this will encourage their commanders to provide more resources. Gameplay: The gameplay in The Great Trench War will be vastly different from BFMEII in a variety of ways. Trench warfare will be simulated, and there is a strong emphasis on realism. Conversely, however, the speed and fun factor of BFMEII will be maintained where possible. One important difference encountered in the mod is the removal of rushing tactics. Early defences are cheap and relatively...

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The French Advance

News 1 comment

The recon aircraft requests have come through, General; we were able to acquire an Albatros to scout out the enemy positions as promised, and it has tracked...

Important TGTW Engine Change Announcement!


After some debating, The Great Trench War team have decided to switch production from the Command and Conquer Generals / Zero Hour engine to the Battle...

The French And The Trenches

News 4 comments

The early-war French units are now taking shape; below we show the first in-game shots of the Chasseur standard infantry and the 75mm Artillery Battery...

News From The Front Line

News 1 comment

After a quiet period due to personal problems on the administration team, The Great Trench War is back on track! With Germany all but complete, and France...

Shipments, Research And Manufacture

News 2 comments

Sir, I come to you with important news. Over the past month, the German base that we have been scrutinising has seen the arrival of several shipments...

Reconnaissance Photo's From The Front


Sir, our pilots have successfully returned from their mission! They have taken six reconnaissance photos, apparently revealing a German base somewhere...

Theft will not be tollerated

News 1 comment

With immediate effect, SquireJames is excluded from the Frontline18 team. He looses all rights and privileges of a team member. The reason for the immediate...

New stuff coming in


Howdy everyone long time no see. Its sadly true that TGTW has been pushed back tov summer of 2005, but thats only to deliver you the best gaming possible...

Sorry folks


Hello everyone I am deeply sorry that we could not give you any thing today as TGTW is just not ready. We however hope that we will make our next dedline...

New pics oh yea baby

News 1 comment

Hey everyone cpuwhiz11 back from the front letting you know that some new intel come on over form HQ and we now have some covted pics of the vickers machine...

Big news


Hey guess what everyone BF 1918 has merged with TGTW heres the big scoop. After some days of negotiating, speculating and brainstorming, we are most pleased...

Pushed Back


Attention all devoted fans we have decided along with atisocialkindaguy that 11/11/04 will not be a beta realese but however will be a demo realese of...

TGTW site

News 1 comment

The Great Trench War, the WWI Conversion for Zero Hour, have got their new site up and running. Content is still being added but you can check out the...

New pics !!!!


Hey guys guess what we got new pics of the 150mm gun and the 150mm gun so check them out. By the way are new site is up to so check that out along with...

New site w00t


Hey where getting a new site with the help of are new webmaster (we still want more webmasters though) It should be up shortly with a new url in place...



Attention all TGTW fans the revora network is currently down consequently you can not access are website or forums. Please be patient I am sure that our...



Its hear you all dreaded it through out the summer, the beast waiting, whatching for the perfect time to strike. Schools back me chaps, and consequently...

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