Set in and around City 17, "The Citizen Part Two" contains the next three chapters of our citizen's story. After the events of the previous two chapters, you find yourself rescued from the grave by rebels, among whom you are now a valuable asset. Taken to a makeshift field hospital, you recover in the hands of rebel medics. But the Combine are determined to crush the rebels out of existence, and the peace can't last long. You will face choices, and how you decide to proceed will ultimately dictate how the story plays out for you. Some choices are less obvious than others, and require you to take initiative where you otherwise might be distracted. One way or another, it's time to take back the city.

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I genuinely enjoyed this mod a great deal. Meticulously well mapped with regard to the multitude of structural levels with a wonderful array of interior styles ! Visuals were excellent - from the TOD lighting, texturing, decals ( loved that bank banner ! ) along with the emphasis on a wide array of art throughout ( which I really appreciated ). Loved the the constant usage of strong colors from beginning to end as well.

A moment on the Casino - loved it ! The amount of thought, time and effort taken to construct and detail it was obvious and it came out wonderfully. Some players growled about the puzzle section and the ( really cool ) indestructible zombie there, but as an added element of urgency, it was a clever and refreshing puzzle.

Have to use your head here and there, but the game-play was generally linear with no major surprises which accompanying the story-line well, but left room for " something more ". I feel that that space would've been more than adequately filled with some ( scene appropriate ) generous
amounts of immersive mood and emotion evoking ambient scores.

I know that I'm always going on about mood and atmospheric ambients and my only real critique is that the overall feel of this mod could have benefited a great deal from some proper employments without damaging the " project goal " at all. All in all, a very solid and satisfying piece of work which I salute the efforts and creativity of the production team for.

I enjoyed this mod, but not as much as the first one, because there were no easter eggs (at least I could not find them) like in the first mod, and it was short, but I say that this is a good download!

This mod is excellent no doubt about it you would think valve themselves developed it, everything from level design to materials, slow motion scenes, outstanding puzzles and exciting missions, this game takes you literally into the shoes of a full resistance citizen. The custom models were well done some skin textures here and there needed work but other than that no reason not to get this mod! it's amazing.


0b1der says

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i'm fond of people when i see what they can do/create using the half-life 2 map editor, and such

This mod is really good one. It fits the whole HL story and it is filled with action. Compared to other high quality mods, i think that this one deserve 8. Recomanded!


Great mod. Rminds me of its own standalone game. Action packed and with a story line you cant beat, this is my favorite hl2 mod there is.

great mod 10/10

Best mod ever.


rcminor says

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Blown away! Incredible mod, I think my favorite straight HL2 mod now (as opposed to such far variations as Nightmare House 2). Terrific gameplay, excellent pacing between action & puzzling, stunning artwork. The bit with the bird -- brilliant!In the casino, I think the "zombie staircase" and what followed immediately was one of the most intense sequences I've ever played! I sincerely had to take a break after that! I put on all the lights to go downstairs to get a drink because I have a couple of big black cats and I knew I didn't want to have one one of them surprise me on the stairs right then! (Think venom crabs!)

Great concept picking stuff up to complete missions/puzzle, and the multiple ending setup is brilliant. Still trying to save Larry "undercover" though. Like the theater forcefield puzzle too.

Just a couple of very slight gameplay criticisms: right at the beginning being "almost dead" twice in quick succession seems a bit much. And in the ice rink battle, I was blazing away at the goons and had no idea the rest had split! Not sure if I was too far away to hear something or what, but had to replay that to get out with health in double digits. I think that needs a better cue.

One glitch where after releasing the pigeon, I managed to beat the game and get myself out on the street where of course nothing happened, except a couple of manhacks got loose and found me, so had to go back and replay that sequence right. And again where there's a clothes dryer blocking the door and you have to open it up for your crew, something coughed up and nobody wanted to move.

But absolutely stunning guys, and if you do go on to a 3rd, what I'd really like to see are some alternate gameplay options, like your Save Larry bit, so there are really significant options in a storyline, because the only weakness of any of HL is that it is so linear.Getting around that for once would be just off-the-charts spectacular.

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