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Showing off the latest gameplay mechanic the air-brakes. As well as the new super jump and the start of our HUD.

Posted by AnotherOne1 on Nov 15th, 2009

Hey guys!

I know you have all been craving updates, and they have stopped being posted as frequently so I'd like to address that first.

Cooper and I have started school now, so our lives have gotten insanely busy. This summer when we began, we had the ability to update every week. Now, getting substantial content in a week isn't as easy and lame filler updates don't seem fair to our community. This isn't saying development has slowed down, we are still really hammering away (no pun intended) at it, we just have less to show for it.

We thought of doing little Bio's or maybe go more in depth about the design of the game and how we went about doing certain things. If there is anything specific you guys would like to see or hear more about let us know! Comment, Private Message or E-Mail are all checked frequently.

On to the meat of this update, the Air-brakes, New Jump Jets and beginning of the HUD!

(If you aren't a fan of lengthy text descriptions, as always, there is video and still images below)

Fairly simple, the only difference being the color of the outer ring alternates between Green and Red depending on whether or not the surface you're looking at is hookable. Of course you can turn off the color changing or the outer ring all together in the options menu.

I just had to post this image of the first crosshair we made this weekend, it makes Cooper and I laugh every time we see how ridiculous it looks. Definitely a “special” crosshair.
Initial Crosshair - Basically a joke
The new one doesn't look like it was drawn with a crayon....

New Jump Jets:
The old jump jets functioned exactly how they should have but not quite how we wanted. We were always looking for more of a high jump than a long jump. So now with some revised movement code we got the higher arc when the player jumps that we've wanted.

The air-brakes were a long time in design because we couldn't get them working quite the way we had originally imagined.We started by simply slowing the player overall but it ended up looking odd, because after he was slowed going forward, he started to fall but was still slowing. So we came up with the solution, while you hold the key the player slows in the direction he was moving when you started holding it.

As you can see it's really coming together and we are excited to say we are very close to starting our closed alpha. The fact that we are starting the HUD is also exciting, because it means that we are very satisfied with our game mechanics. The game will soon be receiving a slow but well deserved face lift.

Thanks for all of your support!

As I said earlier, if you have any ideas for an update you'd like to see let us know.

- Alex

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DELTΔ Nov 15 2009 says:

Great work guys, I don't think I even need to say how much I would love to be in the alpha. also I think that a post on the programming behind the grappling hook would be interesting, and maybe a time lapse and an artical on the graphics behind the game, any way keep up the great work I cant wait to see this released. =D

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AnotherOne1 Author
AnotherOne1 Nov 15 2009 replied:

Hmmmm, those are some cool ideas. I like the grapple and behind the scenes graphics. What did you mean by "time lapse"?

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DELTΔ Nov 15 2009 replied:

Like a vid of him modeling or mapping something, but sped up heaps so that we just get an idea of his technique and so forth, e.g. Youtube.com hope I helped

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AlekZanDer Nov 15 2009 says:


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Silverfisk Nov 15 2009 says:

Wow that's much more awesome than I expected! That grappling looks really smooth, this is gonna be great!

*Waits for next update*

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Gosthy Nov 15 2009 says:

New update idea? Wallplant. Lets you to jump off a wall. Stick on it while holding space, and jump away when relasing.

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SolidFake Dec 19 2009 replied:

it sounds like you want to make this game to Warsow :D

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Gosthy Dec 26 2009 replied:

Not exactly, but it's a lovely feature! :D

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FJS Nov 15 2009 says:

wow looks really good =)

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CherryJimbo Nov 15 2009 says:

Thats totally awesome, great work.

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RetroHelix Nov 15 2009 says:

Looks funny to play.

Are you going to change the HL-game physics in an advanced way? I was thinking about strafejumping, walljumping, doublejump and all the trickjumping techniques of Quakeengine based games. Especially airstrafing would fit nice into the mod imo.
Take a look at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DeFRaG#Techniques or warsow.net/wiki/index.php?title=Movement to get a clue of what i mean. Or better search youtube for Defrag Quake 3 and warsow tricking.

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Kamikazi[Uk] Nov 15 2009 says:

I love these new additions. Great work very interesting concept.

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Rikachu Nov 16 2009 says:

Very impressive.

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