Hail and well met, traveler!
Today I am reminding the world about an Elder Scrolls mod for Warband.
One bigger than anything I've ever made. This whole time I was keeping the promise I made when I quit making Skyrim: Civil War. This is the reason I've frozen development of Morrowind: House Wars.
This is Tamriel: Bloodline's End.

Play any Tamrielic race. Join the war erupting after Titus Mede II's death in Skyrim.
Travel to any corner of Tamriel, fight for who or whatever you believe in.
Or become the Emperor yourself.

Official Facebook page: Facebook.com

-When will the mod be released?
I don't know.
-What time is the mod in?
4th Era. Right after Emperor Titus Mede II and his relative Vittoria Vicci get assassinated in Skyrim.
-What factions are there?
Many. 3 Bretonic kingdoms, 2 factions in Hammerfell, Aldmeri Dominion, The Empire and the IV Legion, the Forsworn, The Stormcloacks, 6 Great Houses of Morrowind, 2 Khajiiti factions, a rebel Bosmeri faction and of course Argonia.

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daamn just saw new pictures structures are just like TES

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Little Suggestion:

I lately saw a comment talking about Volkihar Vampires and I simply got a good idea.

What do you think about adding Dawnguard and Volkihar Vampires? They both would work as a faction. They both would have locked diplomacy so no one can start a war against them. Something like Night's Watch and Free Folk in the mod called A World of Ice and Fire made by Produno. Both factions would be at war with each other. If vampires win and Dawnguard faction is eliminated the Stormcloaks would call a war upon them. This will allow those Vampires to slowly conquer all the Tamriel. With players help of course.
If Dawnguard wins and defeats Volkihar Vampires nothing specific happens but the threat from their side is stopped. They're just the good guys fighting the bad guys. It would be a great thing to do not to mention that it would make player feel like he has more freedom in who he wants to be. He doesn't have to be the good guy anymore. He can join the vampires and try to conquer whole Tamriel. I know it would require a lot of work. But the thing is that there are only 2 castles to do actually. Only 2 scenes. And let's be honest no one will be mad if you would even use some native scene. Also we all know that Akathir is one of the most talented (if not the most talented) "scene maker guy" out there :D
The first one is Fort Dawnguard and another one is Volkihar Castle. The thing that I always loved in many fantasy stories is that the hero always start as some random guy who wants to defeat the bad guys and then after a long fight he actually seems like a proper ruler. That's the type of story that I really enjoy and I'm sure that many people here will agree with me that being able to serve as honourable soldier of the Dawnguard and then with a renown of a hero start uniting whole Tamriel or being bloodthirsty Vampire really makes the roleplay possibilities even more great and endless.
But that's just my suggestion and the way I would have made it if I was in charge of creating the mod. I don't have any particular skills that could help to do that. I can't even speak english properly as I'm not a native speaker. So I can't even do that myself and trust me if I could I would have done anything I really can to help with this mod so I at least hope that you will reconsider my suggestion. I just think that it's a great idea to let player not only play as a bandit, merchant, lord or a king but letting player be a true hero or true villain is a part of every good rpg. Look how people hated Fallout 4 for not letting you be the bad guy anymore. Everyone from time to time likes to play the bad guys. You want an example? Look at the Orcs in Lord of the Rings Online or the Mod that was created to mount and blade. Look at the Horde from World of Warcraft (And yes I know that these guys aren't really evil but they clearly aren't the good guys either). And there is also an Empire from Star Wars. Everyone loves to be a Sith Lord who can use lightning and force choke everyone who's a prick to them. As you can see people like playing as a bad guys. So letting them be a bad ones in your mod would definitely upgrade roleplaying experience :>
At the end in the name of the whole community that is intrested in the mod I just want to say Thank You for working on such masterpiece. It's not even out yet but we all know that this will be something great that will be remembered as one of the greatest mods of all time! A lot of people (with me included) is going to treat it like another TES game. And we all know that this project is huge and that it will take a lot of time to finish it. But I'm sure that everyone (or at least most of people) will be willing to wait until it reaches it's final version. I only hope that you won't abandon it because as you already know the HYPE IS REAL and people really are intrested in the project. Just see how many people are begging you for release date of at least beta state of the mod. And everyone can't wait to finally lay their hands on this masterpiece.

King Regards,

~Efarys, Simple guy from modding community who loves your work

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OrmirOfSkyrim Creator

Thanks for your kind words, this was a good read :)
I have plans regarding Volkihar and Dawnguard, since as you may have spotted, Serana is in the game
I'm not sure how I'll go about it on the technical side, but if I can find a way, I plan to turn TBE into an RPG quest experience, with a good plot in the center of the game play, and 'being a king' as a second side of the coin.
TES games are always an immersive experience, and I will try my best to bring it into Warband. You can see the seeds for my idea - Serana and Nazir. In TBE, you aren't a default Warband guy. You are a hero (or villain)

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I, as a HUGE Warband mod player, I have loved looking through this mod. I love Mount & Blade and Skyrim. I have seen so many people try to do this and never could. I am hopeful your mod will be different. Also, do you have an estimated release date? It would mean a lot for a response.
-HighKingDillon, a fellow Warband player.

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Some time ago Ormir told me that beta might hit us this summer but it's really unlikely and the full release date is currently unknown.

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I'm really glad to hear that! I had no idea and I didn't even expect to see a full story in the game. This means that we can really expect more of a new TES game rather than just some new mount & blade modification. It really does make me even more excited! Let's only hope that in the end everything will work out and you will be able to create this amazing experience for us. Thank you for all the time you spend on making the mod. Instead of hanging out with a friends or playing some games you spend your own time on making a free game for us. I really appreciate that :>

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Consider adding LaFave brothers:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qN80_7rNmcE and everything else.

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By the Nine this is going to be an amazing mod! Even if it takes a couple more years to recreate everything I'll still be patiently waiting for this beauty to come out!

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Hey this mod looks great and seriously can't wait to play it, you have put alot of hard work into this I can see and no doubt will be mod of the year when finished :) now onto my question Volkihar vampires? Will we be seeing them and if so will they become a playable faction? I love the idea of an army of vampires

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