The mod name will be changed. What I have so far will be released on march. There will be options of quality of the mod (Low, and normal.) Because some of the things in the mod (e.g visual effects) can make the game slower on some low end computers. So players will have the option of lowering the quality of these things and be able to play with the mod. Unimportant stuff will be taken from the average quality to make the lower quality. For example the dust or smoke in the battlefield will be less and will last less. The impact effects don't make as much of it (dust and smoke). Explosions might be smaller. But the overall experience will be mostly the same. So there isn't anything to worry about.

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Ppsh-41 Conversion Try out V2

Ppsh-41 Conversion Try out V2

May 31, 2013 Demo (1.92mb) 2 comments

Conversion of Ppsh-41 by MrSalazar2005 This is what I added/changed in version 2: -New muzzleflash image (starburst_6p.iwi) -Slightly increased speed...

Ppsh-41 Conversion Try out

Ppsh-41 Conversion Try out

Mar 7, 2013 Demo (1.73mb) 9 comments

Only for the Ppsh-41. Conversion of Ppsh-41 by MrSalazar2005 This mod (zzzz_NewPpsh-41) changes many aspects of the Ppsh-41, these are: -Sound -Weapon...

New Mud Grenade Explosion

New Mud Grenade Explosion

Dec 24, 2012 Demo (0.00mb) 0 comments

This demo is to show you what the grenade explosion will look like when it explodes on mud since the video that was intended to show you that wasn't of...

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