Great news! I have advanced the mod greatly since the last update, even though I have not been able to provide videos or screenshots. There are only a few minor things that I have to fix before the first release, and I also have to ask some people for perimission on the use of their content in my mod. I am really happy on how it is looking, even though there are some odd things that cannot be fixed as of now. I have to mention that recently I have to temporarily stop working on it since I have run into a serious family issue. I don't know how much it will take before I can continue the work, but I wanted to let you know that I am trying as hard as I can. When my personal issue is dealt with, I will be able to work on the mod much more since I now have vacations, but the computer available to me has only limited uses, so I will do what I can.

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Ppsh-41 Conversion Try out V2

Ppsh-41 Conversion Try out V2

May 31, 2013 Demo (1.92mb) 2 comments

Conversion of Ppsh-41 by MrSalazar2005 This is what I added/changed in version 2: -New muzzleflash image (starburst_6p.iwi) -Slightly increased speed...

Ppsh-41 Conversion Try out

Ppsh-41 Conversion Try out

Mar 7, 2013 Demo (1.73mb) 9 comments

Only for the Ppsh-41. Conversion of Ppsh-41 by MrSalazar2005 This mod (zzzz_NewPpsh-41) changes many aspects of the Ppsh-41, these are: -Sound -Weapon...

New Mud Grenade Explosion

New Mud Grenade Explosion

Dec 24, 2012 Demo (0.00mb) 0 comments

This demo is to show you what the grenade explosion will look like when it explodes on mud since the video that was intended to show you that wasn't of...

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