A continuation of the SSF Mod that was so successful in Swat4 and later in TSS. The original team members may have moved on but I have been handed the source code to continue the project and address some of the issues present in the last release(3.1). I will be fixing the AI issues that causes CTD's and will also be speeding up the friendly AI's deployment of tacaid for the first release. I also have some ideas that I will be implementing following this first release and I'm sure people will be glad to see what I will have for you. Untill the next update....cya around..

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Feb 11th, 2010
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The Sheriff's Special Forces Realism modification takes many factors of the already great game SWAT 4 and makes it better for those who play serious coop, single player, or team-deathmatch.


New Features

-Unlimited wedges (99)
-Added a new map to the campaign - Precinct HQ
-Speed up the AI at deploying nades on room breaching
-Made the nade launcher hold 6 rounds at a time
-Nade launcher has been made less powerful
-Ammo pouch adds ammo for primary and secondary weapons


-Fixed the crash to desktop from SSF 3.1
-Insta-rip delay halved from 0.5 sec to 0.25 sec


-Includes the Fixed Modmaps for the 3.1
-Mod New custom made launcher application that will start Vanilla, TSS, and SSF mod
-Launcher includes built in chatLauncher includes built in access to new maps, these self install
-Launcher also handles all future updates of the mod

Minor update


- Fixed portal error in Cabin Fever
- Added map "Civil Unrest" to the single player carrer, QMM Mode & Team Death Match.
- Placed all 13 Custom maps first in the Campaign, with normal equipments droping for each of the 7 first maps.
- 33 map carrer mode with all the custom maps first.
- Changed COOP QMM timer to 15 min.
- Fixed the text for "Door lockced" and "Door unlocked" commands.
- Minor weapon textures polish done on a few weapon.
- for more details, see "DESCRIPTION v3.0" below.


Single Player Career, Quick Mission Maker & COOP QMM:

- 12 Player made maps with Mission briefing, floorplans, location pictures etc. 5 Swat3 Original remakes, 1 Swat3 custom map remake & 6 new maps made by members of the Swat4 community.
- Career Mode starts with the orignal 7 TSS(expansion) maps, then the 13 original SWAT4 maps, followed by the 5 SWAT3 Remakes, then 6 new custom maps before the Career mode is ended by The SWAT3 remake Operation Apollo.
- All the maps added into the SSF Mod can be altered and played in the Quick Mission Maker and COOP QMM.
- If You want to play the Custom maps straight away, you can use the QMM, and use standard objectives for each mission.

AI changes

- Both officer and enemy/hostages AI has been changed/tweaked to act more diverse and as real as possible.
- The Instant Quick Draw for Enemy AI has been changed to "not" instant.
- AI has a better hearing ranges and will react appropriately (walking is important)
- AI can now engage or disengage officers at closer ranges.
- AI is more unpredictable.
- AI more likely to use cover when under fire.
- AI will fake surrendering more often.
- AI "moral effects" changed for more realistic gameplay. (Seeing buddies killed, getting shot, etc)
- AI more prone to engage or kill hostages when threatened or hearing you.
- AI will run farther when trying to hide.
- When barricaded, AI will watch nearby doors and attack if they notice any nearby doors open.
- AI Swat will clear a room more effectively.
- AI Swat will not watch a non-threat more than a new threat.
- 40+ smaller changes that all in all gives you a better AI.

Weapons & Equipment

- All weapons has been altered to realistic settings like:
- Range
- Accuracy
- Recoil
- Rate of fire
- Ammo
- Muzzle Velocity
- More magazines
- Penetration levels

- 2 new weapons:
- Colt Car 6.8 Remington 10x Scope with UE, JHP, FMJ and AP rounds.
- UE is Ultra Expanding, and will penetrate but not go through the body/head of a suspect.
- AP - Armor Peircing rounds is the most powerful ammo ingame.
- Glock 18 with selectable Single and Full Auto.
- 3D Models & Animations - both the Colt and the new Glock use already ingame models
- We hope to bring you alot more weapon models in the next version of this mod.

- Some weapons has, for the purpose of balancing Team Death Match, been made a little harder to use. This include but not limited to, the SAW, Desert Eagle, AK 47. The changes done have been as minimal as possible.
- AK47 and UZI selectable in All Modes.
- Quicker change between weapons and/or equipment.
- C2 count is now 6.
- Wedge count is now 5.
- Pepperball Gun and Pepperspray dont work on gasmasked individuals anymore. Accuracy and range have been reduced, and the Pepperball Magazine now holds 50 rounds.
- Armor now reflects real life as closely as the game engine allows. Balancing Team Deathmatch has been a high priority.
- Being Stunned lasts 7 seconds for flashbang, LTL Shotgun, Pepperball, Taser, Stinger and Baton Round. Stingray Taser lasts 5 seconds. The AI is stunned for 8 seconds.
- CS gas emission lasts for 12 seconds. Minimum gas period is 6.1 seconds if you can get away from the gas. Max gassed time is 12.2 seconds.
- CS Gas, Stinger & Flashbang have a normal range effect.

GamePlay changes

- Aggresive Arrest has been added, witch allows you to arrest uncompliant Hostages/Suspects.
- Check Door function added, with commands to report. (Default: CAPS LOCK)
- Auto Switch back to last used weapon after using tactical aids.
- Melee attack range (including Stingray Taser), has been cut in half. From 3+ meters down to 1.5 meters.
- Timer in COOP changed to 15 minutes as default.


- 32 player TDM server...This function is highly experimental, and is added purely for testing purposes. The default Number is still 16 players. You should test how many your server/internet connection can handle. Some maps might not work with more then 16 players.
- We have spent alot of effort in making realistic weapons for Singleplayer/COOP, and at the same time balancing weapons and armor for Team Deathmatch. It has been give and take, but we think that we've gotten a good result.
- Being Stunned lasts 7 second for flashbang, LTL Shotgun, Pepperball, Taser, Stinger and Baton Round. Stingray Taser lasts 5 seconds.
- CS gas emission lasts for 12 seconds. Minimum gassed period is 6.1 seconds if you can get away from the gas. Max gassed time is 12.2 seconds.
- Pepperball Gun and Pepperspray dont work on gasmasked individuals anymore. Accuracy and range turned down, and the Pepperball Magazine now holds 50 rounds.
- Melee attack range (including Stingray Taser), has been cut in half. From 3+ meters down to 1.5 meters.
- 7 Custom Multiplayer maps comes with the mod.
- Skins: The custom skins that VUGames shipped with the Expansion, have several flaws. The suspects look like Swat officers, and the heavy armor on the Swat Officer skins are the same as the default skin. We have fixed/improved this.
- If Armor IS penetrated, JHP will do most damage. If the Armor is NOT penetrated, FMJ will do most damage.
- Light Armor= Level IIA, Heavy Armor= Level III.
- Level IIA Armor will take: 5 9mm/.40 FMJ while 5.56 and 7.62 will in most cases be one shot one kill. See above
- Level III Armor will take: 5 7.62 FMJ rounds or 6 5.56 FMJ rounds etc. down to 12 9mm FMJ.
- Helmet will protect you against lighter ammo, but not against rifles. Unprotected head shots are always lethal.
- AP=Armor Peircing rounds will kill with 2 body hit to level III armor, or 1 Head shot. Only the 10x scope sniper rifle has AP Rounds.
- The weakest round is the HK MP5 Silenced. It's ammo is Sub Sonic, making it weak.
- Alot of the textures(it's not practical to get every texture due to size) has been modified so they are no longer bullet proof. Cars, doors, pc's, servers and many other textures can be shot through. Bear in mind that all though ex. a car isnt bullet proof any more, the bullet loose alot of its velocity when passing through the car. This means that the bullet dont do mutch damage to the target, and more rounds would be needed to kill/incap the enemy.


- Opening Movies and notices removed.
- Very quick "SSF Mod" splash screen at start.
- We have choosen to leave a little commercial inside the game. Check the ingame Credits.
- Many more that we might have forgotten! :)


- Deploy can not be set to a button of your choice. Default is P.
- Door Check Command will work """IF""" the door is locked( you will hear a click and see door locked text), if the door is unlocked nothing will happen. The default key for Door Check is CAPS LOCK.
- Door Locked and Unlocked Commands in Response.

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SSF Realism Mod  v3.2
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Kyle_K_ski Feb 11 2010 says:

I'm happy to hear of your efforts.

As much as I enjoyed SWAT4 and TSS, for me, the AI did not match what was engineered for SWAT3.

I applaud your efforts here, and I hope that whatever's done, that something substantive is done to elevate the AI's capabilities. Good luck to you, and I'm looking forward to your updates.

+2 votes     reply to comment
flameknight7 Feb 12 2010 says:

just might install swat 4 again :D

+2 votes     reply to comment
Zafer233 Sep 7 2010 says:

Just a few words of encouragement. I have purchased a new copy of Swat4 Gold and registered here just to play you and your team's mods. I want the ultimate experience for game play and I love how things get sticky fast if you don't grab control and demand it. Yes sticky is used in the game lol. So far nothing from the 2.1 version has had any issues. I am sure there are allot of others out there right now that feel the same way but have been reluctant to post their words.

+3 votes     reply to comment
[SecretArmy]Badger Feb 17 2011 says:

I still play this. And its still the awesomeness!

+3 votes     reply to comment
VB May 14 2011 says:

Its keep updateing..... cant play
An update is needed and it will applied now"
An update is needed and it will applied now"
and it never ends

+1 vote     reply to comment
woody121 Oct 18 2012 says:

I'm a commercial software developer who also really enjoy SWAT - but when I click "SWAT - SSF" in the SSF Lanuch application, it closes, waits ~10 seconds, then reopens the launcher. I am in XP compatability mode on Windows 7.
Anyone still around to give a bit of advice? I love this game and would hate to miss out because of one simple software bug. Good karma!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Sep 29 2015 replied:

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Guest Feb 8 2013 says:

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Guest Jun 9 2013 says:

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thomasmart35 Aug 18 2013 says:

There's some grammar errors and typo errors in the weapons description. I hope you can correct that in the next update.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Chivagameplay Sep 8 2013 says:


+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Sep 24 2013 says:

Here is my opinion on the SSF Realism Mod v3.2. If I compare this to the original. The enemys reaction time is a lot slower, they give up most of the time and they can't aim and the player can withstand´╗┐ many shots. I played through all the missions solo aka COD-style and that was not so fun. The original is better IMO, which offered a challenge. The good thing about this mod is the new maps, new weapons, the aiming, sounds and the SWAT AI that respond faster than the original. This surely would be a really good mod if the enemy AI was more like the original and if the player actually can die. Seriously, and do not call this a realism mod if it's not.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest May 31 2014 replied:

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Ghostrecon007 Oct 18 2013 says:

I had SWAT 4 v1.0 then updated to v1.1 ,include the "unofficial v1.2", and now i try to install Stetchkov Syndicate but i still Download via torrent now, btw, are my step installations is working with this mods? any wrong step that i do? (sorry my bad English)

btw, i looking for the weapons, that is AK-47 and Sniper, it is why i'm here now ;)

0 votes     reply to comment
TheOriginalDaniel Jul 15 2014 says:

Excellent mod, recently just finished the original Swat4 with the SSF 2.1 mod and now playing the expansion with this.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Aug 12 2014 says:

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Guest Aug 12 2014 says:

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Guest Aug 21 2014 says:

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TheOnly4u Mar 26 2015 says:

Wow...This is a blast from the past. Haven't touched this project since 2006/07, when I stopped playing Swat 4, and released the source files @ v3.1.

I can't answer to any changes done in v3.2, but The SSF Mod was never made for singler player. Adding a single player story was something I did on request from the community.

Wandering alone COD style was never the intention for the Mod. It was purely made for Coop for use in the SSF community. Other players and communities using TDM, DM & single player is just something the engine supported.

As those still playing this game, you can make all the changes you want. Most of the AI behavior, accuracy, ballistic and armor settings.

As for realism. Back when the mod was made, a standard medium quality level IIIa flack west would stop most pistol rounds, and many of them at that. When adding level III plates in that flack west, that plate alone had a minimum requirement NIJ of 6 rounds 7.62mm Ball. Most Armor at that time could easily with stand 30+ 5.56mm round fired @ 5m with a certain spread, without the back face signature exceeding 44mm.

Later in 2009, a normal high End plate could with stand 63 rounds+ 5.56m fired at 20 and 10 meters, 33 round single at 20m, 30 round burst at 10m, with less then 10mm backface signature.

I'll grant you that there is some criminally bad armor out there, but US Goverment through NIJ hasn't increased the standard minimum requirement, so many bad manufactures can still produce subpar equipment that somehow is being used by Law and Military personnel.

But still I hope you all enjoy this mod. I glad to see it's still in use.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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