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amarr station
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SabProJh_289 Author

suggestions for the stations of all races.

sugerencias para las estaciones de todas las razas.

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Might just be the screenshot quality but the texture seems abit to iffy
Also, is this going to be a war-starbase' or like a tradestation/refinary =o

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i want to see like 2 starbases per faction like the faction station there and like the roqual that turns into the mini starbase and harvests ore or acts like a trade station. also what about titans ? also why not have the faction starbases build faction titans or have a special researchabl gantry for them and dreds to build at?

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Is it sideways? but cool eve stations will look epic once finished.

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Haiyooo Creator

So gaise,

There is a small problem with EvE pretty shiney ships and stations vs Sins stuffs....


EvE ships have tons of these things called polys, which is short for polygons, which is the geometric shapes the models are from. Now a model is the block which the shiney "texture" goes on. We apply the pretty texture to wrap around the block or station in this case... welp we get pruddy nice stuff that would account for oh 50 sins ships.... You must understand EvE is built on nodes on servers and your game client only loads the stuff as your client physically comes in viewing range of the objects....

Sins loads everything it will need at the start of the match and as you build more stuffs it adds the demand of that stuffs + all the stuffs you have to make a constant load on your game client... there is no loading once you start a match thus a constant demand on resources for a game that is 32bit and will minidump / crash each and everytime it maxes out its tiny little bit of resources that it knows how to use.

That being said no the station is not side ways, that is the player produced Amarr Factory station that "lays" if you will horizontally. And no it will never look like the EvE in measure of pruddyness due to the nature of the RTS genre and the 32bit SINS engine.

That my friends is ' END OF ZE WORLD ' I must lay down because I am le tired.

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thanks alot haiyoo! looks pretty awesome ;)

and is that the starbase for amarr? just to be sure :)
can't wait for next version with more stuff i can test :D
(hopefully i will have my laptop before that :D)

and have fun sleeping/laying down :) have a good day further ;)

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The station looks like a ship,maybe a destroyer

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Amarr station in system Sarum Prime

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