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This is a brief history leading to the Portal Wars.

Posted by madface on Mar 10th, 2012

Long ago, an ancient and technologically advanced race known as the Seraphim
travelled throughout the Universe and seeded portals on the worlds they encountered. These portals allowed the Seraphim to travel easier and faster throughout the Universe and to these other worlds.

The Seraphim are a peaceful race with the desire to aid and teach all sentient beings. They are incapable of harming sentient beings and are devoted to following The Way.
The Seraphim used the portals they seeded to aid and teach other races and to colonize uninhabited worlds by relocating races in need of refuge.

Throughout their travels, the Seraphim encountered hostile and xenophobic races. Because of their pacifist nature, the Seraphim were exterminated on many worlds. In order to prevent the Seraphim race from total annihilation, many of the Seraphim compassionately severed their connections to The Way in order to become the Keruvim, i.e., the guardians of the Seraphim. A Seraph individual makes the voluntary choice strictly alone to become a Keruv – it is forbidden for a Seraph to engage another Seraph in this matter in any way whatsoever.

By severing their ties to The Way, Keruvim chose to damn themselves for all eternity in order to preserve the Seraphim race, the latter who will ultimately preserve The Way. Choosing damnation meant becoming emotionless killing machines, cut off from all societal contact with the Seraphim. Because Keruvim are warriors with the capability to kill, it is forbidden to ever refer to them as Seraphim, for they are no longer Seraphim – forever.

The Keruvim successfully used the portals to protect the Seraphim throughout the Universe until they became the Shedim and began living according to The Descent. The Shedim no longer held allegiance to the Seraphim and began intervening in the affairs of other races and disrupting the efforts of the Seraphim. The Shedim performed many “miracles” for the other races and demanded that they perform bizarre rituals in return and worship none other but the Shedim as gods. Otherwise, the Shedim would exact punishment on them. Given the esteemed position that the Seraphim were held among many of the races, the Shedim were not hostile to the Seraphim, instead portraying the Seraphim as servants of the Shedim. The Shedim intermixed their teachings with those of the Seraphim.

As the Shedim continued in The Descent, they became more and more the polar opposite of the Seraphim – they were now aggressors, proactively annihilating other races and worlds. The persecution and extermination that the Seraphim once experienced, and what the Shedim once experienced, were now being perpetrated against other races.

The Seraphim reasoned that given enough time, they too will fall victim to the Shedim and their lust for killing. Since the Shedim were originally not permitted to be part of Seraphim society as the Keruvim, their presence on the Seraphim home world was also not permitted. Therefore, the Seraphim powered down all portals that they had seeded and dismantled as many of them as possible in order to cut themselves and others off from the Shedim. Needless to say, time was of the essence and not every portal could be dismantled, nor could everyone be warned; the Shedim were still considered as the Keruvim by many.

When the Shedim arrived following the detonation of Black Sun by the United Earth Federation, the majority of Aeon Illuminate joined the Shedim, thinking they were actually the Keruvim. However, a minority of Aeon Illuminate, those still truly loyal to the Seraphim and The Way, saw the Shedim for whom and what they were. Therefore, they forged an alliance with their ancestral brethren, the UEF and Cybran, in an attempt to destroy the Shedim. The minority of Aeon Illumnate were too small in number to face the Shedim alone, and having lost contact with the Seraphim, they had no choice.

Unbeknownst to the Seraphim, the remaining existing portals became functional again once the Seraphim secluded themselves, but in reduced capacity and with intermittent outages.

Re-establishing primary CPU algorithms. Primary CPU algorithms operational. All systems online. Diagnostics complete. Primary directive recognized. Executing.

A dark secret that lay hidden within the portals that not even the Seraphim were aware of became manifest… the ability to summon Shedim-based technologies from the portals themselves. The Shedim had encoded the blueprints for some of their vessels directly into the portals.

With the intent to destroy the quantum gateway network, Princess Rhianne unknowingly transmitted QAI to all quantum gateways, thereby turning them into replicas of the ancient Seraphim portals.

No longer did the Shedim need to fight in wars in order to conquer. All they needed to do was to throw the dogs a bone and let them fight amongst themselves. With a simple whisper, the forged alliance disintegrated and the Portal Wars began.

If you are interested in helping alpha+beta test the Portal Wars minimod, then send me (madface) a PM.

You can find more info on Portal Wars on the previous news post,

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madface Author
madface Mar 10 2012 says:

The history utilizes the concept found in the Stargate tv series. Specifically, the Portal Wars history is tied to Kabbalistic and Biblical themes.

Some evidence to support that GPG used these sources in creating the Supreme Commander universe are that in Hebrew, Seraph means to "glow" or "burn". Notice how the Seraphim logo looks as if it is burning, and naturally it has a yellow colour to signify fire and glowing. Also, Seraph is related to "serpent". Notice how the Seraphim look a bit snake-like. Also, that the Seraphim are not violent is exactly paralleled in kabbalistic teachings on the Seraphim (which in fact are angels). Furthermore, the "im" in Seraphim is a plural ending in Hebrew. The singular is "Seraph". The fact that GPG refers to "the Seraphim", i.e., treating Seraphim as a plural entity, also shows it's link to the Seraphim of the kabbalah.

Notice also how the Cybran logo resembles the Jewish Star of David, and the Aeon Illuminate logo resembles the ancient Egyptian ankh. I also managed to find some ancient Akkadian and Sumerian inscriptions that have logos that resemble that of the UEF.

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SwiftBlizz Mar 10 2012 says:

Whoever gave madface negative karma.. relax, it is just a story coupled with some interesting real life history and clever hints on GPG's possible inspirational sources.

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Lord_Kane Mar 10 2012 says:

Madface that is a awesome analysis.

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