You start in some place with a scientist and you must make your way through soldiers and zombies. - By Kamil Janda.

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When you start off, you're in a room with a staircase. Climb up it with crouch-jumps. Whenever I say "jump", I mean crouch-jump; most of the jumps in this game require crouch-jumps. So, jump over the fence, and collect the knife and ammo. Make sure you switch to the pistol. Kill the enemy on the ledge around the corner,and if you're lucky, his rifle will fall and you can pick it up. Around the corner, there are two enemies behind cover. Kill them. If you didn't get the rifle off the first enemy and therefore still only have the pistol, coax one of the enemies here around the corner so you can shoot him froma distance, then pick up his rifle and kill the other enemy. If you did get the rifle, on the other hand, kill them both normally. Walk through the gap near the enemies' starting point, around the corner, and then into a room nearby. Don't climb up the ladder just yet. Kill the monster in the room, jump into the area with items in it, collect them, and jump out. Then walk out of the room. Switch to the rocket launcher you collected, climb up the ladder until you are clearly out of cover, and launch your only rocket at the enemy on the right. Then climb down into cover, switch to your rifle, climb back up until you can just see the other enemy's head, and open fire until he's dead. Collect any dropped items (usually the enemy on the right drops some) and walk through the gap in the wall on the other side of the area, then around the corner. Walk through the next gap in the wall, and kill the enemy there. Collect the items, and jump into the water, which is actually a teleporter. Grab the items from the cupboard. Walk through the gap in the wall, kill the enemy through there, make sure you've got the shotgun out, and kill the enemy around the corner. Walk through the space there, and jump over the ledge to the left. Collect the stuff there, shoot the enemy around the corner, walk around the next corner, and kill the enemies there. Switch to the rifle, go through the gap in the wall, and kill the enemy to the left. Go to the right, and jump over the ledge there. Walk down the corridor and go through the gap to the right. Pick up all of the items that you can find in that room, then walk out and go to the end of the corridor. Go through the gap to the right and jump over the ledge there. Follow the path and press the button, which will open a big diamond door. Walk through it. Go down the corridor and walk into the door to open it. Follow the path and jump over the ledge at the end. Walk around the corner and find the bit of metal that's slightly tilted. Switch to your knife, crouch, and break it. Jump over the piece of metal to the very left of the pile, and go around the corner. Follow the path, and go to the right. Press the button, and then as quickly as you can, grab the ammo through the door. If you take too long, you'll be trapped and you'll have to load your last save. Then go to the left of the room and press the button there. Go through the glass door that's opened. Go around the corner and jump over the ledge. Walk around the corner there and press the button to open the door. Walk through the gap at the other side of the room, around the corners, and then jump into the wall. It's another teleporter. Press the button to open the big yellow door. Go through it. Go through the gap in the wall and jump over the ledge. Around the corner, climb up the ladder. Go to the right, look behind you, and you should see a gap in the wall. Jump over the ledge there, which is actually another teleporter. Pick up the ammo that is on the floor near where you start, and knife out the plant wall. Pull out your shotgun and kill the enemies around the corners. You should see another plant wall. Go to the very small section to the right, knife it out, and switch to the sniper rifle. Kill all of the enemies in the room, then walk through the gap in the wall. Go around the corner to see the ending, which is you exploding into a bloody mess.By usbpetrock. Feel free to pass this around, but don't take credit for it.

Red Mesa 1

Red Mesa 1

3 years ago Full Version 0 comments

You start in some place with a scientist and you must make your way through soldiers and zombies. - By Kamil Janda

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Deikaeus Sep 28 2015 says:

Fun fact: the creator of this mod was 13 years old and released it in 2003, now he's like 25 or something and he said that he had no idea what he was doing back then.

+2 votes     reply to comment
DerickFabro Sep 10 2015 says: +2 votes     reply to comment
totaljebaczjebaczy Aug 27 2015 says:

You tried. And failed. Horribly. -10/10

+2 votes     reply to comment
wEight Jun 24 2015 says:


No comments...

+1 vote     reply to comment
masquedios Oct 14 2013 says:

This..."Thing"...makes me cry.
Why spend hours on doing this...(or even 15 minutes?)?
Why waste your time....and ours. make a good mod hl1 requires mostly entusiasm + time + any idea for a mod...

Think about it. You could do this better.

+1 vote     reply to comment
HalfFarts May 25 2013 says:

He does not need to Delete it... I say it is a nice mod! Give First Timers a Change For gods sake.

-4 votes     reply to comment
DerickFabro Sep 10 2015 replied:

i dont think he needs to delete the mod... but it suck balls anyway.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SubZero66 May 20 2013 says:

This game looks like a bucket of ****. Delete this.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Lusicore Sep 15 2012 says:

this looks so bad i am actually thinking of trying it out

-1 votes     reply to comment
OsirisGodoftheDead Sep 15 2012 says:

The maps and models look Doom era

-3 votes     reply to comment
vocaloid9299 Mar 2 2013 replied:

No way, Doom looked way better

+7 votes     reply to comment
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Lowest Rated (6 agree) 1/10

A whole new layer of crap has been discovered beneath what I used to think was the worst of it. This mod contains a few custom models which are simply the standard models that have had their textures butchered in MSPaint. The maps are literally just boxes with enemies in. There is no plot, no theme, no consistency, no sense of place, no fun, not even a proper compile with lighting. I can quite honestly say that this map set is worse than my first ever attempt at mapping. As a map, it's pretty poor…

Aug 17 2012 by Urby

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