You start in some place with a scientist and you must make your way through soldiers and zombies. - By Kamil Janda.

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A whole new layer of crap has been discovered beneath what I used to think was the worst of it. This mod contains a few custom models which are simply the standard models that have had their textures butchered in MSPaint.

The maps are literally just boxes with enemies in. There is no plot, no theme, no consistency, no sense of place, no fun, not even a proper compile with lighting. I can quite honestly say that this map set is worse than my first ever attempt at mapping.

As a map, it's pretty poor. As a mod, it's inexcusable!


i cant even play this ****

super mod

It's really, really bad, but I have to say that it's not THE WORST.
The worst is Betrayal.

I can honestly say I have never seen something quite this bad before, and I thought I had seen the worst.

Literally no attempt was made in the mapping, lighting and enemy placement. It's just a row of ugly *** rooms tied together with enemies.

There is nothing worth noting positively. Please, play something that actually had effort put into it, damn, I'd recommend Boom over this.

Well i thought i'd download this to see how bad it is and i was blown away by how appalling it was. let me get to my opinions:
SOME cool new models (ex. pistol, magnum, shotty)
And nothing else!
Bad mapping (i mean BAD)
terrible texturing
horrible modelling for the grunts and scientists and barneys
killboxes EVERYWHERE!
bad English text
no plot
no consistency
Overall, don't play this mod if you hate stretched textures!!!


The mapping looks really bad.

too bad !!!

Holy crap. I find it extremely difficult to even begin to believe how such a terrible junkpile could possibly have been created. I mostly don't expect too highly of Half-Life 1 mods, but even this surprises me.

First off, every texture in this entire... thing disturbs me. The scientist has a face that doesn't look pleasant at any angle, his entire jaw is destroyed every time he opens his mouth and it just looks like a terrible mask. The guards are like those mannequins used to train doctors. The "vortigaunts" are soldiers, recoloured to vaguely resemble turds. The soldiers are just bad. Weapon textures are actually good, but terrifyingly bad hands detract.

The models. Basically the same as in HL1, though the custom pistol/SMG are cool. Hands are like corpses left alone for a year or two.

Maps aren't even worth describing. The animations are okayish on the weapons, but totally messed up. Drawing the pistol "reloads" it. Knife uses literally everything for the swing. Firing the 357 also "reloads" it and then reloading it "fires" it.

Overall? Disgraceful. 1/10.

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