Features list:

  • Based on ioRTCW engine, which provides widescreen support, better sounds and x64 support
  • New weapons: TT33, MP34, PPSH, Mosin Nagant, M1 Garand, BAR, MP44, MG42, G43, M97, Revolver
  • New models for the vanilla weapons, including world models
  • Rebalanced weapons characteristics
  • Rebalanced AI
  • Overhauled sounds
  • New HUD and UI
  • New difficulty system
  • And more!
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Hello everyone! It's been a while, but as promised, I'm releasing RealRTCW 2.2 this year.

header2 2

RealRTCW 2.2:

RealRTCW 2.2

HD Textures Pack:

RealRTCW 2.2 HD Textures Pack

Custom map packs


I) How to install this mod?

1. You need to own legit RTCW copy. This mod is working perfectly with Steam and GOG versions. If you have CD version you need to patch it to the latest 1.41 version.

2. Download core mod archive and unzip it somewhere.

3. Copy "z_realrtcw.pk3" file into your "Main" RTCW directory. This is core mod content file.

4.Choose either x64 or x86 executables and dlls. Copy content of "x86" or "x64" folder into your root rtcw folder.

This is how your folders should look like:

ROOT RTCW folder:


RTCW "Main" folder:

rtcwinstall2 1

5. Launch the game from either "RealRTCW.x86.exe" or "RealRTCW.x86_64.exe".

6. Enjoy!

II) Help! I got strange error "BG_Index x for string: unknown token 'tt33: (models/players/bj2/wolfanim.script, line 9)".

You launcing wrong .exe (WolfSP.exe). Launch mod from its own RealRTCW exe file.

III) Resolution is looking stretched. FOV is too close. Game is in windowed mode.

Launch the game, go to "Options"------> "System" ------>"Graphics". After that set your resolution to Auto, it will automatically set your Native resolution.

Also you need to set "Fixed aspect" option to either widescreen or 4:3 depending on your aspect ratio. Widescreen is set by default.

If your game is launching in windowed mode simply set "Fullscreen" to yes.

IV) When I pickup grenades I have dynamite icon, but I can't select it.

I am aware of this phantom dynamite icon bug. Just ignore it.

V) "Copy Console log to clipboard" crash on startup.

Something wrong with your RTCW version - its either not legit or not patched. If error still persists try to uninstall everything related to RTCW and install it again.

What's new?

-Overhauled difficulty system to satisfy both new and experienced players. Your maximum health and ammo capacity depends on the difficulty level. Enemies accuracy,health and reaction time depends on it as well. In vanilla game all this stuff was the same for every difficulty level.

It looks something like this now:

Easy - Full health, increased ammo capacity, increased pickups values, low AI accuracy, low AI health

Medium - Full health, standard ammo capacity, standard pickups values, medium AI accuracy, medium AI health

Hard - 3/4 health, lowered ammo capacity, low pickups values, increased AI accuracy, medium AI health

Death Incarnate - 1/2 health, low ammo capacity, low pickups values, insane AI accuracy, increased AI health

Also some balance tweaks were done:

Pistols fire rate increased
G43 and M1_Garand damage increased
Sprint speed increased
MP40 fire rate decreased
PPSH fire rate increased
MP34 mag increased to 32, fire rate increased
FG42 zoom increased
Mauser rifle damage decreased for AI
AI cant do headshot on player now
Armor protection value slightly increased
Gib health increased to avoid silly gibbing

-Reworked UI. Old interface was fine, but not very comfortable. Me and AidenDemon did some tweaks to make it shine. Loadscreen were redone from scratch by AidenDemon. UI is fully compatible with both widescreens and 4:3 ratios.




-New weapon textures

As I mentioned before, I was able to get in touch with professional texture artist. I asked him to improve some of the RealRTCW weapon textures. Some of them were simply upscaled and improved, and some of them were done from scratch. Here is some screenshots:




-Renderer2 is fully compatible with RealRTCW now. You can use new iortcw renderer with RealRTCW. All crashes were fixed. All screenshots were taken with the new renderer. Renderer specific CVARS were added in the main menu.

-New Brass effect ported from Enemy Territory. Shells vectors were changed, shells ground impact sounds added.

-New weapons - reworked M97 Shotgun and Revolver. M97 got a new model and custom set of animations to fit the unique reloading mechanic.



You can read readme for the full changelog!


If core game is not enough RealRTCW 2.2 is coming along 7 custom map addons:

  1. Trondheim Trilogy (3 in 1)
  2. Project 51
  3. Pharaoh's Curse
  4. Capuzzo (updated)
  5. Hidden Wolf (updated)
  6. Stalingrad (updated)
  7. Time Gate (updated)

All of them were fully adapted for RealRTCW 2.2.

What are you waiting for? Grab the new version and return to castle Wolfenstein immediately!



RealRTCW 2.2 - Path Cleared!

RealRTCW 2.2 - Path Cleared!

News 15 comments

Some news about upcoming release of the RealRTCW 2.2.

RealRTCW 2.2 Update

RealRTCW 2.2 Update

News 27 comments

More information about status of the upcoming RealRTCW update.

Reinforcements on the way!

Reinforcements on the way!

News 9 comments

News about upcoming content for RealRTCW!

RealRTCW 2.1 - Released!

RealRTCW 2.1 - Released!

News 35 comments

2.1 version finally arrived with the 3 addons on board!

RSS Files
RealRTCW 2.2

RealRTCW 2.2

Full Version 39 comments

Based on iortcw.New weapons,overhauled sounds and more.

RealRTCW 2.2 Source Code

RealRTCW 2.2 Source Code

Source Code 3 comments

My changes to iortcw engine. Almost every change marked with RealRTCW tag.

RealRTCW 2.1 Source Code

RealRTCW 2.1 Source Code

Source Code 6 comments

My changes to iortcw engine. I tried to mark every change with the RealRTCW comment. Compiling instructions are the same as for iortcw.

RealRTCW 2.1 r_swapinterval hotfix (vsync)

RealRTCW 2.1 r_swapinterval hotfix (vsync)


Anyone who is using vsync can use this hotfix by MAN-AT-ARMS.



Full Version 58 comments

Based on iortcw.New weapons,overhauled sounds and more

RealRTCW 2.0 Source Code

RealRTCW 2.0 Source Code

Source Code 5 comments

RealRTCW 2.0 source code is based on 1.42d patch by Knightmare. All changes made by me marked with "RealRTCW" text note.

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I mean like return and operation deatshead

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

M4A4vsAK47, read my comment on this video, if you want to play custom maps with "RealRTCW 2.2": Youtube.com

However, note that "RealRTCW" will NOT work with any custom maps that have custom weapons, such as "Operation Deathshead". I would have to update that addon myself, to make it compatible with "RealRTCW". At the moment, I don't have plans to do this though.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

How can i play old maps with this mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Oh yea, For all of you guys, if you click on credits on the main menu and scroll to the end of the credits you will see a button called "GET PSYCHED!" which will put you in wolfenstein 3D. THANK YOU FOR BRINGING THIS NOSTALGIC GAME I LOVE THIS MOD WAY MORE NOW 1000/1000

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Actually, it's not "Wolfenstein 3D". It's an old custom map from around 2008 made by Kim (The Pirate), called "w3d".

Still, it's an awesome Easter Egg.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Playing on 2.2 was way better tbh since wolf said "I have more control over AI" Something like that, playing on medium was still easy. I beat the game in under a day.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Awesome , i have a lot of fun playing this mode original RTCW became too easy somehow. However i want to edit weapon characteristics ( damage output , reload time etc ) i was unable to find cfg file for that so ...we are these parameters stored ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

bole911, I agree that the original game is too easy, even on the hardest difficulty setting. This mod makes the game much better though. =D

About editing the weapons, all of those options can be modified in the ".dll" files, but I'm not sure which ones that you'll need to edit.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
WolfETPlayer Creator

You can use source code for that:

You need any code editor (e.g Visual Studio Code)
And Cygwin for compiling.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

How can i play any custom map with this mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Awesome , thanks :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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Very good mod! The additional weapons and awesome ports from Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory make the gameplay more various and funny!! Recomended to all skilled players of Rtcw, you can not get bored with new AI.

Aug 18 2016 by _HellBaron_

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