Features list:

  • Based on ioRTCW engine, which provides widescreen support, better sounds and x64 support
  • New weapons: P38, TT33, MP34, PPSH, Mosin Nagant, M1 Garand, BAR, MP44, MG42, G43, M97 Shotgun
  • New models for the vanilla weapons, including world models
  • Rebalanced weapons characteristics
  • Rebalanced AI
  • Overhauled sounds
  • New HUD and UI
  • And more!
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Hey, everyone! It's been a while since the last status report. But now I'm ready to share some new information about upcoming 2.2 update.

New Feature - hand/foot skins

Thanks to Eugeny, we have new hand/foot skins in the RealRTCW 2.2. What does it mean? Well, BJ's hands and foot appearance now depends on the map. For example on the Norway chapter you will have snow camouflage, while on the Dam chapter you will have dark camouflage for the night mission. This feauture is also implemented in the Trondheim trilogy.


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New weapon textures

Also, I was able to get in touch with the professional texture artist. He is not from the mod community. Since he have a big experience in drawing textures on Unreal Engine 4 and Unity Engine, I asked him to improve some of the RealRTCW weapon textures. He is almost finished. And I want to show you some of his work:



Gewehr 43:


M1 Garand:




More in-game screenshots will be uploaded later.

What's the good news?

The good news is that RealRTCW 2.2 is going to be released in December. I'm not sure when exactly. It can be upcoming week, it can be end of December. Right now I'm testing the new version, trying to improve balance. With the new difficulty system you need to balance 4 .ai files not just one, so it's taking some time.

What's the bad news?

Unfortunately some of the promised content not gonna appear in RealRTCW 2.2. I'm talking about Scoped M1 Garand and P38. Why? Remember this weird bug with the dynamite icon in RealRTCW 2.1 (still persisting in 2.2)? Well, the thing is, RTCW have some weird weapon limits. So this bug appeared because I added too many weapons. When I added Scoped Garand and Revolver this bug "evolved" - Luger became two handed weapon for some reason, colt icon disappeared. So I decided to remove Scoped M1 Garand and keep the Revolver by removing Walther P38. Not sure if I'm gonna be able to resolve this issue.


Also the new difficulty system was successfully implemented in custom addons. RealRTCW 2.2 will be released along with the Trondheim Trilogy, Project51 and Pharaoh's Curse. Stalingrad, Time Gate, Capuzzo and Hidden Wolf will be updated.

Trondheim Loading Screen:


MOTY 2017

Oh! I almost forgot! Nomination fot the MOTY 2017 started recently!

If you want to show your support vote for RealRTCW! I know it is not possible for me to win this, but getting into the Top100 would be enough for me. Thanks in advance! You can vote right here:

This is it for now. Stay tuned.


RealRTCW 2.2 Update

RealRTCW 2.2 Update

News 27 comments

More information about status of the upcoming RealRTCW update.

Reinforcements on the way!

Reinforcements on the way!

News 9 comments

News about upcoming content for RealRTCW!

RealRTCW 2.1 - Released!

RealRTCW 2.1 - Released!

News 35 comments

2.1 version finally arrived with the 3 addons on board!

RealRTCW 2.1: Switching to the new engine

RealRTCW 2.1: Switching to the new engine

News 13 comments

Some information about almost unexpectable engine swap.

RSS Files
RealRTCW 2.1

RealRTCW 2.1

Full Version 57 comments

Based on iortcw.New weapons,overhauled sounds and more

RealRTCW 2.1 Source Code

RealRTCW 2.1 Source Code

Source Code 6 comments

My changes to iortcw engine. I tried to mark every change with the RealRTCW comment. Compiling instructions are the same as for iortcw.

RealRTCW 2.1 r_swapinterval hotfix (vsync)

RealRTCW 2.1 r_swapinterval hotfix (vsync)


Anyone who is using vsync can use this hotfix by MAN-AT-ARMS.

RealRTCW 2.0 Source Code

RealRTCW 2.0 Source Code

Source Code 5 comments

RealRTCW 2.0 source code is based on 1.42d patch by Knightmare. All changes made by me marked with "RealRTCW" text note.



Full Version 46 comments

New weapons, ammotypes, further AI and weapons balancing. See readme for full changelog



Full Version 23 comments

Based on 1.42d patch by Knightmare. Widescreen support included.

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I have the gog version, it says 1.32 in the menus but the gog page says it's 1.41. Anyway, i copied the files of real rtcw 2.1 and i get the "vn create on ui failed" error. Then i start the game from the wolfsp.exe and not the iowolfsp.x86.exe and the mod loads. I can see the mod menu but when i choose a difficulty level i get this strange error "BG_Index x for string: unknown token 'tt33: (models/players/bj2/wolfanim.script, line 9)".

The uprising demo is also based on realrtcw and that can't load too. I don't know why this happens but it doesn't make sense. If anyone has any answer, it would be cool if i could get some help here.

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WolfETPlayer Creator

Hey! First of all make sure you installed everything correctly. (4 new dll's and 1 exe in the root rtcw folder and 3 new dll's along with .pk3 in the Main folder.)
After that make sure there is no trouble accessing HDD (make sure folder is not read-only).

And there is some advices from MAN-AT-ARMS (creator of iortcw):
Try removing your wolfconfig.cfg from the main folder(it also can be in my documents/rtcw) to start with a fresh one.

Or If you want you can edit the one you have now...

vm_cgame, vm_ui, and vm_game should be set to 2 (and is needed for 64-bit, which is what it looks like you're using)

I would recommend starting with a fresh config.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

These are the instructions in the txt. It doesn't mention anything about 4 ddls here and 3 there, so i am at a loss. Not to mention there are 5 x86 dlls, 2 renderers among them. You mentioned 4 that go in the root directory.

1) Copy z_realrtcw.pk3 into Main folder in your RTCW directory.

2) Copy x64 (or x86) executables and dlls into your RTCW directory. You don't need to backup anything.

3)Run ioWolfSP executable and enjoy the game!

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WolfETPlayer Creator

OpenAL64.dll - Root
renderer_sp_opengl1_x64.dll - Root
renderer_sp_rend2_x64.dll - Root
SDL264.dll - Root
iortcwsp.exe - Root

ui_sp_x64.dll - Main
qagame_sp_x64.dll - Main
cgame_sp_x64.dll - Main
z_realrtcw.pk3- Main

Thats all mod files. Other dlls are part of the vanilla game.

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It's working now but in windowed mode. I managed to make it big enough to be playable, but the texts in between missions are not fully visible.

The same goes for the menu when i press "escape". Note that i used the trick with the console keywords "fixed aspect" and "vid restart". Thanks for your help, i think i'll find a workraround to this problem,

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

foo_jam2002, about the windowed mode problem, did you try changing the "fullscreen" option in the options/system menu from "off" to "on"?

I had this problem too, when I first installed this mod. Fullscreen mode was turned off by default, and simply turning it on fixed the problem for me.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I did it and it worked. But the texts in between missions and some letters from the menu are still not fully visible. The problem is in the left side of the screen. I changed resolutions and messed with my monitor's settings but it didn't work. Anyway, fullscreen is definitely better, so thanks.

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WolfETPlayer Creator

Try to set resolution on Auto. And if you have widescreen set cg_fixedaspect to 2

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I'll do it again from scratch, i deleted everything. I'll let you know very soon. Thanks. By the way, do you happen to know which dlls? I think when i unzipped the mod, the dlls were more than 7 total.

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I still cannot understand why MP34 is so important to have in this mod. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to see more and more content, but it is a rare gun, and I see no use of using it in a REALISM mod. Even an MP28 would be more appropiate.

Since you had to sacrifice some weapons becase of the mentioned bug, that gun should be the victim.

But don't get me wrong, I adore and appreciate your work! Keep it up! :)

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WolfETPlayer Creator

You have a point. Why I don’t want to remove this gun:
1) Its rare, yes. And it fits ok as an exclusive weapon for elite guards.
2) Mp34 is a ready asset ported from Enemy Territory. Unfortunately I don’t have necessary skills and time to create weapons from scratch.
3) I did a few tweaks in the new version. This gun is more fun to use now.
4) P38 can be a sacrifice to. Of course it was way more common than MP34,but from the gameplay point of view it is just a Luger clone. And Scoped Garand doesn’t even have a place in vanilla campaign, since we have Mauser and snooper.

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Very good mod! The additional weapons and awesome ports from Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory make the gameplay more various and funny!! Recomended to all skilled players of Rtcw, you can not get bored with new AI.

Aug 18 2016 by HellBaron89

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