RealRTCW brings some realism to the classic Wolfenstein game. You can expect ruthless AI, new weapons and rebalanced gameplay.

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Very good mod! The additional weapons and awesome ports from Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory make the gameplay more various and funny!! Recomended to all skilled players of Rtcw, you can not get bored with new AI.


Looks very good, but IMHO cursor hint looks not suited to the Wolf atmosphere.


ronboy says

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Excellent mod, WolfETPlayer! First, let me list what I liked about your mod:

- Some excellent sounds. Although I'm borrowing some of them for my personal use, others weren't as good.

- Nice remake of the main menu screen, and some other loading screens.

- Nice set of screen resolutions to choose from.

- Stable so far (e.g. no crashes, or errors with pickup items). Some other mods have this issue, mainly errors with pickup items.

Now for what I didn't like:

- Some sounds weren't as good as others.

- The main menu music still restarts when the player leaves a screen, like in the original game. Has this bug not been fixed yet? Because one of your Youtube videos showed this bug solved.

That's all for me to say, for now. This is rather great, for a first release. I'm looking forward to future versions!


SuperSoldier250 says

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Excelent RealRTCW

Great work on one of best game.
It work and look nice, even if it still lack few things, and some elements, like for example menu, are not really in my taste.

With some good Reshade/SweetFX settings it could be even better looking.


Sudred says

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очень хороший мод, автор молодец. мод отлично сбалансирован + новое оружие.


The new definition of RtCW mods came to me after Source code release. After all, this is huge weapon pack ever made for this game and i glad to get opportunity to use it with my mods. It fully supporting 90% of all SP maps and addons ever made...
Just it has to be done one time, and it's finished, finally. Another reason to Return to Real Wolfenstein.

I think, i've died more times beating the game with this mod than in dark souls series! However this was an fun experience, totally recommend this mod. Flawless widescreen support and additional weapons made my experience with the game smooth and entertaining. So, what are you wating for? Try this yourself!

One of the few mods if not the only one that has various more weapons and above else better realistic damage you inflict on enemies even in the highest difficulty.

Awesome, this guy should be paid somehow

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Looks very good, but IMHO cursor hint looks not suited to the Wolf atmosphere.

Aug 19 2016 by Depro777