"All the units in the universe Warhammer 40K should be broken up!"

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За долгие труды и старания, а так же за исправление бага пищащих звуков лорда, торжественно присуждаю тебе 10 из 10! Ура товарищи! Ура!


The new version has made something I though difficult which is having a balanced game and requiring skills to play with.

Definitely worth playing in this current state!

Another cool full race mod for Soulstorm.

It features many new units with custom gameplay, but fitting with the original races. And there are some aspects (I don't want to spoiler), that make this new race feel like you would think of World Eaters!

Play this mod and make the World Eaters get, what they want: Blood for the Bloodgod!

Excellent mod, the balance is not perfect at the time I write this (9.2.2014) but there is no doubt it is a must download for all the 40k geeks out there. Thumbs up :-)

Excellent mod, totally in-theme with "Khornish" Chaos :)

There "is" some room for improvement in my opinion, but I REALLY like the concept, the tech, the looks, the squads and the overall feeling already !!!!

Needs better voicelines, several units do the same base damage. Dreadnought is outright worse than all other variants.


Blood for the Blood God!!


Just a very good race mod. World Eaters are a bit too OP, but I don't mind.

Downloaded it, just installed as said. But it doesn't work. So 1 of 10 points. I'm Sorry.

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