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We glad to announce what our advanced autonomous scripted combat AI for NPCs are ready for fight! Read the full article for video and details.

Posted by KamikaZzeRu on Apr 9th, 2012

Good news everyone! :) At least I've finish it - almost half-year long work of creating a full-functional combat AI. It's been a hard, but VERY interesting work. I never before created something with such complexity, so this is been for me almost an exam in game AI development. It's still have some minor flaws I'm working on, but it's already highly playable and pretty deadly. This video above are made from materials, recorded by mod's testers during last week. You can see in it how my scripting combat AI are working. This AI scheme is autonomous and fully replaces the frankly stupid original game's engine's combat mechanisms. The basic idea of scheme was to make NPC more interesting and challenging opponents, eliminating actor's total supremacy over them.

Features and capabilities of the scheme:

1. Target selector - each NPC has its own list of targets, and chooses from it the most threatening.
2. The control of aiming - NPC targeting enemy with mind, picking up an aiming point regardless of the distance to the enemy and position of his body.
3. Control of fire - the higher the rank of the NPC - the more adequately he uses a weapon, such as not trying to fire bursts from self-loading shotguns
4. Combat maneuvers - NPC strafe in battle, scamper from one shelter to another, try to circumvent the enemy from the flanks and go behind his back.
5. The use of shelters - NPC dynamically choose where to hide from enemy fire, and trying not to be substituted under fire.
6. Teamwork - the scheme is constructed so that the behavior of some NPC complements the others. For example, in combat with multiple opponents a couple of them can overwhelm you with suppression fire, not allowing to pop out of shelter, while others will crawl from the flanks.
7. Compatible with standard game logic - the scheme takes into account the standard logical constructions - combat ignore, camper scheme, the scheme of a fanatic.

Most of AI scheme functions are changing it's work according to NPC rank and community, so you get much more resistance from army spec-ops than from newbies, but even newbies are deadly now if you using only your spinal cord in combat, instead of brains. :)

Also in this video you can see how our work on locations are progressing - almost every location now have 3D-panoramas around, so locations aren't looks like they are floating in the middle of gray "nowhere", which greatly adds points to game's atmosphere. Also many building on locations got back their window glasses, light sources, and location terrain got their details which are being cut in game's release for unknown reason, leaving huge gaps in games AI-node network.


P.S. Guys, who mailed me, especially Kyle, and written questions in comments and threads - please sorry for long time not replying. I've been exceptionally busy last month both by my job and by my modding work. I'll surely answer you around few days.

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VigoVonHomburg Apr 9 2012 says:

Starts the slow clap. Great job guys, I just pinched my nipples in anticipation, how much longer can we expect till

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dufake Apr 9 2012 says:

This is one of the greatest achievement in stalker modding history.

+7 votes     reply to comment
DeathVice Apr 9 2012 replied:

Yes it is.
Can't wait to try it out!

+1 vote     reply to comment
marnie May 1 2013 replied:

Same here! But when when when for gods sake!!?? Been waiting forever... Dying to share this evolution!!

+1 vote     reply to comment
DeathVice Apr 9 2012 says:

:D new Combat A.I.?
Well played, gentlemen.

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Spetsnaz_Reaper Apr 10 2012 says:

Oo, you must freelance for some start up games like Miner Wars 2081. Or maybe send a sample to the guys at GSC making S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2. You might even rake in some extra cash. This is quite innovative. Well done man, this is what sets grate minds apart from the rest.

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Brca95 Apr 10 2012 says:

You did a great job with this!

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[TZP]LoNer1 Apr 10 2012 says:

Is the facer included in this? and the grenade throwing/GL use? And my last question, will the NPC get more accuracy when having a scope equipped? I had an AI pack which does all of the above. idk which though...

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KamikaZzeRu Author
KamikaZzeRu Apr 10 2012 replied:

Answer is Yes on all your questions in this message. :)

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[TZP]LoNer1 Apr 10 2012 replied:

Well done man, awesome :)

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Bangalore Apr 11 2012 says:

Groundbreaking feature, just awesome!
My question: if we hire an npc follower (coop), do they shoot us through, when we are in they line of fire (friendly fire)? Do npc's take account friendly npc's/actor when firing bullets and throwing grenades?

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B.R.V Apr 11 2012 says:

Момент был с неписью стрелявшей по тушканам, кусавшим за щи игрока, нежель по более опасному игроку с огнестрельным оружием. Чуть-чуть кажется можно ещё подкрутить склонность неписи к спонтанному стрейфу, ато выглядит немного диковато. Ну, некоторое кривоватые модельки, звуки (звук выстрела из винтовки у снайперов, слышен не столько сам выстрел сколько пронзительный звяк гильзы) и убермашинган-ППШ я думаю суть временные шероховатости, не являющиеся принципиальными багами)
В целом, замечательно 8)
От неписи теперь и правда приятней получать люлей, ровно как и раздавать.
Удачи в дальнейшей работе 8)

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