No More Room in Hell the long awaited Source zombie modification.

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D!RT Dec 25 2009 buried:


0_o i HAVE to see this :D (processing :/ )

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D!RT Dec 25 2009 buried:


the end was brilliant

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vash12788 Dec 25 2009 says:

Very awesome, love how the flashlight works with a pistol.

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HounderKnight Dec 25 2009 says:

It's all looking great so far. I especially liked the end bits where we got to see some co-op action :)

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Dman757 Author
Dman757 Dec 25 2009 replied:

I wanted to put some more co-op in but we really focus on bugs or whatever was recently implemented in our little dev tests.

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VLN Dec 25 2009 replied:

Co-op is sweet. But it looks more like hl1/hl2 engine combined! Not to be rude, but the graphics don't seem like orange box quality. Except for the flashlight.

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[nmrihdev]-Maxx Creator
[nmrihdev]-Maxx Dec 26 2009 replied:

I really don't see where you're getting this from, you need to be more specific

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Undying_Zombie Dec 26 2009 says:

Looks good so far. I would have a comment about a animation but I am just going to assume its not the final animation. ( especially considering its alpha, and you guys do not have all of them done yet.. and no it was not about the zombies, those where obviously not done.. )

Anyways, keep up the good work.

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Undying_Zombie Dec 26 2009 replied:

Something I forgot to put in and did not edit it in time..

Question on the boards, does it just take time to put up the blocks in the doorways or does it also req items? If its just time it would be very much like Nazi zombie thing for CoD WAW. Not a bad idea really. Seems to me though ( just a thought, I know its in erly stage 0.5 of it ) but have it req items that you have to pickup. That or at least a longer time to put them up. Either way it is nice to see something about the system.

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[nmrihdev]-Maxx Creator
[nmrihdev]-Maxx Dec 26 2009 replied:

Basically the system will be in final where you need to have the hammer and barricade materials in order to put up barricades. You equip the hammer, and alt-fire (primary fire is an attack) and when you alt-fire you enter barricade mode. You get silhouettes much like these and you primary fire to place them where you want them until your supply is exhausted or until you hit alt-fire again to exit barricade mode.

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Undying_Zombie Dec 26 2009 replied:

That is cool, I like that idea. Hope you guys can get it fully in like that, and thanks for answering my question. ( Especially as quick as you did )

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slayersarge Dec 26 2009 says:

I just saw this video, and I JIZZED IN MY PANTS!
Dude this is dead awesome and sexy, I only hope there might be a decapitation system for the axe and machete however. Bat is fine that way.

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Dman757 Author
Dman757 Dec 26 2009 replied:

We plan to have some sort of system like that in place. Though we want to get the zombie/weapon animations down first.

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death5421 Dec 26 2009 says:

co-op looks pretty sweet

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Buttcake Dec 26 2009 says:

I realize that many things are WIP, I just hope that it is noted that I think that ragdoll physics on zombie death should be toned down. Not to say you haven't planned on doing that in the first place, just making my thoughts heard.

Otherwise EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Andrey(Rus) Dec 26 2009 says:

Awesome but now you need to change standart zombie(hl2) animations to your real one's and that will be finished product and also barricading system too :))))
Good job guys i smell the end of that long period of time of making this mod and going it ti the public ))

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Xendrid Creator
Xendrid Dec 26 2009 says:

Everything looks so sexy and the new barricading system is simple, but oh so effective! It truly looks like it will be the perfect zombie game.

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Pkfrohman Dec 26 2009 says:

Finally you guys released a public update you got dishonorable mention in my Maude's Mods section of my magazine! Yay for updates and zombies :D

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azultain Dec 26 2009 says:

change the animation of zombie, change the blood animation when you kill zombie, change the hud animation when the hero is bite,

(i know it is alpha)

i love the toz 34 <3

i love the system of flashlight with the gun

for finish your game is really awesome

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Thechuz Dec 26 2009 says:

That old school music is so fantastic :D

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AlekZanDer Dec 26 2009 says:

This is going to be another great mod. But it's like Zombie Panic.

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(voythas) Dec 26 2009 says:

Wow, this looks awesome!

I know it's still WIP but I would like to share my opinion. I loved feature that when you got biten by a zombie, your hit was cancelled (near 4:40).

I don't like, it was said before, HL2 zombie animations. I didn't really like the hit animations. I mean, when you hit them with machete, they shouldn't fly like they got hit with a big hammer. Hand, head, leg or something should be cut off (like in L4D). It would be way better.

Good luck.

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gizzle Dec 26 2009 says:

Pretty awesome, i really like the direction you are heading towards. But there is one thing i´d like to mention so you may change that in future (when not already planned). When theres masses of zombies and you are alone it looks a bit strange when all zombies try to reach you directly. Maybe you can build in a system where the zombies would try to surrender by bulding up a front. Also it would be neat not too see all zombies engage you so that some just walk idle around so you cant outmove em so easily (would be much more difficult when playing coop). Just a suggestion keep it in mind and continue the awesome work :)

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HellsHigh Dec 26 2009 says:

Hmm, only thing I don't really like is how you have to "prep" your melee weapon for swinging. In a zombie apocolypse I don't think anyone would be holding a baseball bat by the grip and the top; they'd have it ready to clunk some heads.

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[nmrihdev]-Maxx Creator
[nmrihdev]-Maxx Dec 26 2009 replied:

Then you would have no momentum and do no damage.

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chad509 Dec 26 2009 replied:

thank you maxx! this isnt some run of the mill zombie shooter. realism. it does indeed take force behind that metal bat to take down zeds.

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chris_sloany Dec 26 2009 says:

wow! looks pretty fun!

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DaveTheFreak Dec 27 2009 says:

I like it a lot. But... might it be, that U used the same hand-anims for the fireaxe as for the baseball-bat? And about the barricade system, it seems well done. My question: do you need to pay money to place the barricades or do you may have to collect the material?

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[nmrihdev]-Maxx Creator
[nmrihdev]-Maxx Dec 27 2009 replied:

I assure you they are no animations. Every weapon has its own animations. To place barricades you have to collect barricade material.

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zawmbabwe Dec 27 2009 says:

That barricade system is not how it's going to be in the final version right? It looks like something you could make in hammer with point_templates.

The music is awesome though. Reminds me of old zombie flicks.

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[nmrihdev]-Maxx Creator
[nmrihdev]-Maxx Dec 27 2009 replied:

Glad you like the music. I assure you, though, that the barricade system is much more complex than simple point_templates in Hammer. It is an entire sequence of entities that are extracted from the map and saved in to a binary file, and the game reads them from that external file. In order to place barricades you need to both have a barricade hammer (not yet in game) and barricade material (somewhat like ammo). Secondary fire with the hammer enters Barricade mode and shows silhouettes read from the external file.

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zawmbabwe Dec 28 2009 replied:

Okay sounds good.

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StrakInPak Dec 27 2009 says:

I was blown away with the awesomeness. Too bad I didnt get to see the zombie animations you guys made ingame because the default Half Life 2 zombie animations are a bit boring. They will return when they're done, wont they?

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The.Reap3r Dec 27 2009 says:

Congrats, the video really shows the effort put in the mod, and I sure loved it :) one suggestion though: with the melee mechanics you're adopting I relly think directional attacks would fit awesomely well. Do you think it's possible? Anyway, gz, keep it up!

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StrakInPak Dec 29 2009 says:

I'm sure you all must be sick of people constantly giving ideas expecting to see it in the game.
But here I go nontheless.

How about head bobbing and head swaying during movements, attacks and interactions? That way it would really feel like you were swinging a big and heavy axe at an enemy for instance.

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momentuM69 Dec 31 2009 says:

Guys, simply incredible, I rate this game atm, very very nice work, just gotta change the zombie animations and your done bro...
As you have seen in new movies and games nowadays, zombies like to sprint more than be a cripple.
But of course w/e you think will make the game mad.
I love how you are actually doing it more on the survival side, and not like L4D.
Also one last suggestion from me, Will you be putting game modes in? I love the idea from Zombie Master where you have to go collect things to finish the level, it really is an awesome experience. Maybe you could do that but make it much more intense?
<3 guys good work MWA MWA!

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InfectedDead Dec 31 2009 says:


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Cannabis- Jan 3 2010 says:

Walter Sobchak!

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Paulendy Jan 10 2010 says:

I think you've made that baseball bat a lot heavier than they actually are... Other than that it looks fantastic!

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ciroman Jan 10 2010 says:

they all look great except that the viewmodel animations could be a bit more connected as in do you always have to put the bat in your hand after you hit somebody? And the flashlight looks light as a feather.

Oh and the music is a bit... ummm well it could be a better selection. Other than that it's freaking awesome!

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ATIXIUM Jan 26 2010 says:

The screen needs to shake when the swing is a hit.
-anyone agree?

overall: looking good!

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Hyzo Feb 13 2010 says:

Nobody flies 5 meters when struck by a bat, don't make them like that.

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lolwulf Feb 27 2010 says:

this game will be able to kill my blood thirst :p

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JayFKay Nov 3 2010 says:

what is the song called that played for the fireaxe?

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Citherians Jun 6 2011 says:

I'm really liking the Romero-era zombies. Gives a nice feeling impending doom.

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Gunmanryu Jan 29 2013 says:

i think this Will be more chalanging if we got chase by ZomDogs ( Zombie Dogs ).
replacing the Head Craps in half life 2.

and we need more armored zombie / anti mele. ( oh damn more challages ) :D.

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Dec 25th, 2009
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