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Hello guys! A few weeks have past since the latest major update to Morrowind Rebirth, and it seems that you guys are enjoying it. With that said there were a few issues that had to be adressed, such as the compatibility issues with Tamriel Rebuilt. Enjoy!

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Which are the worst balance changes in Rebirth?

Hello guys! A few weeks have past since the latest major update to Morrowind Rebirth, and it seems that you guys are enjoying it. With that said there were a few issues that had to be adressed, such as the compatibility issues with Tamriel Rebuilt. Enjoy!

Vanilla Fixes
* Fixed the descriptions of Drain Health, Drain Magicka, Drain Fatigue, Drain Skill and Dran Attribute. They all stated that "The magnitude is the units of X reduced each second of duration.", which is incorrect. The descriptions now reads "The magnitude is the static amount of X missing until the duration ends."

Morrowind Rebirth Fixes
* Fixed an issue where the topic 'Valbrandr draugr' was mistakenly removed from the game, making it impossible to finish a quest.
* Fixed an issue where a book cover texture was saved in the wrong format, causing the book to display white textures.
* Fixed an issue where the new grazeland trees caused issues in Firewatch and the surrounding area (Tamriel Rebuilt).
* Fixed an issue where the Mages Guild circle travel option to Wolverine Hall teleported you to the wrong location.
* Fixed an issue where the topic 'Strong souls' didn't give the correct information about summoned creatures.
* Fixed an issue where a container ID name was changed, and could potentially cause issues with other mods.
* Fixed an issue where Duke's Guard Right Bracer "type" was set as Right Gauntlet.
* Fixed an issue where Duke's Guard right and left Pauldrons names were switched.

Tweaks to Grazeland trees

Morrowind Rebirth Changes
* The Imperial Skirt and Imperial Templar skirt were notoriusly hard to come by unless you killed an Imperial Guard or an Imperial Knight. To remedy this small annoyance
a few skirts have been placed in and around Imperial Forts and a few other places.
* Improved the lighting in Phenem Ancestral Tomb and Outpost Renius.
* Passive health regeneration has been removed from the mod.
* Fenandre in Vos no longer have spells for sale.
* Some visual changes in and around Fort Pelagiad.
* Some visual changes to Balmora Docks.
* Improved pathgrids in Vos.

Morrowind Rebirth Additions

New spells
* Exhaustion: Strong (new) magnitude 20-20.
* Exhaustion: Great (new) magnitude 25-25.


Spells (general)
* All Drain Health spells now have a duration of 15 seconds.
* Exhausting Touch magnitude from 10-10 to 5-25.
* Exhaustion magnitude from 10-10 to 15-15.
* Exhaustion: Wild magnitude from 15-15 to 30-30.
* Gash Spirit duration from 10 to 15 seconds.
* Flay Spirit duration from 10 to 15 seconds.
* Gash Spirit [ranged] duration from 10 to 15 seconds.
* Flay Spirit [ranged] duration from 10 to 15 seconds.
* Magica Leech duration from 10 to 30 seconds.
* Magica Leech magnitude from 5-20 to 20-20.
* Spell Drain duration from 3 to 30 seconds.
* Charm Mortal magnitude from 15-15 to 10-10.
* Frenzy Humanoid magnitude from 5-5 to 10-10.
* Frenzy Creature magnitude from 5-5 to 10-10.
* Frenzying Touch (now Frenzying Touch: Humanoid) magnitude from 5-5 to 5-25.
* Frenzy Beast (now Frenzying Touch: Creature) magnitude from 5-5 to 5-25.
* Demoralize Humanoid magnitude from 5-5 to 10-10.
* Demoralize Creature magnitude from 5-5 to 10-10.
* Demoralizing Touch (now Demoralizing Touch: Humanoid) magnitude from 5-5 to 5-25.
* Demoralizing Beast (now Demoralizing Touch: Creature) magnitude from 5-5 to 5-25.
* Rally Humanoid magnitude from 5-5 to 10-10.
* Rally Creature magnitude from 5-5 to 10-10
* Rallying Touch (now Rallying Touch: Humanoid) magnitude from 5-5 to 5-25.
* Rallying Beast (now Rallying Touch: Creature) magnitude from 5-5 to 5-25.

Spells (base cost)
* Drain Fatigue base cost from 1.0 to 0.4.
* Drain Magica base cost from 3.0 to 1.0.
* Drain Health base cost from 8.0 to 2.0.

* Black Jinx value from 250 to 3250.

* Drain Health has been disabled from spellmaking/enchanting.

* Removed a few tree meshes that were not used in Rebirth, but could cause issues with other mods.
* Grazeland trees have recieved an updated look.
* Removed Bloodmoon rock mesh replacer.

What's next?


Estimated release: December


Dungeons? Oh snap :D

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Hey Trance glad to see you're on the right track to getting the drain spells in line. I have more suggestions for magic in general as well as your enchantments.

Regarding drain fatigue effects, they are generally useless without exceptionally high magnitudes or durations. For example a spell that drains fatigue by 75 for 30 seconds is useful for giving you a leg up in combat encounters as fatigue plays a large role in everything, but 10 points at 15 seconds is a waste of a spell. Another use drain fatigue has is to put several highly variable stacks of it on a spell. For example a spell I often make has drain fatigue 1-100 for 1 seconds stacked 4 or 5 times. What this does is offer a chance to knock an opponent down briefly, with a greater chance of success as the fight goes on and their fatigue naturally has decreased.

Drain attribute and skills are great debuffs but require the right base cost to balance them. I would like to see the drain attribute skills present in vanilla retooled into useful debuffs.

Vanilla Enervate: Drain endurance 5-20 points for 30 seconds. Not that useful especially if you roll on the low end. You just blew ~30 magicka.

I propose-> Curse: Enervate - Drain Endurance 1-25 points for 30 seconds, Drain Heavy Armor 1-25 Points for 30 seconds, Drain Medium Armor 1-25 Points for 30 seconds, Drain Spear 1-25 points for 30 seconds.

^ That is a really useful debuff without being overpowered. Similar Curses could be made for each attribute and their derived skills.

The magnitudes on your restore and absorb fatigue spells are also a bit too low, some are identical to their respective health variants, but an entity will always have a much greater fatigue pool than health pool and this needs to be better reflected in the spell magnitudes.

Elemental shield spells need to have their gmst tweaked to allow them to do more respectable damage to attacking opponents. It seems to be the default 0.10(10% of the spell's magnitude) and while I may have a mod conflict causing that to be the case, if not I would highly recommend you increase it. Personally I prefer 1.0 so the spell magnitude does the damage listed to attackers. It's easily balanced with overall cost under the magic effects and reduces confusion.

Fortify effects are still too expensive to be useful imo. Most players ignore them, and for good reason. They are hard to find the balance with though as any base cost that allows truly useful buffs will be highly abusable in enchanting and spellmaking. To remedy this I suggest making the base cost balanced with that in mind and set manual costs to spells sold by vendors as well as making fortify effects the opposite to the above mentioned curses I suggested. The fortify spell fortifies the attribute and all derived skills for 30 seconds at a reasonable cost(something around 20 magicka). Fortify Health, Magicka, and Fatigue need magnitudes and durations that are appealing. Fortifying my magicka by 25 for 1 minute, but spending over 30 magicka to do so has no appeal and very very limited uses. Now if it lasted 5-10 minutes that would be pretty tempting. Similarly with health the duration needs to justify the use OR the magnitude needs to be such that it reliably blocks significant damage(functioning similarly to spell absorbtion or reflect in that it negates incoming damage).

Finally many of your Companion spells are set to target self.

Some of the enchanted robes sold in balmora have the wrong enchantment assigned. I think alteration and mysticism robes do. However discussing enchantments, I really feel strongly about constant effect over cast on use. It's far too easy for a player's magic menu to get bloated with cast on use items, and most of them are useless, and would be better set to constant effects. The Thief ring for instance, and even the enchanted clothes you added. Some effects like health regen should be restricted to really rare items like chrysamere, but otherwise most enchantments a player encounters on worn items should be constant.

Finally I would like a word about poison. It needs to be long duration low magnitude effects. As in 30,60,90 seconds of poison. From both spells and enchantments. A poison oriented player would then be encouraged to stack poison effects from various sourced to cause significant dps, and players on the recieving end of poison would actually have a use for the cure poison spell lines.

Sorry for the wall of text I just threw at you. I actually did a lot of changed myself to 4.3 once I get the CS to stop giving me fits, but It's wasted effort on my part if I want to keep rebirth as a whole up to date. I hope you will consider my suggestions.

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trancemaster_1988 Author

Thank you very much for your lenghty report, and while my answer won't be as long you should know that your suggestions will be taken into consideration. I should also note that I have already taken steps to fix the fortify X spells, and I hope you'll like them.

The bugs mentioned above have all been fixed :)

Let me know if there's anything else.

Thank you!

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trancemaster_1988 Author

Also feel free to join the discord channel here: Discord.gg for more info and discussion :)

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