It’s March 2004, the date the Portal Storm begins. Dimensions from different universes including Xen open up in earth’s atmosphere, aliens, demons and horrifying beings are now set loose on earth. There are over a dozen portal storm cases in the US alone, New York City to Chicago, from San Diego to San Antonio. The US government’s highly secret military department, the Disaster Isolation Task Force (DITF) are called in, to isolate cities and towns where the outbreaks have occurred. The DITF have access to the latest technology and most secret weaponry in the world.

The portal Zombies have wreaked havoc in the city of San Antonio, infecting almost the entire population these zombies have one goal in mind and that is to exterminate the human race. The DITF are called in to isolate the city and block what goes in and out.

You take on the role of Franklin McCawley a 23 year old college student who has been brought up in a care home, information on his parents are unknown. You’ll be traveling and fighting with a close friend Sarah Farrelly across the city against the zombies and the DITF who want you dead. You must therefore do what is necessary to get out of the city.

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