Insurgency is here! Modern Infantry Combat on Valve's Source Engine. Insurgency (INS) is a total conversion of Half-Life 2 focused on tactical gameplay.

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We're proud to announce the imminent release of Insurgency Beta 2.5 via Steam. This massive patch comes with a very long list of changes, new features and visual upgrades throughout the entire game.

Posted by Dr_Spielmann on Oct 27th, 2009

Hello everyone!

We're proud to announce the imminent release of Insurgency Beta 2.5 via Steam. This massive patch (the biggest we've ever released on Steam so far) comes with a long list of changes you can see in the following link. The update has already been uploaded and will be delivered to your Steam clients in the following hours.

User Posted Image

Among these changes, we have new and long-awaited features such as the customizable Spawn Protection System, a new Scoring / Morale system, and other gameplay-affecting tweaks that we believe will make public and competitive gameplay much more enjoyable. From timed ammo caches to an increased importance of focusing on the capture points, there's a lot to experience in this release, and we're looking forward to hearing your feedback!

A large part of our efforts have been focused on improving the visual quality of the mod. The list of upgraded skins, models, ironsights, maps or props is quite large, and you can also check each and every detail on the changelog. Some interface updates like more informative player icons or the all-new spectator menu (with proper first-person view of the other players) are also included.

But this visual upgrade does not end here: the feel of some weapons has substantially been improved, there are some of them that have been made much more pleasant to use, re-aligned, and optimized in many ways. Thanks to all the feedback and suggestions received from the community in the past few months, and the hard work of many people, long-overdue upgrades have been now possible, and we hope you enjoy each and every one of them. We've included an extensive list on the changelog.

Of course, a patch wouldn't be a patch without its fair share of bug fixes... we have addressed a large number of issues such as hit detection when prone or third person view of LMG tracers, and also prevented exploits such as rapid reloading, grenade / RPG spam, etc. Again, please take a look at the changelog to see a detailed breakdown.

Maps have also received substantial upgrades. ins_ramadi has changed quite a lot from the previous version, but there are also changes to ins_buhriz, ins_almaden, ins_karam, ins_karkar and ins_baghdad. There are some interesting layout and balance changes and tons of updates from community suggestions! The maps have also benefited from this visual upgrade to textures, models and props all around.

Sound-wise, there is a lot to experience in this new version. From improved footsteps and player sounds to bullet sounds, impacts, soundscapes or weapon sounds (M9, M1014, M14, Makarov, Al-Kadesiah…), these all help creating a much more intense atmosphere that we hope you'll enjoy as soon as you get into a battle.

With the holiday season already in sight, we'll be looking forward to seeing you on the Insurgency battlefields! We're not stopping here, though, as we're already working on future upgrades that couldn't make it into this patch, and remain focused on Beta 3 development!

Last, but not least, we'd like to thank all of you for your continued enthusiasm (and patience!). You, the INS community, each and every clan and individual player, have provided invaluable feedback and have contributed decisively to making this update possible. You push us into making each version better than the previous one, and we hope you continue giving us your support in the upcoming months!

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bakehouse Oct 28 2009 says:

omg awsome ive been playing this since beta 1.5 when someone had a de_dust 2 sort of level which was fun.

+3 votes     reply to comment
oWn4g3 Oct 28 2009 says:

Great update guys, guess I have no choice but to play it again :D

Keep up your update politics, this game is getting better and better.

+3 votes     reply to comment
cheesemcboots Oct 28 2009 says:

thanks for the update guys. new american sniper rifle is epic. love the changes to buhriz and baghdad.

+3 votes     reply to comment
7game Oct 28 2009 says:

+1 to everyone for good comments

PS: good update guys i love this mod :D

-1 votes     reply to comment
ashmiester1 Oct 28 2009 says:

game on guys been looking forward to this massive patch great stuff c you on the battlefield soldiers

+1 vote     reply to comment
Lee1337 Oct 28 2009 says:

updates are very cool! but every freakn public server is crowded with cskidis! and they take the sniper and camp at a point that was taken 5mins ago...

+2 votes     reply to comment
grantelicious Oct 28 2009 says:

I played it but the game likes to crash alot and frigging hate how you cant strafe and run which makes movement feel too restricted. I also thought the menus are still horrible like I'm still forced to play a class I don't want to play cause everyone has all the good weapons. Theres often no timer when you join the server to when you'll respawn and generally the menus are unclear and pretty horrible.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Megadave2003 Oct 28 2009 says:

I am updating now, this is gonna be epic.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Nebcake Oct 28 2009 says:

Cool, I'll try this out after I get more hard dirve space

+1 vote     reply to comment
Kaliger Oct 29 2009 says:

someone tell me im not the only one that thinks weapons dont point to the center of the screen unless your in iron sights... in this mod, or others, including smod, and RNL,

peoepl i ask in real life say they dont know what im talking about.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Deodus Oct 30 2009 replied:

Of course it doesn't point the center of the screen... Ever played OFP, ArmA ? Crosshair move on the screen before your head does, makes it more reallistic. Btw people IRL won't even understand what you're talking about xD.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Winq51 Oct 29 2009 says:

Just love the look of this mod. Excellent work everyone!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Sk!n-E Oct 30 2009 says:

Loving the updates! Everything looks nice!

+1 vote     reply to comment
aidas2 Oct 31 2009 says:

Yay spawn protection, was tired of getting owned by some cskid spawnkilling or nading the lil house where the whole team spawns :/

+1 vote     reply to comment
LaDoncella Nov 2 2009 says:

soo bad that all populated servers have admin abusers

+1 vote     reply to comment
corey365 Nov 2 2009 says:

aaaa no new class's k put a smg and medic class in plz maby a stealth class like mp7 a1 vs scorpion and medic's can chose from a shotgun or a rifle

+1 vote     reply to comment
corey365 Nov 2 2009 says:

and you can strife you just have to look at the key's

+1 vote     reply to comment
dave_5430 Nov 3 2009 says:

Christ, finally spawn protection customization...

Okay, so I suppose I will play the game again.

0 votes     reply to comment
Killer_man_1996 Nov 3 2009 says:

I don't know why but with this update now i cannot play the game because when i spawn the game crashes... :S

Cool update BTW

+1 vote     reply to comment
Ruthl3ss86 Nov 18 2009 says:

I think all of you guys are on ******* crack, jesus christ do you ******* see what is going on!? THE PATCH RUINED THIS GAME the developers are so ******* disorganized it's not even funny. All you did by releasing this update is RUINING THE ******* GAME!! I cant play for more than 10 ******* minutes without my game crashing. Insurgency developers get your **** together... I love your game but what the **** are you doing.. If Im being to blunt well **** you...get your **** together


+3 votes     reply to comment
|USMC|KRuNk Nov 18 2009 says:

Ruthless is right. Sorry to be an *** but those pixie dicks are killin their own game becuase people dont like their stupid "improvements"

Your **** crashes, some of the gun sounds suck deez nutz.
What these faggots cant understand is that people bugged for new material...not to adjust old **** and change server configs... I'm talkin new maps and guns...not new skins (we can download this **** ourselves) or their gay *** spectate box.

All in all i used to love the **** out of this game. Now im debating on uninstall becuase people crash every ****** 5 mins.

Scrimming is done for this game becuase the crashes.

+2 votes     reply to comment
|USMC|KRuNk Nov 18 2009 says:

What im sayin guys...if you dont figure out the crash problem...your mod will die...and i cant see that happen cuz this **** is cool. I said this mean to get a point across.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Argyll Dec 5 2009 says:

The issues largely stem from inexperience at the leadership level.

They didn't even want to update the Source version since winning the MOTY almost two years ago (of which the current leadership did not contribute to, but reaped all the benefits from).

They simply need to keep working on what the mod is designed to be - that's what the fans are looking for - rather than try to re-build from scratch on Orange Box with a fraction of the talent and experience that the current version was built from.

I've been telling them this as 'Senior Advisor' for years. But they chose to ban me from the community rather than allow me to help it grow.

+2 votes     reply to comment
SamVision Jan 6 2012 says:

Still no melee?

+1 vote     reply to comment
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