A huge compilation of the best S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat mods. Graphics, sound and gameplay overhauled.

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Its good needs a bit of work,but its been alot of fun =D


Its excellent that the essential ingredients that make a great mod are compiled all together. Visually improved, gameplay preserved but overhauled to add longevity to CoP.

Highly informative list of changes and compilation. A polished and professional attempt indeed.

just awesome


IWA's graphical updates, minimalistic hud, reworking of terrible English dubs and increased difficulty do wonders to produce a richer game-play experience.



Sn4rk says

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Great, you put a really great work on this mod. I think it is so far the best mod for any Stalker game, I like the option to take and put objects anywhere you want it, to sleep, to get stalkers to your group ...
Only thing I dont like is the "spaghetti" on weapons :D but its realistic, thought some weapons might be clear, like Fn F2000 or some sniper rifles, but i hope you will repair it in v. 1.3. and please remove the compass and leave only the objective mark ;)

A very promising compilation mod.


CounterRightHand says

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One of my favorite mod so far. Probably the mod balanced between the "super easy mode" of the vanilla game and the ultra-hardcore of other mods. btw, I think there is room for others improvements. Definetley worth a try. Kepp up the good work.


remarkable fashion!

excellent mod, after I got it working. I dont think I have a single complaint, visually stunning, the audio is excellent and I do like the rusted or bloody weapons, they add a very nice touch.

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Highest Rated (7 agree) 9/10

Its good needs a bit of work,but its been alot of fun =D

Jan 20 2011 by xYDSxInput

Lowest Rated (7 agree) 4/10

I have found this mod to be hit-or-miss on certain aspects. I love most of the gameplay changes enough to keep the mod, but there are serious problems with the rest. -The game frequently crashes when I load a save. -The new weapon textures are horrendous. This is particularly funny because there is rust all over polymer and rubber components of the guns. I bet someone opened up the texture files and took no longer than a few minutes to carelessly splash a rust effect all over them. It doesn't even…

May 16 2011 by obso1337