A huge compilation of the best S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat mods. Graphics, sound and gameplay overhauled.

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I have found this mod to be hit-or-miss on certain aspects.
I love most of the gameplay changes enough to keep the mod, but there are serious problems with the rest.
-The game frequently crashes when I load a save.
-The new weapon textures are horrendous. This is particularly funny because there is rust all over polymer and rubber components of the guns. I bet someone opened up the texture files and took no longer than a few minutes to carelessly splash a rust effect all over them. It doesn't even look like rust. It's like half blood half spaghetti sauce with dirt.
-The new sleep mechanics are nice, but Deg. has become downright narcoleptic. I've had him pass out 6 hours after waking up from 12 hours of sleep. COME ON!
-Most of the weapons weigh a full KG more than they should for no reason whatsoever. This isn't "realistic". Look up the makes/models on world.guns.ru and you'll find a SIG 550 does NOT weigh 5.5 KG and you must go by UNloaded weight because that's how the game counts it.
-I don't know if this was changed by the mod or if it is a game bug (I've never run into it playing vanilla) but if you die during an emission and load the "emission" autosave it'll reset the emission kill timer to a totally RANDOM value. This means you can reload the save, have a full minute to find cover, fail, reload and find that you now have 1 SECOND so you die instantly, reload, find that now you have 2 minutes, find cover, die for some other stupid reason, reload to the emission save because it is the most recent, NOW YOU GOT 5 SECONDS MOFO, die, reload, game crashes.

a Very nice mod. I had a great time playing it

Very interesting compilation, nice job, will you develop it further?

Looks amazing and great textures, i can see alot of work in it all :DDD


Very good mod

Amazing visuals
A LOT of nice new features
Russian voice acting with english subs (instead of that incredibly bad english voice acting)
A cool radio feature
I think, new weapons

Incredibly annoying things such as:
Heavy breathing when on low health, this would not bother me if it only laster for a few seconds, however it goes on.. and on... AND ON until you heal.

Every cutscene iv'e come across so far is really bugged.

The sleep depravation effect is way to annoying, maby tone it down a bit?

Iron sights, are really, really ankward, and it looks ridiculous on assault rifles and submachine guns

Amazing, the only cons are the Textures (sky and guns)(replaced with Smrter gun textures and atmosfear 3 on my machine) the game is much more believable now i love it even more!


First this Alone work and now the Misery mod just in time realese and best job thx for it to you and to your team.

this is one of my favorite call of pripyat mods, along with complete mod.
id highly recommend it.

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