A new city-state west of Vvardenfell. A big city with its own Fighter/Mages/Thieves Guilds.
by JOG


  • new city on a 24-cell landmass west of Vvardenfell
  • A 4-cell city with 117 Buildings
  • A new Thieves Guild, independent from Vvardenfell's Guild
  • 20 new Thieves Guild quests
  • 8 Fighter's Guild Quest
  • 8 Mages Guild related quests
  • Banking System (supports "Bank of Vvardenfell" plugin)
  • Lots of gambling (Blackjack, Wheel of Fortune, Ratfights)

Other plugins recommended to be run with this plugin: (just for atmosphere)

  • Better Bodies or the like.
  • Random Name's "Ring Texture Fix".

V 1.3 includes the addons "Forested Havish" by Lochnarus' and the "Havish-Scimitar" upgrade.

Update 27.02.2009: Tyraa Rane's Mini Patch fixes a possible incompatibility with the Morrowind Code Patch.

Mod Deleted

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