Grand Theft Auto BioHazard Alert its a Total Conversion for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas that convert SA in a survival horror game based in Resident Evil Movies games. You will be able to play as some Resident Evil characters like Ada Wong, Leon Kennedy, Carlos Olivera (movie), and so on. And see some Resident Evil game-play elements like Zombies, Monsters, B.O.W experiments converting GTA San Andreas in an Arcade Horror Total Conversion called BioHazard Alert.

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February was a moved month. Specially because we were working on the Map a lot, we finished the Tunnels, The Park and half of the streets. We are also making a lot of buildings and decals.

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February was a moved month. Specially because we were working on the Map alot, we finished the Tunnels, The Park and half of the streets. We are also making alot of buildings and decals.

Also we have very important news, Wesser managed to convert anims from Endorphin to GTA. This mean we can use Endorphin for animating in our Mod. What is Endorphin?

Natural_Motion wrote: endorphin is the industry's first 3D animation tool based on Dynamic Motion Synthesis. With endorphin, animators can create animation data in a fraction of the time of traditional techniques such as key-framing and motion capture.
endorphin is in use at many visual effects studios (e.g. MPC, The Mill, Sony Imageworks), game studios (e.g. Sony, EA, Namco, Konami) and simulation companies (e.g. Airbus, Northrop Grumman).

Which means we can make Realistic Animations very similar to GTA IV (Euphoria) ones. Ofcourse that dosnt mean we have Euporia in GTA SA, thats not possible. They will still be premade anims, but more realistic.

Here is a preview of how is done:

And we plan to make many news anims this way. And add some to make the game experience better. New Zombie Movements and action movements, better anims for Cutscenes and Missions.

Here a Animation in Progress:

Natural Motion WebSite:


That's nice, should be posted in Tutorials and be expanded, as you progress!

As for the animation itself: it's a bit confusing as it looks like a deliberate skull-dive to the road.

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radolls? or jus animations?!?!

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@SinKing: it was just a test :p
@N3T0W: it are animations ingame, its all in the description

didnt know you could export to max with endorphin(wich is free)tough
afaik you could only export avi sequences

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coin-god Author

You can export anims in CSM formatt and then load them with 3D MAX ina Biped.

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At first I thought what you've managed to add endorphin into SA.
Too bad its just an animation.

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Hey ya.. Coin-God , when is the v1.0 gonna release? by the way.. the v0.5 remake juz a beta right? bcoz.. i dont find any mission inside it.. juz killin some unlimited zombies . and i also face some error when i walked into building or flying a plane. even sometimes it suddenly freeze , especially when i went to city like Los Santos .. for example.. why is that? No matter what.. this Mod is Cool.. i suggest the Team implement some citizen into the game.. its so odd that we're the only 1 survive with the soldiers.. im more interested if you could do more improvement. really appreciate The Biohard alert Team . thx

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