Grand Theft Auto BioHazard Alert its a Total Conversion for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas that convert SA in a survival horror game based in Resident Evil Movies games. You will be able to play as some Resident Evil characters like Ada Wong, Leon Kennedy, Carlos Olivera (movie), and so on. And see some Resident Evil game-play elements like Zombies, Monsters, B.O.W experiments converting GTA San Andreas in an Arcade Horror Total Conversion called BioHazard Alert.

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This is an epic mod,again i will say it,it was used for my not-gonna-be-on-youtube movie,but i belive i can make a deal with Bandit,and maybe you to use YAH2 into a Movie, thanks for this epic mod

The mod is great as it is, but I sure wish they would continue developing it.


The mod is poorly constructed and installation instructions are trash.


This mod is a all-round fun for hours mod


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