The development teams left much to be desired... but no more! Featuring new units, 12-fighter squadrons, realistic speeds of projectiles, updated and more-canon build tree, and changed hardpoints. Also, cut content such as planets and some units will be added.

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If you think the population value being 1 for EVERY unit is a good or bad idea, let us know here.

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Do you think that having population value set at 1 for EVERY unit (Squadrons, capitals, frigates, corvettes) is a good Idea?
Post a yes or no inn the comments. Only yes/no comments in this item will be given weight. Whichever you say, include:
A. WHY its not a good idea
B. What would be better if you do not agree.

Simply saying yes or no (or any equivalent) without rationalization will result in comment delete and us not giving it any weight.

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