A mod for Mount and Blade Warband set in Sengoku era, Japan. Based on Phlipp's amazing mod "Gekokujo".


What is Daimyo Edition? Well it is something that i've been creating for self use for about 4-5 months, or maybe more. After a while i've decided to release it for other players to play and hopefully enjoy. It is basically Gekokujo merged with many other cool mods and my own models/scripts. It is an improvement, without breaking the immersion and instead improving it with historical accuracy.

(You dont need vanilla gekokujo to play this)


1)+150 new items, armors, helmets, weapons, horses and such.
2)New shoulder guards for armors, each armor have 2 new shoulder guards.
4)New scenes (completely new siege scenes with edited old ones.) New interior scenes for towns.
5)Battlebar that shows the strenght of both allies and enemies (Melphz's Submod)
6)Ability to station troops at villages, and villages will produce hired warriors and onnabushi weekly.
7)Ability to select all banners (except for the last two pages for some reason they cause player icon to bug)
8)Increased morale and party sizes.
9)Tweaked the amount of money given by the lords to player when they are offered money instead of castle (this way player will think twice about taking money instead of rebelling.)
10)Many lords get their historical appearences. Ex. Lord Oda, Lord Date, Lord Takeda and many others.
11)Ability to select culture from the camp menu, all the lords will recruit selected culture's troops. (Except for the vassals that were companions before, i couldn't solve that issue.)
12)Ability to create unique troops with Morgh's tool. Player will be able to recruit their own troops instead of existing factions' troops.(You'll need to download Morghs warband tool, the tutorial is at the very bottom of this description)
13)New loading screens.
14)New lighting FX and recoloured flora.
15)New skyboxes.
15)Kyoto scene has been overhauled. There's an imperial/shogunal palace instead of a standard interior scene.
16)Ability to talk to lords through the camp menu.(Think of it like sending a messenger :lol: )
17)New sashimono. Horo for hatamoto cavalry.
18)New troops for temples (veteran and elite naginata monks) and Sado island (Honma clan retainers).
19)New ninja armors.
20)Some troops such as Yamabushi were taken out because of realism.

Installation : Unzip the downloaded file into Mount and blade Warband -> modules folder.

UPDATE (already included in this version)

1- Corrects the Amako troops' equipments.
2- Lord Kobayakawa gets his historical appearance.
3- New ashigaru armors to get more "levy" look (a little varied in colour and style). Ikko troops look more varied because of historical reasons.
4- Slightly incread the cost of the high-end armors to make early game more difficult.
5- Traditional Japanese music from the Gekokujo v3.0
6- Lords' armors (eg Takeda armor, Sanada armor etc.) are more expensive.
7- Reduced the stuttering in large battles (tested up to 500vs 400) with more pc friendly .lods

CREDITS : n4v32x (for his awesome culture and custom troops script, i wouldnt be able to do that on my own.)
Suguroku (its the base of my mod)
Bunroku (for their great scene props and items)
Shogun - Sengoku Jidai (their awesome siege scenes inspired me to create more in their style and also their awesome props)
And ofcourse Phlipp for his awesome work. (GEKOKUJO)
Melphzs Submod for its awesome features.
Jacobhinds for its animations and SSH for its awesome armors and kabuto.

They are the real creators of this mod!


1- For some reason players icon gets bugged when player selects banner from the last 2 pages (last one is the one with the ship symbol)
2- When player makes companion a vassal, they dont recruit troops selected by player.
3- Using recruiter feature in diplomacy mod doesnt work because of new "select culture" script. Dont use it, it may break your save file.

List of the Lords who got their historical armors.

1-Takeda Shingen

2- Uesugi Kenshin

3- Yamamoto Kansuke

4- Otani Yoshitsugu

5- Honda Tadakatsu

6- Lord Ryuzoji

7- Oda Nobunaga

8- Hashiba(Toyotomi) Hideyoshi

9- Kuroda Kanbei

10- Date Masamune

11- Kobayakawa

12- Akechi Mitsuhide

13- Sanada Masayuki

14- Ii Naomasa

15- Yamagata

16- Tokugawa Ieyasu

17- Great Leader Kennyo (not 100% accurate because of lack of historical resources)

18- Ishida

... and many others with custom armors.

Morghs tool :

Download the tool. Start the program. The tool will want you to browse and select your warband modules folder. After you do that, click Troops then you'll see the troop list left side of the screen. Search for the troops named "Sokudo" You can manually find them at the very bottom of the list or you can basiclly write Sokudo to the troop filter (also at the left bottom). When you find the troops you can begin to edit them, choose the unit you want to edit there you'll see its stats/level. At the right side there are 2 boxes with item names in it. In the box below are the items in the whole mod and the other one (the box above) contains the items the unit uses. To delete the item chose the item then click "delete item from the inventory). If you want to add items into the units inventory you'll need to find the item in the box below and click "add selected item to the inventory" *IMPORTANT* after every action (deleting, adding items) YOU HAVE TO CLICK UPDATE TROOP. IF YOU DONT DO THIS AND MOVE ON TO THE NEXT UNIT YOUR EDITS WILL NOT BE SAVED. After you edited and updated the unit click save changes.


Make sure you edit the troops named "Sokudo"


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Release Date

News 10 comments

Hello everyone!

As you may know I work really hard for the new update of the Daimyo Edition. I plan to release the update before the end of this month! I stopped releasing progress reports because I simply dont have time for them. Currently I'm working on mostly bugfixing and little tweaks. You can expect more new features other than the ones I've introduced in the progress reports. So I wont be sharing any progress reports or announcements until the release.

Thank you for your patience!


Progress Report #4

Progress Report #4

News 59 comments

New progress report of the Gekokujo - Daimyo Edition.

Progress Report #3

Progress Report #3

News 28 comments

Progress report for the new version of Gekokujo Daimyo Edition

Progress Report #2

Progress Report #2

News 13 comments

Second report on new features for the new version of Daimyo Edition.

Progress Report

Progress Report

News 17 comments

The progress report on the next version of the mod.

RSS Files
Gekokujo - Daimyo Edition 2.0 (Update 2)

Gekokujo - Daimyo Edition 2.0 (Update 2)

Patch 33 comments

New update (2nd update) for the Gekokujo - Daimyo Edition.

Gekokujo   Daimyo Edition 2.0 (Update 1)

Gekokujo Daimyo Edition 2.0 (Update 1)

Patch 2 comments

Small spawn scene fix for the Okazaki Castle siege scene.

Gekokujo   Daimyo Edition (2.0 Full Version)

Gekokujo Daimyo Edition (2.0 Full Version)

Full Version 45 comments

The lastest version of the Gekokujo - Daimyo Edition.

Ichimonji Hidetora flag

Ichimonji Hidetora flag


The flag of the powerful daimyo from the movie "Ran".

Daimyo Edition (patch1)

Daimyo Edition (patch1)

Patch 34 comments

A fix for cheatmenu and Date troop tree. -Fixed the cheatmenu bug, now you can move pages without going to lords menu. - Fixed the Date troop tree bug...

Gekokujo   Daimyo Edition 1.0

Gekokujo Daimyo Edition 1.0

Full Version 26 comments

A mod for Mount and Blade Warband set in Sengoku era, Japan. Based on Phlipp's amazing mod "Gekokujo"

Comments  (0 - 10 of 719)

I realize that I'm basically spamming at this point, but I also found it weird that the Veteran Hired Warriors upgrade to archers. It's annoying as I was going for a mercenary melee army and suddenly all of my infantry upgraded into archers.

Any particular reason for this?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

woof woof, bang bang, my army of onnabushi and infinite spearmen are nigh unstoppable.

more on topic: Looking forward to whatever comes out by the end of the year

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Ah yes, I merely wonder if you'd consider giving the spears the 'Can Crush Through Blocks' stat. I've always found it weird that one would be able to block a thrust from a spear, and that'll also make spears more useful. Considering how almost none of them have swinging animations this wouldn't become OP and spears would finally be as useful as other weapons.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes

can you add new weapons new katanas with different tsubas?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

That's rather.. An unnecessary suggestion. Adding new katanas wouldn't do much, their stats won't change that much anyways, and adding more with different tsubas would be work for nothing.
Let me ask you: Think of yourself as a samurai. Would you, in battle, think of slaying your enemy, or would you stand on the battlefield and watch your blade, thinking of what special tsuba it has, what shape it has etc? Of course, some tsuba looked very special and unique, yet, it was for looks, it still had the same effect as any other tsuba.
About adding new weapons: I think Aruda didn't delete the cheat option. You can activate it and look through every item there is in the game, if you don't want to cheat, you can deactivate it again. - There might be new weapons + armor!

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

There's no such thing as unnecessary suggestion. The only unnecessary thing around here is your constant annoying intervention.

First and foremost this is a game, and people can be creative in order to create a more enjoyable experience. One thing that always entertained warband players was the diversity of the items.

And we're also speaking about the Japanese culture. The military ornaments and design in general is extremely rich and diverse.

Again, leave the creator of the mod to reply to what can be done or not, and what is important according to his vision.

Do you have any modding experience? Have you done any survey on what people want to see in the mod? or you're just gonna filter every comment based on your immature view?

If you're 16 or something I apologize, but if you're older you need to grow up

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Let's see:
Marius-Aetius I understand that my comment was seen as aggressive and rude. I do apologize for my rudeness. Yet, you have to simply accept the fact, that I'm my own man. That I know my rights and that I simply don't care about your comment.

People can be creative in order to create a more enjoyable experience - Yes, I do agree, yet, from normal thinking human to normal thinking human: You surely also had bad days. You surely also saw comments which just didn't fit in your view.

Leaving the creator to reply means, taking him no work off. I guess, Aruda is giving this update a lot of time and is busy with it. You surely would like someone to take away a little bit of work too. - I don't want to say, that I'm responding in Aruda's word.

I don't have any modding experience. I also don't need any, if it's about suggestions. As mentioned before, I'm my own man. I'm free, I can do whatever I like to do + you can't take away any of my rights.
Immature view - Depends on what's "immature" for you, and what not. If criticism, asking and interfere others is immature for you, than a lot of people have to be very immature.

I'm 17 years old. Yet, talking about age is quite absurd. There are 12 year olds which act like adults, there are 50 years old which act like 7 years old kids. Basing my comments on my age is immature to me. Tho, I'm not going to fully say, that you're view is totally immature.

warmsummerrain I see this topic to be of something bigger. Adding more tsubas and blades would mean to add way too much, which just wouldn't make any difference to the gameplay. They'll be for style and pointing out your money only, not adding big difference to whatever.

Samurai might have been stylish, yet, generals had unique armors. Some of them had iron in it, some of them were normal as any other samurai armor, yet, in a more unique way. Of course it didn't had that much sideeffects either, there's also... "Could you add armor made of iron" and so on, which would be silly. (There's Uesugi Kenshin's europe armor tho)
Tho, I'll still hang on my opinion, that adding more tsubas would simply be work for nothing, since it's too much work for something other's really don't care about at all. It would add to the weaponry list, but what will you're going to do? Will you search each weapon out, just to find a tsuba which looks cool? That's why I said it's unecessary at first.

- Due to reminder purpose -
- I do not intend to assault, insult and discriminate anyone. All my posts should be seen as criticism, but should not be taken too serious either. My posts are, in every situation:
- here to thank everyone for their support on the mod
- here to prevent misunderstanding. As Marius-Aetius sees my comments as criticism and asked me to stop from what I'm doing, I had the urge to make myself clear.
- here to be seen by anyone and here to make others think about the suggestion of [person xy] (and maybe (hopefully) even share their opinion)
IF anyone feels assaulted by my comment, please, PM me about what insulted you - if you want, you can tell me your opinion about myself even, if that lighten ups your heart. I will do my utmost to help everyone as best I can.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

No talking about age isn't absurd. Your presence here is annoying to everyone because you are an insecure teen who is a wannabe samurai fanboy. You are not the part of the development so stop responding to everything with your (useless) comments.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

Another dude trying to be like "stop interfering" "stop posting comments" - No matter what, no one can shut my mouth.
Well this "everyone" seems to be ~ 5 people then.
No talking about age isn't absurd? It's not? Why so? It doesn't change anything, even if I would be 30, or 12.
Guess what, yeah, I'm a 'wannabe' samurai fanboy. So what? It's none of your busyness, right? I'm not part of the development, you're right, yet, that also doesn't change anything here.
About 'useless' comments - yours, and this one, are useless. Instead of crying over me in the comment section, you could've simply ignored it, or you could've cried over me in a private message. - So please, if you wish to cry some more about my presence, do so in a private message, since it's even more annoying for everyone seeing 2 dudes discuss offtopic crap.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

maybe that's unnecessary, but let's face facts: samurai DID think of slaying their enemy stylish. There are a plenty of different tsuba with a cool design. There are a lot of hamons with many types of blade patterns.

But I have to agree with your position. Yes, there will be no big difference in the game because of graphics limitation and one simple fact: when we are in cities we have our katanas sheathed, and when we are in battles we don't have enough time to look at our swords. This suggestion has only esthetical value and doesn't have a practical sense. But there is no contradiction with historical realities.

Man, samurai WERE stylish people. If not, every general would never have tried to astonish with his armor - many of the armor adornment doesn't have any practical value either as identification marks (simple too big and posh) or as a body defense. If not, some of samurai like Yamamato Tsunetomo would never have said that followers of the Way of the warrior must not show their love to an external embellishment and that samurai must be modest.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
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A really great addition to Gekokujo that keeps with the originals feeling and functions like a big content update.

Jun 26 2017 by KaiphasKain

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