Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon (FHSW) is an unofficial continuation of the famous Forgotten Hope (FH), a Battlefield 1942 modification. We say unofficial since FHSW is developed by FH fans, not the original FH creators. In 2007 it started as a small addon but since then it has grown to be one of the biggest mods of all time!

What makes this mod special is that it adds lots of - but not only - Secret Weapons which saw limited or no action at all during WW2 like jet fighters and super heavy tanks. Some of the maps feature "what-if" battles like a landing operation on the Japanese mainland or attacking a secret German base in the African desert.


  • Over 650 different vehicles at land, sea and air featuring lots of Secret Weapons of WW2!
  • 130 maps, from tight infantry action over pure tank and plane combat maps to full scale naval battles. Or everything at once!
  • 150 hand weapons with new reload and moving animations for all (AT) rifles, bipods for MGs and (reworked) deployable weapons like mortars and heavy machine guns
  • 12 nations: Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Poland, Soviet Union and USA
  • Completely overhauled, more immersive sounds and effects
  • New techniques: switchable ammo, towable AT guns, altimeter for planes, napalm & cluster bombs, bayonets and much more
  • Heavily modified combat to enhance realism while not being overly complicated
  • Unique gameplay: Control the mysterious 1000-tonne tank "Ratte", use the Me 323 to transport tanks to the front line, fly Kamikaze missions against heavily armed Battleships or ... simply take a horse.

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FHSW Europe

Active: Every weekend at 8 pm CET


Active: Every day at 8 pm JST

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FHSW 0.6 released!

FHSW has been released and there's a lot of new stuff which the devs haven't shown us in previous news. Sorry when I skip over a lot of the new things but I don't want to break moddb with a one million characters article. ;)

How to install?

Please follow the instructions of this guide.

In short, you need:

  • Battlefield 1942 1.61b (CD) or 1.62 (Origin)
  • Forgotten Hope 0.7
  • Forgotten Hope Fan Mappack 6
  • Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon 0.6

Change log

I only included the big changes, if you want to see all changes please visit the official dev blog entry linked at the bottom.


  • Bug fixed which made it possible to spawn multiple mobile AT guns.
  • Added a new Horse kit to Japan, Germany, Soviet Union and France. Upon dismount the horse is “stored” in your inventory similarly to the existing mortar/mg kits.
  • Since new pistols were added there are more random pistol kits for US and Great Britain.
  • Increased gun movement (rotation, elevation) on horses.
  • Added Horse minimap icon.
  • Heavily reduced the amount of destructible objects on maps to increase overall stability.
  • Increased anti-tank damage of explosives.
  • Added a range drum to mortars similar to Sturmtiger’s. It’s now possible to calculate shots with more precision.
  • 81 mm mortar: ammo, power and rate of fire enhanced. As a new feature you can adjust the mortar’s horizontal orientation in seat 1 which is really helpful when the mortar is placed on a slope.
  • Invisible barriers added to some maps to avoid mainbase artillery shelling.
  • New effects on naval maps.
  • Amount of randomized equipment on tanks reduced to increase stability.
  • Increased visible distance for signal pistols.
  • Fixed some hand weapon animation bugs.
  • Bug fixed which caused bombs to hit your own aircraft when level bombing.
  • Changed some sniper rifle scopes.

United States

  • M1917 revolver

  • .30 cal. Carbine revolver

  • FM-2 Wildcat (fighter): F4F variant optimized for small-carrier operations
  • CVE-73 Gambier Bay (escort carrier): related news

  • CL-55 Cleveland (light cruiser)

  • CVL-22 Independence (aircraft carrier)

  • M36B1 (tank destroyer): Sherman chassis with the M36 Jackson turret.

  • Added roof to M36 Jackson’s turret, armour is pretty thin however
  • P-51H Mustang (fighter): flight performance adjusted, new texture added


  • PT 16 (armoured train): first armoured train in FHSW, good protection with up to 100 mm armour

  • E-25 (tank destroyer): proposed design to replace Panzer III/IV tank hunters, armed with Panther’s 75 mm gun, secondary armament is a 30 mm MK 108

  • E-25 PAW 1000 (tank destroyer): main gun replaced with the 10 cm PAW 1000 which utilized a high-low pressure system to fire hollow charge warheads, low muzzle velocity which makes it hard to aim

  • E-10 (tank destroyer): proposed design to replace "Hetzer", you can lower the suspension with the up/down keys to create a smaller profile

  • Maus with flamethrower as secondary armament

  • Panzer III Ausf. E (medium tank): initial production model with 37 mm gun and two coaxial machine guns, has more horsepower than later versions which makes it faster

  • Panzer III Ausf. G (medium tank): improved variant with 50 mm gun

  • StuG III Ausf. A (assault gun): initial production model
  • Flettner (helicopter): added two extra seats with fixed hand weapons.
  • VK1602 (MAN): gun changed from 75 mm KwK 41 to 50 mm KwK 39

Soviet Union

  • IS-4 (heavy tank): successor of IS-2, better armoured, faster reload because of the bigger turret

  • Object 701-1: IS-4 prototype with 122 mm gun S-34-II, higher penetration than regular IS-4
  • Object 701-2: IS-4 prototype with 100 mm gun S-34-I

  • IS-4 with coaxial flamethrower

  • T-44 (medium tank): successor of T-34 with a lot of improvements, armour protection is almost as good as Panther’s

  • SU-A-19 (tank destroyer): Kirov factory proposed to arm half of the SU-152 with 122 mm A-19 guns to increase its anti-tank capabilities especially at long ranges, but never went into production

  • SU-152: texture changed, added additional pistol ports

Great Britain

  • FN Browning Hi-Power

  • A41 Centurion Mk 1 (main battle tank): initial design, well armoured, powerful 17 pdr gun, 20 mm coaxial gun: excellent tank

  • Centurion Mk. IV: proposed variant of the Centurion with 95 mm howitzer

  • Crusader I (medium tank): added smoke grenade launcher
  • Crusader I CS: equipped with 3 inch howitzer for infantry support
  • Crusader I with Meteor engine: prototype with a very powerful engine, up to 80 km/h

  • Crusader II: removed MG turret, slightly better armoured front hull
  • Crusader III: remodelled, now clearly distinguishable from Crusader I and II

  • Crusader AA: armed with twin 20 mm Oerlikon, good mobility and firepower against aircraft and soft targets

  • Cromwell: added variant with 75 mm gun


  • 6 pdr “Canuck gun”: standard 6 pdr with extended caliber.


  • P26/40 (medium tank): often called the best Italian tank of WW2, overall performance similar to M4 Sherman

  • 75 mm EPS: armour-piercing projectile, added to P26/40 and Semovente
  • L3/33 (tankette): armed with machine guns
  • L3 Lf: flamethrower variant
  • L3 cc: equipped with 20 mm anti-tank rifle

  • SPA38R (truck): replaces the Opel Blitz on Italian maps, a special version is available which lets you carry a L3 tankette in the back

  • Added new tank sights


  • Yokosuka D4Y Suisei (dive bomber): can carry one 500 kg bomb

  • Junyo (aircraft carrier): planned as fast luxury passenger liner then redesigned to light aircraft carrier, low armour but decent AA capabilities

  • Yubari (light cruiser): experimental cruiser to test various new designs and technologies, was later also used in the war

  • Type 26 revolver
  • Type 10 signal pistol

New maps

  • Battle of Leyte Gulf Day 2: related news
  • Eagles Nest 1946: from the official add-on “Secret Weapons of WWII”
  • FHT Operation Dracula: GB vs Japan in 1945, in reality Japan evacuated before the British reached the city. What if they stood their ground?
  • Midway-1942: major overhaul
  • Monte Cassino: from the official add-on “Road to Rome”
  • Salerno: from the official add-on “Road to Rome”
  • The Merville Battery: readded
  • Operation Varsity: Allies want to secure bridges over the Rhine, can you stop them?
  • Way to Paris 1946: What if Soviet Union did not stop in Berlin but went further westwards?
  • Westminster: Germany has landed on the British mainland and is now attacking London.
  • Westwall 1945: Allied troops have to break through this deep defensive line to reach Germany.

Gamespy shutdown?

As you've probably heard Gamespy shut down the online support for BF1942 which means either your game locks up or it doesn't show any servers when updating the in-game server browser. But as always the community puts EA to shame and within days a solution was available, huge thanks to the creator s[sk]. I included the fix into the FHSW installer so no additional steps are required to play online. Go to here if you want some information about the changes he did.

Where to play?

As you might or might not know FHSW is a pure multiplayer mod, the game crashes if you try to play singleplayer. There are two servers but you'll only see players on them at specific times.

The European server is generally populated on weekend evenings CET. Most players are online during "Events" which take place each Sunday at 7 pm CET:


Alternatively there's the Japanese server which is always full at about 8 pm JST. Be aware that you'll get kicked with a high ping which you usually have when connecting from Europe or the America East.

FHSW 0.6 released!

Kawanishi H8K "Emily"

Kawanishi H8K "Emily"

News 7 comments

With the Kawanishi H8K "Emily" the Japanese Airforce gets their first four-engined airplane in FHSW 0.6. It's also the very first flying boat in the mod!

Map: Naval Battle of Leyte Gulf

Map: Naval Battle of Leyte Gulf

News 6 comments

Usually a single map is not enough to write a news about but this one is very special. It introduces several new vehicles and has amazing visuals you...

Improved Bazooka & recoilless rifles

Improved Bazooka & recoilless rifles

News 2 comments

This time the FHSW developers present us new anti-tank weapons for the infantry.

British Reinforcements

British Reinforcements

News 2 comments

The Brits have been struggling with the late German cats, now they receive new ways to tame them!

RSS Files
Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon 0.6 (Part 2/2)

Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon 0.6 (Part 2/2)

Full Version 0 comments

This is the installer for Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon 0.6 (Part 2/2). Make sure to install Forgotten Hope + Mappack 6 and Part 1 first.

Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon 0.6 (Part 1/2)

Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon 0.6 (Part 1/2)

Full Version 0 comments

This is the installer for Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon 0.6 (Part 1/2). Make sure to install Forgotten Hope + Mappack 6 first.

Forgotten Hope Fan Mappack 6

Forgotten Hope Fan Mappack 6

Full Version 7 comments

A new installer for the Forgotten Hope Fan Mappack 6 which is compatible with the Origin and CD version of Battlefield 1942. This mappack is required...

Forgotten Hope 0.7

Forgotten Hope 0.7

Full Version 4 comments

A new installer for Forgotten Hope v0.7 which is compatible with the Origin and CD version of Battlefield 1942. Forgotten Hope is required to be able...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 800)

Hello, I have a problem with Forgotten Hope secret weapons when I load a card she puts very long load has i waited 30 minutes and it just was not all load, Aurier a solution for me because I love to play above all, as I can not find server fihsw when I go in multiplayer I click refresh and NOTHING! So thank you for your response.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
eYe.ris Creator

Hi, download one of the new BF1942.exe's:
which you can find here:
and replace the one you're currently using.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

What happened with the test maps? They do not appear in this version

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
eYe.ris Creator

I don't know whey they got removed, sorry.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Recently, I've been getting several issues from BF1942 on Windows 8 - loads endlessly and crashes upon loading.
Seems like it decides to screw over when the directory is at Program Files (x86) because administrator stuffs or something.
Best way to test your loading time is just load Berlin, if it takes a minute to load on a modern rig, you're pretty done for.

Just leaving this here in case those who use Origin BF1942 face the same problem.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I noticed the original Forgotten Hope has a campaign. Is it possible to install this onto Forgotten Hope, and then simply play Forgotten Hope for the campaign, and switch over to this for Skirmish and MP? Or is campaign disabled when installing this mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
eYe.ris Creator

You can still play Forgotten Hope after you have installed this mod.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

There are only 2-3 servers.

Everyone don't have super download speed or good pc.
But everyone can play online vanilla BF1942.It needs lower system requirements
(Low textures, low polys... etc.)

FHSW needs bot support and singleplayer mode.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Singleplayer in FHSW is my dream.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
eYe.ris Creator

Then keep dreaming. Not going to happen from what I can see.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

then playing FH 0.7

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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#FHSWinfo Now we introduce new Flying boat!

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Jan 21 2016

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Jan 11 2016

#FHSWinfo Now we introduce new Recoilless Rifles!

Jan 9 2016

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Jan 9 2016

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