Firearms: Source is a team based first person shooter, rooted in the traditions of the Firearms mod for Half-Life. Firearms: Source brings the best aspects of Firearms to the Source engine, and then takes them a step further. You'll see a host of familiar weapons and maps, but you'll find the streamlined game play to be faster, focusing on aggressive, skilled play. From nearly the moment you spawn you can expect to be engaged in furious action.

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Cool mod

I like the mod, even though it's dead. It's kind of blocky and feels out of date. Supposedly in 2.0 you get the use of ironsites? That would make it more interesting. I'd call it mediocre, nothing special, although I like the advancement and firearm system used.

This mod was fine and he's going to be epic.

Solid Gameplay, but servers aren't always around.


king_jessum says

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I love it it is my favorite mutiplayergame.

This is a very well made mod, featuring many awesome weapons and gameplay.

I have never played the original, but literally after 2 days of playing it I found my self to be pretty good at the game :)

Sadly, the most people I ever see playing is 13, including ALL the servers.

Hoping 2.0 will attract more players

The feel of the guns in this game is amazing. The sound design, and the animation (although some of the animation is a little off, namely the pump shotgun) make each gun feel unique, and actually feel like firing a gun, somehow translating the act of firing a gun to the act of clicking a mouse.


So great...

this game is awesome i love it so much

Very fun HL2 tactical mod. Reminds me of Day of Defeat source mixed with counter strike. I love it!

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