Firearms: Source is a team based first person shooter, rooted in the traditions of the Firearms mod for Half-Life. Firearms: Source brings the best aspects of Firearms to the Source engine, and then takes them a step further. You'll see a host of familiar weapons and maps, but you'll find the streamlined game play to be faster, focusing on aggressive, skilled play. From nearly the moment you spawn you can expect to be engaged in furious action.

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Hello FA:S followers! Today we are proud to announce that FA:S no longer mounts the Counter-Strike Source content. What does that mean for you? It means that now as long as you own any Source game, you will be able to play Firearms: Source upon release. We also have some shots of a blue team player model ingame.

Posted by ShinobiNFC on Jul 31st, 2009

Hello FA:S followers! Today we are proud to announce that FA:S no longer mounts the Counter-Strike Source content. What does that mean for you? It means that now as long as you own any Source game, you will be able to play Firearms: Source upon release. The past few weeks our art team, along with some new environment artists, have been working hard on replacing all of the CS:S assets we were previously using. They have done a stellar job and have created content that is of professional quality.

Secondly, I would like to show off our new Blue Force player models. These player models, modeled by Schmung and textured by StealthSilver, went through a long design process in order to make sure the silhouettes were different than our Red Force player models, all the way down to whether he tucks his pants in his boots or not. We want the player to be able to distinguish an enemy in a split second when they encounter each other. Firearms: Source is a very fast paced shooter, and every second matters to get the drop on your enemy. You will notice we went for the CADPAT camouflage so that the coloring and the style is completely different from the Red Force's three color desert. We broke down what would help a player distinguish friend from foe the easiest and implemented it. In these screenshots, you will also find the new look PS_Derailed has received as well as a sneak peek at an upcoming map PS_Spectre.

Lastly, but certainly not the least, we have one of our last weapons for RC1 to be showcased, the Sako Rk 95. The Sako, modeled and textured by Naota, is a powerful assault rifle that is new to the Firearms universe. Although the Sako does not come equipped with any special features, like a bayonet or aimpoint, it certainly has its benefits as having greater accuracy and better stopping power with a relatively high ROF. It comes in at 13 credits, but it is well worth the credits. If the specifications of the Sako doesn't get you to load out with it, the model and texture will.

Are you enjoying our updates? If you have any questions that you would like to be answered by someone from the development team, stop by our forums, message us on Moddb, or find us on IRC at #firearms-source @ If you would like to view our old updates and media, you can check out our News Archive on the forums. See you in a couple weeks!

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Armageddon104 Jul 31 2009 says:


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MastaGunZ Jul 31 2009 says:

Nice, I love the Sako, it's my main weapon I use on Alliance of Valiant Arms!

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NoobSaibot Jul 31 2009 says:

It's a really nice model but the RK-95 basicly is an ak47 with differnt sights.

+2 votes     reply to comment
FAS_Naota Jul 31 2009 replied:

Indeed it is. I hated how much it resembled the AK with such burning vehemence and unmitigated ire that I leveraged every possible alternative attachment and piece of furniture to alter the shape and appearance of the Sako so that it would have its own distinct appeal and silhouette. Originally I had suggested an Rk. 62 or 76 simply because it was evidently not attempting to completely knock off the AK-47 (even though at a mechanical level this was more or less the case), but the word was that I was to model an Rk. 95, and so I obliged. I still have a chart of nearly 24 different possible combinations of aftermarket parts and nonstandard addons I photoshopped together in the planning stages of the gun in fact. Off the top of my head, it differs from your run of the mill Rk. 95 in the following ways:

-Aftermarket pistol grip
-Black Valmet plastic magazines (as opposed to olive/dried snot green)
-The blatantly AK-47-esque upper and lower handguards of the Rk. 95 have been removed entirely, replaced with an adjustable vertical grip attached to a custom rail system.
-The front sight assembly at the end of the gas tube is that of the Sako Rk. 62, rather than the Rk. 95, and includes a bracket for a carry strap on the left side.
-The flash hider is the distinctive Sako Rk. 62/76 version which features a bayonet lug, rather than the fully cylindrical Rk. 95 version.
-Attachment mount plates can be found on the left side of the weapon.

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NoobSaibot Jul 31 2009 replied:

I know you can make it look different, but in damage,accuracy, rate of fire would be identical to an ak47.

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FAS_Naota Jul 31 2009 replied:

Since the parts used tend to be somewhat different in quality and origin, not to mention the fact that the internals aren't exactly the same, there's room for some variance in the ROF, damage falloff, and accuracy fields. Not to mention the vertical grip and folding stock playing into the behaviour of the weapon somewhat (deploy time, shot grouping). As far as I've seen in testing the Sako is a more accurate, more ranged combat-oriented and marginally more expensive alternative to the AK, but without a bayonet.

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NoobSaibot Jul 31 2009 replied:

You can't really model that in a game.

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undertone Aug 8 2009 replied:

Uh, I think we can, and we did.

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Gregar Jul 31 2009 says:

wow looking foward to this

+3 votes     reply to comment
Nebcake Jul 31 2009 says:

looking good guys

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Jesternz08 Jul 31 2009 says:

sweet screens, weapons looking awesome!

+3 votes     reply to comment
KonichiSakai Jul 31 2009 says:

Looking good. Can't wait to try this when it's released!

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Bloodvayne Jul 31 2009 says:


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StandingCow Jul 31 2009 says:

w00t :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
NoobSaibot Jul 31 2009 says:

Accuracy u can though

+1 vote     reply to comment
BlueWolf72 Jul 31 2009 says:

Interview on

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ShinobiNFC Author
ShinobiNFC Aug 1 2009 replied:

Thanks for having us :)

+2 votes   reply to comment
Tron619 Aug 1 2009 says:

i hope it comes out next year or the end of this year

+2 votes     reply to comment
freredarme Aug 1 2009 says:

Oh :O , it's very nice, great job !

+2 votes     reply to comment
Av4l0n Aug 1 2009 says:

Looks nice, very nice. Good job.

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Swaggletooth Aug 1 2009 says:

Those player models really look outstanding - but as I mentioned before, their eye textures need fixing up (they still look too white).

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Ssstalker Aug 1 2009 says:

Rk 95 - assault rifle of Finland!

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DeShock Aug 1 2009 says:

Looks sweet! The new player models look great. Glad to see the CSS models gone.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Stogie83 Aug 1 2009 says:

Welcome back to the land of the living FA :)
Can`t wait to grab my Famas out again. What about Bot Support ?

+2 votes     reply to comment
ShinobiNFC Author
ShinobiNFC Aug 4 2009 replied:

The maps will all ship with navmeshes so they're ready to go if a 3rd party bot is made or if we end up doing one.

+1 vote   reply to comment
DaRKESTHoURx Aug 1 2009 says:

Whens the mod up for release?

+1 vote     reply to comment
AmazingRedd Aug 4 2009 says:

keep it up, im loving this mod.

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