ATTENTION - Most part of all text below translated via Google.
General changelog for all version history:

1. Part of the skills can be leveled up to 12-15. The trade is cut to 8, due to the balancing of the economy, engineering, due to the reduction in the time required for the construction of stairs / siege towers (for the sake of the NPC, since their characteristics have been revised, and they begin to siege castles much faster), the first aid and something else.
2. The experience of the hero, companions and troops is increased 4-7-9 times, respectively. Considering the dangerous crowds of bandits, it is highly recommended that the hero and / or a couple of companions be leveled up as quickly as possible.
3. The starting parameters of the hero and companions are increased, all companions begin with 1 level. Together with the increase in experience, it is now possible to completely turn a companion into a combat vehicle, if you spend a lot on his/her equipment.
4. The speed of the siege tower is doubled.
5. Reputation for any positive action is increased, but balanced.
6. The number of recruits in villages and mercenaries in taverns is increased.
7. In the taverns, you can hire a male mercenary line (Guardian), and female - Peasant Woman (Refugee) and its derivatives.
8. Added disabled units, which were used only in cities and castles: guards of the prison, guardians of the palace, bodyguards. Of course, they are rebalanced. The Sisters of Arms have the final branch of development - Seraphim and Demoness, both horsemen, differ only in stats and ammunition.
9. Added a wild pile of things, a variety of weapons, a variety of armor, included samurai and black armor, katana and steel bow.
10. Great armor balance: in the Native, even the best armor did not save, now there are better armors, but their cost will be shocking to you. In addition, they are also quite rare on sale.
11. Most of the mod has been translated into Russian. The exception is the imported names of weapons and armor, there are so many of them that it's just a mockery.
12. The construction of a mill in the village will now give a steady increase in welfare every month.
13. In battles and sieges, you can use I to open inventory.
14. In any battles with the allies, the hero can command all the troops, with the exception of allied lords.
15. Three new troops trees. Each two factions can use one of these trees. (Attention - all new troops are mercenaries, and morality is not particularly affected by them)
Khergits and Sarranids: Killer dogs. The troops are fast and strong, but most units have weak armor. Exceptional power is possessed by long-range units - the Cleaners, capable of destroying enemy's divisions at great distances. Skillful and fast Assassins are ideal for destroying enemy infantry, mounted Death-bearers against knights and cavalry, and Executioners are very useful in storming enemy castles.
Swadia and Rhodoks: The Twilight Army. Balanced units that combine all possible branches of development. Walking Guards and Sergeants will not yield even to the strongest infantry of the enemy, Masters-archers are well protected, and can take care of themselves and in close combat, Royal Knights - heavily armored vehicles for the offensive, well, the crown of development - Dark Knights and Dark Snipers, with them you can go on the attack on any fortified castle.
Vaegirs and Nords: Eastern army. In the hands of these kingdoms came the knowledge of the conduct of the battle of the eastern nations. Their units are quite strictly divided into two categories: powerful and armored samurai-infantrymen, and cunning and fast ninja-throwers. They do not have cavalry, but this drawback is more than paid off by the Masters of the sword, Shadows and Shinigami - horsemen do not interfere with these craftsmen using the weapons of the legendary warriors of the east.
16. Old troop trees were also changed, mainly those that we can hire in taverns. Mercenaries, besides the Guardians, are now also the female part of the population of Calradia. Villagers, having taken up arms, begin to study military art, and their choice is truly enormous. Finite types of female branches:
Snow Queen - warrior in white-blue clothes, with a blade, from which it frosts. She, of course, is not equal to heavy knights, but in a battle she shows herself perfectly.
The priestess of the temple - is an archer who knows no equal. Her golden bow sends arrows always exactly to the target, but the light clothes of the Priestess make her very vulnerable in close combat.
Priestess-renegade - warriors of melee, who rejected the art of possession of onions. Their blades are powerful and fast, and armor is strong, but they are not knights, that's why they are not particularly strong.
Knights-dragons - that's the true strength of women in the war. Horsemen in a light but well-defended armor with blades of dragon's fangs, a special attacking guard.
Dragon Archers - these maidens not only learned to ride riding, but also shooting and bow. And dragons because their weapons are as elite as the knight's knives.
The male half also has its updates. Their new branch turns mercenaries into heavy infantry-soldiers, clad in steel armor, from which you can then get the final units:
The Kalradia Lancer is a mounted warrior with a mighty spear, which even the Rodok sergeant will envy. He is quick, but can not deliver a cavalry blow, but in his business of destroying the infantry he is a master.
Marshall - the most elite infantryman in the game. Powerful armor and powerful weapons make this unit a storm of enemy generals.
General - mounted elite warrior. Fast and strong, but defends in the defense of other elite troops.
Hell Marshall is the most elite equestrian warrior. Even the hero will have to sweat, fighting with him.
17. Added several secret heroes. Unfortunately, some bugs are connected to them: you can not send these characters to get the right to rule, you just need to look at the equipment for the first time, and then change it for the second time; nevertheless, they go to the battle properly equipped, so this formality can also be skipped. (These characters hide their weapons and sometimes - helmets, it is not known what it is connected with.) And, also, do not give them fiefs, as the characters simply disappear. These characters were test, but remained in the release, so their only use is to run with the hero in the team.
18. Added upgrade tree for bandits of all colors. Now it makes sense to deafen a bunch of scoundrels and force them to work for themselves. At the peak of their abilities, bandits become:
Hell sergeant - strength, armor and fury in one bottle. Black and maroon knights with fiery blades, extremely useful for capturing castles.
Infernal sniper - his armor is as strong as that of sergeants, but they prefer long-range combat.

Patch 1.6:
13.1. Fixed weapons for all lords and suzerains.
13.2. Fixed the difference between the speed of construction of stairs and siege towers.
13.3. Fixed a tree of troops for the guard and hunter for the bandits.
13.4. Fractions in special bands of bandits have been fixed.
13.5. Fixed all groups of deserters.
13.6. Fixed uprising (removed applicants, as in the original CC).
13.7. Fixed stats of hunters for bandits.
13.8. Fixed item_kinds1 - things not previously appeared in the game are now available.
13.8. The problem with LODs has been fixed for some particularly unpleasant textures (thanks to openBrf).
13.9. Fixed some textures.
13.10. Fixed bindings of bandits, deserters, mercenaries and the rest of the rabble.

Patch 1.7 and more: see full changelog at pastebin

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Just go to Extreme Commander folder, then in Textures folder,

find file and DELETE it.

After that try to play, IF there's no difference,
check "Load textures on demand" in launcher configuration menu.

Next version will not have this file at all.

News section.

Next update (1.9 Beta) will be released around the end of spring 2018.

Mod requires Viking Conquest DLC.

I will be very grateful for any feedback, especially regarding any errors.

It will help me deal with them faster and release the next version sooner.

Mod fully supports 1.172 version - as official, as GOG. Tested.

Описание мода и его возможности на русском можно прочитать здесь:

Next mod version will be 1.9 Beta,

it will contain all new features listed below:

  • Fix all problems with unit trees.
  • Proper English translation, except for thousands of items.
  • Some changes in current unit trees as well as some equipment changes for them.
  • Total of 6 new unit trees, one for each faction. (Now available only 3 - one for two factions)
  • Fix RGL errors.
  • New items from Fysg and MoR mods.
  • Much BIGGER population in world map, lots of bandit parties, manhunters etc.
  • Much BIGGER reinforcements for faction lords, they'll recruit more elite and new troops in shorten periods of time.
  • [Not sure] Rare prisoners in caravans or other parties, who can be leveled up from usual soldiers to heroes-companions.
  • [Not sure] Faction deserters will rarely have rebel temporary lords with them.

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Extreme Commander 1.8.1e

Extreme Commander 1.8.1e

Full Version

This is last version with all fixes and optimized textures. WORKS CORRECTLY WITH WARBAND VERSIONS FROM 1.153 TO 1.172.

particle systems

particle systems

Patch 2 comments

For those who encounter problem with weapon particle effects.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 72)

I saw an Orcish Axe in a shop, Is it a culture I can use if I were to make my own faction? However it could be like native and you have no culture options at all..

..I hope not.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
nordixzett Creator

No diplomacy or culture options available in this mod. It based on Custom Commander, and its functions can't be used together with diplomacy or culture mods.

Reply Good karma+1 vote


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
nordixzett Creator

↑↑↑ Next update (1.9 Beta) will be released around the end of spring 2018.
I just don't have free time to work on mod.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

help please when the loading finishing there is no menu text!
any idea how to fix this problem?
and iv put the particle systems patch but the problem still not fixed
screenshot menu problem.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
nordixzett Creator

...Just look up in this page and you'll find article, beginning with words "!!! HOW TO FIX BLANK MENU SCREEN !!!"... specially highlighted with exclamation marks that anyone can see.
About particle effects - you're writing message here for the first time, so IDK what is this "problem" you're talking that still not fixed.
FYI RGL errors are NOT related to particle effects.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

oh..sorry didn't noticed I'm blind! and a noob at the same time.. anyway, thank you for the quick answer it helps me a lot ^^

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I like this mod but I wish you to change the map icon if it's not possible can you make it the Icon like the lords-commanders icon will be amazing look then the original :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
nordixzett Creator

What do you mean? Icons of towns, villages, player's party, other lords party, other things in global map?
I can change them.
IF the players will agree and converge in the common opinion that these icons should be changed AND will tell and show what icons they want to see, AND these messages will have positive votes ... THEN without problems, I will do everything.
The desire of one person doesn't mean anything, the desire of the target audience decides everything.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hello again..

I have been playing a lot more of this mod because I really like it but I have been having this issue for like a week now and tbh, its getting kinda anoying haha. So, the issue is that every time I start a battle the game freeze and it tabbes me out of the game into an error message saying:

Couldn't load "Textures/"

If I close this it pops up once more and if I close it again I can just play the battle without a problem.
I don't remember deleting any file so I don't know why it wouldnt be abl to load this file..


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
nordixzett Creator

Will be fixed in 1.9. Sorry about that, only a few ppl have RGL errors, and no one from my testers team hadn't it.
Ah there was also a fix of this error long ago.

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