The required version of the game: 1.153-1.168 (highly desirable 1.168) ||| Language: Made in Russian, so others are not included, but WORK WITH NATIVE OFFICIAL TRANSLATION. Any problems related to "no menu," "blank screen", "english fixes not working" will be ignored in future due to YOUR GAME IS DIFFER FROM THE ORIGINAL therefore you'll encounter problems with text. ||| Installation method: 1. Extract the Extreme Commander folder from the archive to the \ Modules folder (ie Mount & Blade Warband \ Modules \ Extreme Commander). 2. Choose this module in the launcher ||| Composition: - Custom Commander 1.379 - the basis of the mod. - Phantasy - imported all weapons and armor, except for the magical scrolls and mages ammunition. - Kengeki Gaiden - imported all weapons, armor and horses. - Archer's M&B Warband ModRes - a special set of developments of the author. ||| Recommended game settings - the size of the battle from 300 people.

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dhman says

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no play


SkyHunteris says

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Amazing mod, loving everything so far :)


XXachillesThEBEAstXx says

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It's ok.


J.L.R says

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just new fanstasty weapons and armor.

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