Story is being working on a bit more...
Materials and maps still under development along with models aswell.

what will be new features:
new weapons
New models
New materials
Some Custom particles
custom sounds
Quick Developing tools D:
Map Generator
Weapon replacing tool
more ideas in progress, suggestion needed for more ideas
tutorials on how to use the developing tools

If you have any suggestions put it in the comments area below.

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A map generator is in the works. It will be included with the mod and separate by choice of which ever one you want to down load ETA for that to be finished is unknown...

The map generator will enable you to have a choice in what the final challenge level looks like
in the challenges list on the additional maps list.

The map generator as of right now has no .vmf to .bsp compiler but we have recommended
some compilers that may work out better for you any ways

how this generator will work is there is 13 folders
there is 6 main folders that contain batch files
each batch file loads a custom file type for the generator and
combines them with what ever you select
and saves a new file to one of the out put folders.
since there is 6 output folders it is used for every step.
The final output compiles the custom formatting and makes it into a vmf.

After that you have a choice of compilers to pick from using to compile the map.
hammer , nems batch compiler , or any other map compiler for portal will work.

The usage of this gen will only be for users not the storyline maps only for players
moding wants to make it easyer so even the non mappers can have a little fun with customizing
at any rate, the map gen will include a few example maps to work with. Including their
vmf's and at any rate the finish product from the map gen can be edited with hammer
so it will help mappers get a quick layout done aswell.

(updated news)
--bad news--
Unfortunately I was not able to have you put the map generator inside your source mods folder
because of issues with spaces in file name "program files (86x)" and "program files"
so it must stay in a directory in C:

(Updated news march 20, 2010)
The batch files are complete

March 30th Update News
--Good news about the bad news--
The Issue is fixed for installment
Now will work anywhere on the hard drive (other then the recycling bin of course)
Screen shots will be shown soon as the .brf are written
There is two custom file formats for the process
.brf and .nmf both are only for this process
They both are incomplete .vmf files.

Recormended compilers: valve hammer or nems tools

Escaped Portal Map generator: The Batch Process

Escaped Portal Map generator: The Batch Process

Other Tutorial

This is a basic tutorial showing you how to use Escaped Portal's map generator. It is simple as following steps in order. The map generator is currently...

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undeadbobop Creator

Mod is long since dead now actually... Hard drive with all the materials on it failed. Format failure due to a bad partition. The bios can't even tell what it is, so trying to retreive the information is very very difficult if I wanted it. Along with that the source code to several games I made are gone, and the sites they were on no longer exist... So that is fun.... Just came on to grab some pictures actually...

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undeadbobop Creator

nope its put on hold because there is a better project I am working on. Along with college (getting in the way) possibly dead, depends on outcome of other projects, not posted on this site yet due to under development and still clustering of ideas. (last update on this mod was story needed changing massively inorder to be its own story rather then copying portals story line, garentee that it wont be a testchamber base which made alot of these people mad, a portal mod without test chambers that is obsered to them.)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Oh, last update: Mar 19th, 2010, conclusion: this mod is more dead than Elvis :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma-4 votes

we know now can you stop your baby commenting

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

this mod should not be a portal mod more looks like a half life 2 mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
undeadbobop Creator

eh. that is your opinion, its partially my fault you maybe thinking that way, but it could be also partially your fault. It is only your fault if you think every mod must be a test chamber mod for portal or something like that. Now its my fault for not getting any concept art up showing you what the rest of the mod plans to be like. Isn't the whole point of having a 3rd party mod to stride away from the original game? rather then have something that looks like it could be a simple map pack, with a crap load of reskins?

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Kasumi Krystal
Kasumi Krystal

Everyone as a mapper starts small. And ends at ValvE. If you have a idee , hold on it and dont let it go at whatever cost the other ppl flame. Its your mod , you say what you want it to be.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Everyone as a mapper starts small. And ends at ValvE

First off all the company's name is Valve. Secondly if that's true then you don't live in the same dimension as I do. But try a little harder and you could end up as the CEO of "Motivational Posters inc."

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