Escape: Paradise is the first in a series of Crysis mods that focuses on utilizing the full potential of the CryEngine 2 for the purpose of creating a large, open, exploration/survival based game. No invisible walls, no goals except to escape, almost total freedom.

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The most fun I have had with a mod in quite some time! I have never been this scared and cautious in Crysis before as when I was playing this mod. Make one mistake and you might have a 15 min hike through the island ahead of you.. again. Blocking quick saves and allowing saving only at pre-defined safehouses is a great idea and along with the low HP and invisible HUD, effectively forces the player to play very carefully.

However, while the open gameplay is there, there are some negatives which I will point out. First of all, I'd really like to see more enemies. Since you, the player, have escaped from KPA custody, they should be actively searching for you. Most of the time the enemies are simply static and lifeless, gazing in to complete emptiness and only awoken if the player appears in their field of vision or makes noises. A more active enemy AI would make the mod so much better. Also, I want moar(!!!1) tanks and choppers hunting for me! Imagine the adrenaline pumping in you when you haven't saved in hours and you've just managed to find some great guns, only to be rewarded with the sound of chopper blades tearing up the air some hundred meters away from you, with the searchlights bouncing from trees and bushes..

Then there's the technical issues, but the author acknowledged some of them, I won't be covering them that much. However, I'd really like to see more variation in terrain and fauna.

PS. Make sure you play on Delta to get the real experience.


Awesome! No linear crap FTW :)

/* SPOILER below */
However there are some:
- wall glitches (in harbour) so player gets stuck for ever
- ATM doesnt work, player gets stuck here too
- unawareness how to use some things (for ex. I smashed molotow in my hands instead of throwing it)
- fueling vehicles by 1 litre doesnt work sometimes, need res
- it's easy to instantly die, by touching standalone radar-truck from bottom or when you drop cardboard box standing near wall
- player rarely experiences more like being hunted by NK chopper (@neurokirurgi yep, it's possible)

...I feel need to write it down:

Enabling SAVEGAMES In Crysis:Escape Paradise
1. Go to: ...\Crysis\Mods\EscapeParadise \Game\Levels\EscapeParadise;
2. Unpack "mission_mission0.xml" from level.pak (WinRAR can do it);
3. Open file by any text editor (Notepad++);
4. Use 'find and replace with' tool (CTRL+H)
"DisableSave" portOut="out" enabled="1"/>
replace for:
"DisableSave" portOut="out" enabled="0"/>
in whole file (it's about 27000 lines long, so "Replace All");
5. Save file and push it into level.pak (overwrite ofc);
6. Well, it changes gameplay a little, use it if u rly want to.

Please, dont blame me for writing this.

I liked, so
10/10 because idea is awesome.
Also it's interasting to play

This mod was my best game experience ever. Nothing more to say to it.

Worst survival simulator i ever seen.

any Cry engine game looks awesome

Lots of bugs, but a really good premise shines through the problems.

Very cool

Nice game.

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