A mod that wants to keep the original FoC experience, just with improved graphics and higher funfactor, while adding a few units to keep it interesting.

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darthmalgus Jun 13 2013 says:

I used to wonder what your ideas for the galactic civil war era would turn into, I'm very impressed by your work, I continue to watch your progress. I'm begining to wonder how a proffesional company hasn't snatched you from the modding community.
Good work as always

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Jeroenimo Author
Jeroenimo Jun 13 2013 replied:

There's thousands of hobbiests on the internet doing litterally everything, from writing great music for video games on youtube to modders who like to spend their time making starships nobody knows. And there's a lot better people on the internet than me doing my particular subject, modding. Truely the internet is chuckfull of talent, and there's loads better than me. I do certainly appreciate the compliment though ;)

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_w_ Jun 13 2013 replied:

Who knows? We might see his name grace the end credits of a game someday :d
Then we'd lauch at all this :P

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Plejadenwolf Jun 13 2013 says:

That is... Sorry, but my mind is blown apart. That shield effect in combination with that amazing texture looks just uber, I've never seen anything similar to this for Empire at War. Great work!

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Jeroenimo Author
Jeroenimo Jun 13 2013 replied:

I truely hate it when people make comments that don't actually mean a damn thing, and please forgive me for doing so:

You might be pleasently surprised in the near future.

Sorry, wont do it again, but wanted to throw that out there. And thank you very much ;)

(If I'm really silent, no one will notice that I accidentally put the home one on top with the shield effect up-side-down...)

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NodGuy Jun 13 2013 says:

Wow. Just wow.

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Afro-yoda-ninja Jun 14 2013 says:

It's beautiful... :_) sniff...

+1 vote     reply to comment
Azazel_Hereticus Jun 14 2013 says:

Whoaaaa....not bad....not bad at all,EPIC work,
BUT my TIE-Bombers will tear it apart :P ...ill just hope the Death animation will be cool as the ship ^^


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Jeroenimo Author
Jeroenimo Jun 14 2013 replied:

Currently all ships have vanilla ship deathclones. Will be changed later on.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Lord_Gabor Jun 14 2013 replied:

I always thought the death clones are kinda unnecessary. I mean, with those huge ships having huge reactor cores and devastating armament, when the hull starts to fall apart, it should cause a massive chain reaction effectively blowing the whole ship into tiny pieces. IMO a huge explosion and some debris would be enough.

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Apohkalypz Apr 20 2014 replied:

There's something satisfying watching an ISD slowly fall apart after being split in half or watching a Nebulon B Frigate explode with bits and pieces flying in all directions.

It just feels like that's what a real war would be like. Massive amounts of wreckage everywhere.

Even if the wrecked hull didn't explode all the way and some bits were aimlessly floating through space.. THAT would be unreal to see in game.

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chulaksaviour Jun 14 2013 says:

given the limited angles of fire it will be good to place it in between a pair of destroyers for dual broadsides. And with those shields It will survive it as well :)

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Jeroenimo Author
Jeroenimo Jun 14 2013 replied:

That's exactly what it is supposed to do ;)

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cheesecake645 Jun 14 2013 says:

Fantastic work as always G!

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Nenjamonky117 Jun 15 2013 says:

So, here's a question... are there going to be any new units for the Consortium? I've had this great idea for a dreadnaught, but that's just me mumbling...

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Jeroenimo Author
Jeroenimo Jun 16 2013 replied:

Yeah they'll get some new units too.

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Kilotonn-2 Jun 17 2013 says:

when we will see at least a beta version?

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Jeroenimo Author
Jeroenimo Jun 19 2013 replied:

When it's done.

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New flagship for Admiral Ackbar. Armerment severely increased. Shields and hitpoints severely increased. Shields now 5 times that on an Imperial star destroyer. (As visible by the 52 dual turbolaser turrets), hangers added, spawns 2 X-wing, 1 A-wing, 1 Y-wing and 1 B-wing squadron, all squadrons spawned at once. Cost increased to 8000 (skirmish) Galactic conquest role unchanged. Largest (not strongest) ship the Rebellion has access to.

Made drastically stronger to counteract the 2 stronger Imperial heroes, Thrawn and Piett. This ship beats an Imperial star destroyer one on one. Due to the turrets having a limited fire arc, the ship will never be able to fire all turbolasers at a single target. 26 dual turbolasers mounted on each side of the ship makes for great multitarget attacking though. Ion cannons not turreted and have a large firearc. While this ship focusses heavily on shields and hitpoints (durability) in order to outlast enemy fire to stay alive, the Imperial Star Destroyers have a very heavy armerment, yet very low shield points and reasonably high hitpoints to try to destroy the enemy ships before they themselves would be destroyed. Hence why Home One has 5 times the shield points of an ISD, it comes at the cost of firepower. Different tactical advantages for drastically different ships, owned by factions with very different strategies in mind.

Pretty happy with how this turned out. Doing the light rows for these large ships takes a long time but I think the effect it gives looks very good. Also, the shield mesh is quite stunning, and it may be one of the best (visual) features of the Mon Calamari ships. I'm currently working on the Tier 5 Rebel battleship, also a Mon Calamari ship.

Model: EviileJedi, moddified by Geroenimo
UVW: Geroenimo
Rigging: Geroenimo
Texture: Geroenimo

Jun 13th, 2013
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