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4 years ago by darthmalgus 0 comments

The forgotten gates

Legends buried deep within the jedi archives speak of 4
gates that link to the major catalyst universes, which without everything would
collapse, these gates are rumoured to be opened once every 1,000 years by
excess cosmic energies, and debatably the force, and these gates lead to our
universe 2 others and the mantel of creation also rumoured to be the origin of
the force, this philosophy has long been dismissed as long winded wives tales
twisted over the years but by chance a class 3 scout ship, long range fighter/courier
class, fell through one of these gates and fell into the mantel of creation
while emitting a high frequency pulse charge, for local authorities to identify
and track the ship, this is one of the biggest mistakes in history as the route
to the mantel was plotted on a star chart and transmitted to the jedi temple on
courascant, although the chart took ten
years to be received this set off a chain of events that brought about the wars
on the galactic scale.

When the information was looked at by the jedi council many
realised that this could be the most dangerous piece of data ever to exist, if
indeed the legends of the mantel were true the already powerful jedi masters
would gain limitless power even worse any wrong minor doer could get the power to
make all universes bow down before them, sensing that this information was too
valuable to remain in anyone’s hands the council agreed to destroy the data,
however some of those in the order disagreed and decreed it was their birth right
to have access to the mantel and so after much debate leading to no apparent answer
in sight 12 jedi abandoned the order in search of the mantel , these unknown
jedi searched for 40 years for the gates without success, finally settling on
the planet korriban these jedi vowed never to go back to the order they made
their homes in the caves of korriban, as yet untainted korriban remained a
fairly nice place to live, with red mountains and a few indigenous species and lakes it supported the ex-jedi .

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darthmalgus Creator
darthmalgus Jul 30 2012 says:

due to recent family up-heaval i wont be on here as much as i like due to lack of internet, im using a friends at the moment i'll be on as and when i can... thanks guys :)

+1 vote   reply to comment
Ori`verda Jun 18 2011 says:

darthmalgus due to recent reforms, you have been re-assigned to the 501st as a Admiral. If you need any more information please PM me and I will answer you questions. Have a nice day.

+2 votes     reply to comment
andrexs Jun 4 2011 says:

hi man you can help me with skin and vision in aliens vs predator???

+2 votes     reply to comment
~Avenger~ May 17 2011 says: +2 votes     reply to comment
SWLover123456 May 12 2011 says:

So... I hear your name whispered in the Dark corners of the saloon, and it brings silence to those who hear it. The question is... Who is this darthmalgus, and why does he want to be my friend?... O.o

+3 votes     reply to comment
darthmalgus Creator
darthmalgus May 14 2011 replied:

i am the one who is hidden in the dark and who will crush any who oppose me, they fear me, we are the sith i am its dark lord...

+3 votes   reply to comment
lord_of_pain May 29 2011 replied:

i have returned to claim what is rightfully mine. I am the true dark lord of the sith and none can defeat me for i am immortal.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Fenris58 May 29 2011 replied:

I can sense your future Lord_of_pain. And your future lies on Malochor V. You will die there by a young exiled Jedi.

+2 votes     reply to comment
darthmalgus Creator
darthmalgus May 29 2011 replied:

immortality is pathetic, you will live to see your bones turn to dust, or to be defeated a thousand times

+2 votes   reply to comment
Darth_Rex Apr 12 2011 says:

Thank you for the friend request. May the Dark Side of the force be with you.

+2 votes     reply to comment
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