Drive 2 is a off road multiplayer map, for Farcry 3.There are no defined rules, so create your own.

The basic idea i started with was first to drive to the top of the course and fly down to their start point wins, develop your own local rule set from there.

What your downloading.
Your downloading a very basic multipayer map, with 2 team spawns, a selection of vehicles per team, as-well as a tricky off road track you need to tackle before you fly back to the start and continue playing.

This map is a proof of concept for a possible multiplayer, hill climb game were specific goals could be added.

The future.
I'd like to port this mod to Crysis or Unity and make a real multiplayer 4x4 challenge however I'm just a simple modeller, however if a coder or others are interested in expanding the possibilities of this style of game, please leave a comment or get in touch.

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