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Divide et Impera has won multiple Creative Assembly awards including Best Overhaul 2014, Most Innovative 2015, and Player's Choice for both 2014 and 2015!

Some of our overall goals and general vision include:
- Increased difficulty and complexity for the player. We want to provide a real challenge while maintaining fun gameplay.
- Added mechanics and content to make the experience more immersive and realistic for the player.
- Overhauled faction rosters and units for historical authenticity and stunning quality in battles.
- Battle mechanics that are a more accurate representation of ancient warfare.

Mod Guides for Custom Mechanics: Various Manuals for DeI

Mod Information
Due to the size and scope of the mod, it is difficult to list every single change that is made. The two primary areas we have focused on are (obviously) campaign and battle systems. Our goal for the campaign is to provide unique, immersive, interesting mechanics that add to the overall realism and fun. In battles, we have focused on redoing every unit with amazing, new textures and models that represent historical sources while overhauling the battle mechanics to represent ancient warfare.

Here is a very general overview of some of the more major changes and custom content:

Campaign Content
- Custom Reforms system independent of the technology tree. Most factions will gain new units based on imperium level and turn number.
- Custom, Unique Supply system not found in any other mod.
- New playable factions with overhauled rosters and historical settings.
- Cultural Recruitment system based on local and core factional troops. Your cultural control matters in what troops you can recruit.
- All new Campaign set in the Macedonian Wars, completely unique to the mod
- Custom Season effects that really impact gameplay on a meaningful level. These vary based on location.
- Custom Character and Army system:
- Custom skills that allow immersion and roleplaying with characters (customized version of TTT).
- Custom army traditions based on culture.
- Dignitaries are now Governors who help oversee provinces. Other agents have been limited in their effectiveness compared with vanilla.
- Armies now have food and public order impact. Garrisoning troops has new effects and penalties.
- Custom army and navy stances based on culture. All new stance - Patrol Region.
- Custom Cultures for various factions, including new temples.
- Custom defense scripts for Rome and Carthage
- Various script and other custom content to add to immersion.

Building and Resource System Overhaul
- All new resources that have a major impact on gameplay and building requirements.
- Many new custom buildings that allow for many more options and use of the new resources.

Units, Textures and Models
- Over 1700 units that have been fully customized with all new textures and models to match historical references for each faction. The amount of detail and research is something we pride ourselves on.
- Fully developed Area of Recruitment system that allows for regional recruitment of units historically from a given region. Any faction can recruit these local units if they own that region.
- Overhauled Roman auxiliary system with local, specialized troops from regions across the map depending on reform period.
- Custom, all new mercenary units for every province.
- Many, many new weapons, armors, and other models/textures. To list our texture/model work would be a thread in itself.

Battle System Overhaul
- More realistic battle pace that places importance on morale, fatigue and tactics.
- Completely reworked unit armors, weapons, stats and mechanics.
- New animations and formations that the AI will use in combat.
-Completely Overhauled Naval combat including all new units and mechanics
- Overhauled Siege warfare, the AI will build and use engines.
- Defensive deployables available in siege battles.
- Unit costs and upkeep reflect unit stats and serve to make elite units matter.

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The winners have been announced for Total War's first mod awards.
Congratulations to the winners & nominees, here's a taste of what you will be receiving.

Each trophy contains a genuine historic coin from the ages and cultures featured in the game.

Nominees and winners will also have a custom badge to display on their modDB profile, your profiles will be updated with these shortly.

Best Unit Mod

ChampLoo Gold Unit Compilation - Winner
Radious Unit Pack: Rise of an Empire - Commended

Best Overhaul

Divide Et Impera - Winner
Constantine: Rise of Christianity - Commended

Most Innovative

Sell your Slaves - Winner
Hellbent Traists, Talents and Toadies - Commended

Best Graphical

GEM - Winner
Authentic Ancient World - Commended

CA Legacy Games

Europa Barbarorum - Winner
The Great War - Commended

It's been our pleasure to be involved in this historic event, lets hope more studios join in celebrating changing the game!

The full awards presentation can be seen here.

Release: Divide et Impera v0.95

Release: Divide et Impera v0.95

News 0 comments

Latest release before 1.0 is released and bring you many new contents.

Preview: The Lugii (v0.95)

Preview: The Lugii (v0.95)

News 0 comments

Preview of the Lugii, a new playable faction in DeI v0.95 that has been completly overhauled.

Preview: Edamim Afrikanim (v0.95)

Preview: Edamim Afrikanim (v0.95)

News 0 comments

Group of factions preview: Edamim Afrikanim - the Peoples of North Africa : Maures, Numidians and Garamantines.

Release: Divide et Impera v0.9e

Release: Divide et Impera v0.9e

News 0 comments

After few weeks of delay, here is the new Divide et Impera v0.9d for Total War: Rome II. (Patch 13 needed).

Divide et Impera 1.1e3 - Part 1

Divide et Impera 1.1e3 - Part 1

Full Version 8 comments

The highly anticipated new 1.1 update for DeI, the mod voted Best Overhaul for 2014, Most Innovative for 2015, and Player's Choice for 2014 and 2015...

Divide et Impera 1.1e3 - Part 2

Divide et Impera 1.1e3 - Part 2

Full Version 17 comments

The highly anticipated new 1.1 update for DeI, the mod voted Best Overhaul for 2014, Most Innovative for 2015, and Player's Choice for 2014 and 2015...

Divide et Impera 1.05d1 - Patch 17

Divide et Impera 1.05d1 - Patch 17

Full Version 9 comments

This is the version of the main mod that will work with Patch 17 (currently in beta on Steam). Also includes many other fixes to the mod itself.

Divide et Impera Release 1.05a

Divide et Impera Release 1.05a

Full Version 3 comments

New Update to the award winning Rome 2 mod. This update brings 125 new units, 2 new playable factions (including the Mauryan Empire), a garrison overhaul...

Divide et Impera 1.04a

Divide et Impera 1.04a

Full Version 6 comments

Latest version of the overhaul with bug fixes, etc.

Divide et Impera 1.03

Divide et Impera 1.03

Full Version 10 comments

The full version of the mod, finally released :) This is an update that has more fixes, also.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 92)

Could someone explain the installation process of this mod as there is a lot of files, i'm a bit overwhelmed. Am i to start at the bottom installing this first:
Divide et Impera - 0.96 Emperor Edition
and install them all one after each other?
I have a fully updated version of rome 2 Emperors edition and I've already installed the mod manager for Rome 2 aswell.
Thx in advance
Looking forward to this awesome mod

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Hi, when the game starts, the advisers don't speak, and when the armies move they don't say anything, is that part or the game of a glitch ? On the diplomacy option, other leaders will answer by reacting verbally to my demands.

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If you are a programmer the title is funny :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I think I found a glitch every time I try to put Cohors prima unit into a wedge formation the game crashes.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Does this require steam to work?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

No... you just have roma last patch like my and Mod manager for the game if you want the game tell this to my.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Why are you both being such jerks? Jesus.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Does this require game? Does game require steam? Does life require breath? Does bear **** in wood?
Life is full of mysteries my friend, sometimes you just have to experience it baby!

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You are a very special person arent you?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

This is probably a virus in the latest update this is a ******** scam!

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The Best overhaul mod for Rome 2 TW at the moment. New mechanics, tons of new units, reforms, even more realism but without making it unplayable. If you've liked mods like Europa Barbarorum for Rome 1 you will like this.

Dec 2 2014 by Dudok22


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