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Divide et Impera has won multiple Creative Assembly awards including Best Overhaul 2014, Most Innovative 2015, and Player's Choice for both 2014 and 2015!

Some of our overall goals and general vision include:
- Increased difficulty and complexity for the player. We want to provide a real challenge while maintaining fun gameplay.
- Added mechanics and content to make the experience more immersive and realistic for the player.
- Overhauled faction rosters and units for historical authenticity and stunning quality in battles.
- Battle mechanics that are a more accurate representation of ancient warfare.

Mod Guides for Custom Mechanics: Various Manuals for DeI

Mod Information
Due to the size and scope of the mod, it is difficult to list every single change that is made. The two primary areas we have focused on are (obviously) campaign and battle systems. Our goal for the campaign is to provide unique, immersive, interesting mechanics that add to the overall realism and fun. In battles, we have focused on redoing every unit with amazing, new textures and models that represent historical sources while overhauling the battle mechanics to represent ancient warfare.

Here is a very general overview of some of the more major changes and custom content:

Campaign Content
- Custom Reforms system independent of the technology tree. Most factions will gain new units based on imperium level and turn number.
- Custom, Unique Supply system not found in any other mod.
- New playable factions with overhauled rosters and historical settings.
- Cultural Recruitment system based on local and core factional troops. Your cultural control matters in what troops you can recruit.
- All new Campaign set in the Macedonian Wars, completely unique to the mod
- Custom Season effects that really impact gameplay on a meaningful level. These vary based on location.
- Custom Character and Army system:
- Custom skills that allow immersion and roleplaying with characters (customized version of TTT).
- Custom army traditions based on culture.
- Dignitaries are now Governors who help oversee provinces. Other agents have been limited in their effectiveness compared with vanilla.
- Armies now have food and public order impact. Garrisoning troops has new effects and penalties.
- Custom army and navy stances based on culture. All new stance - Patrol Region.
- Custom Cultures for various factions, including new temples.
- Custom defense scripts for Rome and Carthage
- Various script and other custom content to add to immersion.

Building and Resource System Overhaul
- All new resources that have a major impact on gameplay and building requirements.
- Many new custom buildings that allow for many more options and use of the new resources.

Units, Textures and Models
- Over 1700 units that have been fully customized with all new textures and models to match historical references for each faction. The amount of detail and research is something we pride ourselves on.
- Fully developed Area of Recruitment system that allows for regional recruitment of units historically from a given region. Any faction can recruit these local units if they own that region.
- Overhauled Roman auxiliary system with local, specialized troops from regions across the map depending on reform period.
- Custom, all new mercenary units for every province.
- Many, many new weapons, armors, and other models/textures. To list our texture/model work would be a thread in itself.

Battle System Overhaul
- More realistic battle pace that places importance on morale, fatigue and tactics.
- Completely reworked unit armors, weapons, stats and mechanics.
- New animations and formations that the AI will use in combat.
-Completely Overhauled Naval combat including all new units and mechanics
- Overhauled Siege warfare, the AI will build and use engines.
- Defensive deployables available in siege battles.
- Unit costs and upkeep reflect unit stats and serve to make elite units matter.

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Download Found here:

1.2 General Info and Previews

Campaign Preview Threads
New Grand Campaign -- Character Traits Overhaul -- Buildings/Income Overhaul -- Politics

Battle Preview Threads
1.2 Battle Overhaul

Unit Preview Threads
Seleucids & Thrace -- Ptolemaic Kingdom -- Athens & Pontus -- Macedon & Epirus Part 1 -- Macedon & Epirus Part 2
-- Iweriu -- Kartli -- Colchis -- Bactria -- The Edetani -- Medewi -- Kaledonakoi
Atropatkan -- Greek Factions -- Lusitani -- Additional Units -- The Scordisci -- The Arevaci

Campaign Features

Population System
- The general ideas of the system can be found in that thread and at the PoR team's forums. All credit goes to their team for such a wonderful system. The basic concept is that population will be added to regions that will be used for recruitment. It is a bit more complicated than that, but you get the idea.
- This will be the last major system we add to DeI. We already have reforms, supply and other smaller systems. With the addition of the population system, we are reaching a point where I can say the campaign is finally a somewhat deep and complex experience. That is something I never thought we could say when Rome 2 was launched

New Grand Campaign Startpos and Start Date
- Thanks to our partnership with the Ancient Empires team, we have had access to their work using the Augustus campaign map for the grand campaign as a foundation to work from for DeI. Because of this, we are happy to announce we will have a completely revamped Grand Campaign for our players to experience.
- The campaign will begin in 278 BC rather than 272 BC. We have quite a few reasons for the move but, most importantly, we felt it would be something new for players who had been playing the previous grand campaign the past 3 years. The new start date allows us to incorporate the Pyrrhic Wars and creates a much more interesting starting situation in the central Mediterranean area.
- We will also have the wonderfully designed emergent factions from the AE team. These factions are completely new entities that can be awoken or rebel in every single region on the map. This makes for a much more dynamic campaign experience as you can create friendly liberated tribes and kingdoms.
- The Augustus map itself is an improvement as there are more regions, more factions and better designed provinces. Syracuse, Jerusalem and other cities are now walled capitals. There also seems to be better pathfinding on this map (like other scenario maps) compared to the original GC map.
- Along with the new map, I will have the Assembly kit files available so that anyone can take them and make their own startpos and/or scenario mods for DeI.

New Playable Factions, Unit Cards and Roster Overhauls
- New unit cards are being designed by Rusty for use in all rosters. They are amazing looking and you can already try some of them out in his submod thread!
- Medewi (Meroe), Atropatkan (Media Atropatene) and Rhodes will be new playable factions. These also have received roster overhauls, with Rhodes focusing on naval warfare.
- The Scordisci and Edetani will be playable and have received roster overhauls. These will replace Tylis and the Cantabri as playable factions, respectively.
- Other roster overhauls include the Lusitani and the Arevaci. In addition, some factions will be receiving new units to differentiate them from other factions. Some of these units may replace existing units.
- The Hellenic Overhaul is a massive endeavor that will redo many rosters including Sparta, Bactria, Athens, Pontus, Egypt, Epirus, Macedon and others.

Income, Building Effects and New Buildings

- The building effects in DeI have long been in need of some balance work. We have many vanilla buildings but, also, a large amount of our own custom ones that have been added over the years. Now that we have had some time, we hope to go through and balance some of the effects to improve unused buildings and shake things up in terms of region management.
- One major change will be the removal of a basic/hidden income bonus for all factions. This bonus exists in a large sum for every faction. Because of this, it is hard to truly impact income with in game actions. We will be moving most (if not all) of income to buildings. Now, raiding and sieging major economic centers will have a real impact on the enemy faction.
- New special capital and port buildings will be added for historically important cities and ports. These will allow these cities to have special effects, garrisons and recruitment.
- We are also working on a revamp of the building slot system so that we can have more freedom in the future to design region-specific and resource-specific buildings. Whether or not all of the new building ideas make it into 1.2 I am not sure. But, the idea will be that some resource regions will have special buildings. For example, a coin mint in a gold region or a timber camp in a timber region. Regional buildings will also allow us much more creative building chains in the future. Examples:

Political System
- We always wanted to make the political system a bit more interesting in Rome 2. Sadly, there seem to be some severe limitations in how much can be done here.
- In 1.2, we will have 4 political parties for every faction. Rome and Carthage will still retain their 3 playables while the other factions will only have 1. However, with multiple parties, balancing political influence becomes more important and dynamic.
- We hope to be able to mod and add to the existing dilemma and event system. Just how much can be done here is still a work in progress.
- Its possible we will also look into making civil wars a more viable mechanic that can happen if political influence is not properly maintained.

Historical This Year in History Messages
- Thanks to the use of the R2TR team's script, we will be having our own This Year in History messages. These have been researched and put together in order to add some flavor to the grand campaign as the turns go by.
- Various historical events will be listed at the start of each year to let the player know what was occurring historically at the time and, perhaps, be able to compare it to how his or her campaign played out in a similar or different fashion.

Trait System
- We want some more RPG aspects to the game so we are playing with this idea. Rather than having 3 slots that may get used as you play, including random weird traits that seem to pop up for no reason, we want the in game actions to be meaningful. However, we also want to continue using our archetype system from 1.1.
- The idea here would be to have 3 traits at character creation. One is the character's political rank (all characters would start at rank 1). This would also feed into our political overhaul as it would immediately make each character a viable part of the system. The second trait is an "upbringing" or "educational" trait that would be random. This would reflect how that character grew up and the influences of early life on that character. Finally, the third trait would be our current personality archetype.
- As the character makes certain in-game actions, that personality archetype could change based on those actions. So, eventually, a character who has a less-desirable archetype may become somewhat more virtuous through in-game actions. Perhaps, even, the reverse could happen as well.
- Political ranks will no longer be purchased. Instead, those ranks must be earned through actions in the game, mostly based on battles won and age.

Smaller Additions/Fixes
- The CAI has been overhauled to make it much more aggressive and challenging.
- Many other smaller fixes and additions will be included. Some you can see that are submods already like Flashheart's submod compilation. For example, raiding will impact siege holdout in the region, money from diplomacy will be reduced, culture conversion will be slowed, building conversion will be slowed, etc. As always, we look at ways to make the campaign a bit more realistic and ...difficult
- Other small fixes that can already be found in the PoR submod to the supply system and other reported bugs.
- Reintroduction of client state levies for the player.
- The mod pack itself has been completely reorganized so that tables are easily identified. This doesn't matter for most players, but for those making submods or who like to mod DeI themselves it will be much easier.
- The reforms script has been redone so that loading games and going from battles to campaign is much faster.

Battle Features

- Another feature we are hard at work on is adding the ability of units to switch between the use of sword and spear in combat. This will especially be important for hoplites and other units of that type. Like some of the other features, this is still in testing and is very early in terms of mod inclusion.
- Units will have animated formations rather than forced formation attack. This allows us to not have to use the Rome 2 formation attack system. It also will mean that units will have a certain level of "push" in combat. Heavier and more elite units will be able to push back and through levy-type units.

- Hopefully, with the above animation changes, battles will become more realistic and (possibly) more toward the Rome 1 style.
- Pikes will work as we have hoped to have them work for a long time with these changes. They will have some barrier at first but will be able to get pushed into over time. Hoplites now have their phalanx back, also.
- The Battle AI has been drastically improved now that precursor fire has been removed. The AI uses skirmishing properly, reinforces and acts in a much more rational and challenging manner.
- Lots of other improvements overall to the battle system, almost impossible to describe unless played.

- The EB/EB2 teams for many concepts and text references along with general inspiration for our mod from the start.
- The AE team for our partnership that has benefited both mods and constant help and advice.
- The PoR team for their amazing work on the population system that is a game changer for Rome 2.
- The R2TR team for their history messages script.
- Total War Hellas for many great assets.
- Lots of other individuals who will be listed on the individual preview threads and the final release thread. Many people to thank so this is not a full credit list, I just wanted to make sure we acknowledged the teams who have been kind enough to share and help.



News 12 comments

Announcing the winners for Creative Assembly's 1st Mod Awards

Release: Divide et Impera v0.95

Release: Divide et Impera v0.95


Latest release before 1.0 is released and bring you many new contents.

Preview: The Lugii (v0.95)

Preview: The Lugii (v0.95)


Preview of the Lugii, a new playable faction in DeI v0.95 that has been completly overhauled.

Preview: Edamim Afrikanim (v0.95)

Preview: Edamim Afrikanim (v0.95)


Group of factions preview: Edamim Afrikanim - the Peoples of North Africa : Maures, Numidians and Garamantines.

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Divide et Impera 1.2.1b- PART 1

Divide et Impera 1.2.1b- PART 1

Full Version 12 comments

Divide et Impera is the award winning overhaul for Total War Rome 2. This version brings lots of new changes and features to the mod. Requires both Part...

Divide et Impera 1.2.1b - PART 2

Divide et Impera 1.2.1b - PART 2

Full Version

Divide et Impera is the award winning overhaul for Total War Rome 2. This version brings lots of new changes and features to the mod. Requires both Part...

Divide et Impera 1.1e3 - Part 1

Divide et Impera 1.1e3 - Part 1

Full Version 15 comments

The highly anticipated new 1.1 update for DeI, the mod voted Best Overhaul for 2014, Most Innovative for 2015, and Player's Choice for 2014 and 2015...

Divide et Impera 1.1e3 - Part 2

Divide et Impera 1.1e3 - Part 2

Full Version 24 comments

The highly anticipated new 1.1 update for DeI, the mod voted Best Overhaul for 2014, Most Innovative for 2015, and Player's Choice for 2014 and 2015...

Divide et Impera 1.05d1 - Patch 17

Divide et Impera 1.05d1 - Patch 17

Full Version 9 comments

This is the version of the main mod that will work with Patch 17 (currently in beta on Steam). Also includes many other fixes to the mod itself.

Divide et Impera Release 1.05a

Divide et Impera Release 1.05a

Full Version 4 comments

New Update to the award winning Rome 2 mod. This update brings 125 new units, 2 new playable factions (including the Mauryan Empire), a garrison overhaul...

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There is too much thing in download section :/ in order to play this mod I need to download which one ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

What does the mod actually do ? I cant really get an detailed description anywhere

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

It is like Rome 2's equivalent of the M2 Stainless Steel mod. An overhaul that remains faithful to the setting and time period. Divide et Impera is the only way to play Rome 2

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

wtf is this waht version i need to play and waht files need to downlaod there are so many?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

The both pack is conflict with each other.(v.11e3)
Help me with this problem. Pls.. :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

well I spent 2 days downloading this awesome mod... now I only have a question... is there a guide or something? I seriously need a guide to explain me the changes to the game... I can see my spear infantry doesn't do a thing to calvary now... and there're so many new buildings...

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

for some reason... my downloads from moddb go at 10kb/s at best... is there not a way for you to upload a torrent?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Could someone explain the installation process of this mod as there is a lot of files, i'm a bit overwhelmed. Am i to start at the bottom installing this first:
Divide et Impera - 0.96 Emperor Edition
and install them all one after each other?
I have a fully updated version of rome 2 Emperors edition and I've already installed the mod manager for Rome 2 aswell.
Thx in advance
Looking forward to this awesome mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi, when the game starts, the advisers don't speak, and when the armies move they don't say anything, is that part or the game of a glitch ? On the diplomacy option, other leaders will answer by reacting verbally to my demands.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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The Best overhaul mod for Rome 2 TW at the moment. New mechanics, tons of new units, reforms, even more realism but without making it unplayable. If you've liked mods like Europa Barbarorum for Rome 1 you will like this.

Dec 2 2014 by Dudok22


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