Deus Ex Unreal Revolution is a mod for the original Deus Ex that acts as a parody of Deus Ex: Human Revolution while providing commentary on the video game industry and modern gameplay mechanics. Assume the role of a wrist blade equipped JC Denton and perform cinematic takedowns on your mission to rescue Tracer Tong.


  • The augmented reality goggles can be toggled on/off by selecting them and pressing "Fire"
  • You can perform a lethal takedown on unalerted enemies by pressing "Use" when close to them
  • Iron sights on the assault rifle can be activated by pressing the "Toggle Scope" key
  • Health will automatically regenerate after a brief delay


For Kentie's Direct3D 10 renderer, make sure to set ClassicLighting=True under [D3D10Drv.D3D10RenderDevice] in your DeusEx.ini to avoid lighting issues.

This mod is not compatible with other mods such as Shifter or BioMod. If you have those installed, you may want to temporarily disable them while playing this (thanks for the heads up Tecman).


  1. Extract the Zip file to your Deus Ex directory. For example: "C:\DeusEx" or "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\deus ex" for the Steam version.
  2. Start the game and press T. Use backspace to clear the "Say" text.
  3. Type "open RescueTong" without quotes and press enter.

Note: Saving has been disabled for now, but the level is fairly short and not overly challenging.

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Experience the thrills of takedowns, iron sights, puzzles, DLC, art directors and the overwhelming use of a black and gold color scheme. By request, Deus Ex Unreal Revolution is now available for download.

Iron Sights, Waypoints, Outlines, and Metaphors Cinematic Takedown

>>> Download it now! <<<

Don't forget to install a custom renderer!
Kentie's Direct3D 10 renderer
Chris Dohnal's OpenGL renderer

MOTY 2011 Editors Choice

MOTY 2011 Editors Choice

Feature 42 comments

Welcome to the Editors Choice award for Mod of the Year 2011.

MOTY Year in Review 2011 Quarter 03

MOTY Year in Review 2011 Quarter 03

Feature 6 comments

Year in Review Quarter 03 July through till September 2011.

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Deus Ex Unreal Revolution - Initial Release

Deus Ex Unreal Revolution - Initial Release

Full Version 12 comments

Refer to the included instructions for installation.

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Hi, is there a way to just use the iron sights component of this mod? I want to play using GMDX mod but would like to add iron sights to it. Problem is, I'm not much of a modder but if its just a matter of copying a few files over I should manage. Any advice on this please? GMDX + iron sights would be the ultimate Deus ex and generally the perfect game.

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Well with the way that the new game is, it is time for a sequel to this mod.

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I don't generally like DLC, but I also want everything a game can offer, so I just wait until the GotY edition is on sale, for like 5 euros. I got DE: HR Director's Cut for 3 or 4 euro, so I'm good.

And just because I'm so excited to see another mod like the Malkavian Mod (category: funny dialogue mods), I'm gonna let you know that I've also created a mod like it, called The Weird World of the Witcher for The Witcher 1. It's on moddb,, but here's video in case you just want to watch it:

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The mod was only supposed to parody the gaming of the time, still most of it are still valid in 2015.

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After 3 years, I'm still impressed that someone came out of nowhere, made a pro-quality mod in only a few weeks, made a funny and great video of it and then actually released the mod so everyone could see that it was indeed real. Magnificent!

Wish you were here, ceski. :]

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What? No XP for killing enemies? No XP for picklocking? No XP for, you know, crouching behind cover?
Phew, at least I got 1000 XP for the -so well hidden- alternative path, I'm so happy now.

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But why JC can't perform a Takedown in the Original Deus Ex Missions?

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Wow, this mod just shows how awful Human Revolution is.

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I wish there were more parody mods like this one...

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I damn hope someone made HR's augmentations for Deus Ex...
They would be awesome, for example the typhoon. It could happen in third person, 4-10 rockets getting launched from JC up to a few metres or something.
And the icarus landing system! It could look just like JC is falling down and some emp is coming out of him. And the stunning in it could look like a normal emp attack too or something.
And the takedown in this mod is awesome already! But I wish there was a nonlethal takedown too.
I would love to see the mechanical augs in DX...

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Nano-Augs are better than any Mechanical ones.
1. Icarus landing system. It makes a noice, a large sound, and is flashy whereas augmenting your legs will make it much easier to sneak. You just run faster, jump higher and could survive fall from a tower. Comparing to that, nano legs are more useful.
2. Typhoon...really? Sure, you can blow up whole room but...people would rather shoot you from distance than suicide going face to face. Can be useful, but not logicly useful
3. JC can't have any mech augs as he is a nano aug. Mod is also a pardoy, doesn't need to be exactly as game. For such things, you already have Human Revolution.

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Since you thought it wise to reply to a 3 year old comment, I see no harm in replying to your 3 month old comment.

1. Icarus landing system is not loud at all. It is quite. It literally makes no noise whatsoever, where you get the idea that it does I'll never know. It isn't even that flashy, only when you land and if you land in cover it doesn't light up the area much at all.

2. Typhoon can easily be used after using stealth. Like popping out of cloak and using it. Very effective against bots too.

3. He was talking about a mod, not something that would fit with the lore of Deus Ex. He knows JC can't use mech augs, that's the point. He wished for a mod that would change the augs a bit to reflect the ones in HR.

Actually read a comment before you reply to it.

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Those elements mixed together is definitely like a sauce.

Sep 8 2011 by Smiley_Riley

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