Deus Ex Unreal Revolution is a mod for the original Deus Ex that acts as a parody of Deus Ex: Human Revolution while providing commentary on the video game industry and modern gameplay mechanics. Features yellow highlighting, cinematic takedowns, iron sights, and regenerating health.

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Those elements mixed together is definitely like a sauce.


Downloadable Content, AddOns, Mods, Expansion packs these are all good things I would like to hear announced for my favorite games and consoles, they can extend a game and add a healthy serving of re-playability. However, the negative aspect of DLC is starting to rear its head more frequently in recent times as a tool for game development studios and publishers to make an extra buck. I think the proper term for this is Pay-To-Play or P2P content.

One great example in recent times took place in the Eve Online community where a massive player riot took place when the introduction of a new currency and purchasable items was introduced. Players were upset about the possible introduction of purchasable weapons and other game balance changing items. The riot was quelled when it was announced that P2P content would only be cosmetic.

With DX:HR you had a regular edition, the augmented edition and a special edition, pre-order bonuses, vendor specific bonuses, and territory specific releases. The only information advertised "Be sure to check with your retailer to find out which pack you'll receive." Confused?

To sum it all up, I don't have a problem with bonus content and have no problem paying for bonus content, it's all about how you distribute it. I'm sure even if people are angry with the practice of releasing content for money the developers and publishers who utilize payed content will decide that the extra money earned is enough to justify their actions so that is why we the gamers need to join together to change this practice.

Both DX1 and DX:HR were great games but as you can see, this mod practically made itself.


It's a shame how accurately this portrays how bad dxhr is.


amazing parody!
playable, funny but short
but still a pearl for deus ex

A perfect mod, it shows the comparison between the real Deus Ex and the consoled Deus Ex.


PotatoKitten says

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true content :D


It's a nice gag over the Human Revolution! Nice job!


mikak says

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Played again. so good

Funny because everything in it is so true. When I played that mission in Human Revolution I was so confused as to why they would make it DLC when it's an integral part of the campaign.

I still enjoyed Human Revolution but nowhere near as much as the original. Just an example of how shooters today are completely dumbed down. HR on the hardest difficulty is a cakewalk even if you're doing non-lethal the entire way.


lgs says

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Good parody on Human Revolution and overall today game industry

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Those elements mixed together is definitely like a sauce.

Sep 8 2011 by Smiley_Riley