The year is 2055, more than thirty years after the events of Zero Hour, Earth suffers a catastrophic collision with meteorites. The world is thrown into turmoil as large swathes of land are annihilated. Four factions, the ADF (Asian Democratic Federation), WEA (West European Alliance), WLF (World Liberation Front), and AC (American Confederacy) are at war for control of the remaining already harder to find resources as well as the preservation of their nations and geopolitical interests. Welcome to Deep Impact.

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This is the European Conflict Epic Unit Video.
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Bird_of_Prey Dec 23 2009 says:

Nicely done. Some great looking units you have there.

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█Black/Brunez█ Dec 23 2009 says:

Awesome! I liked all of the Epic Units

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Joshh Dec 23 2009 says:

haha! The Behemoth pooped a Scorcher! lulz

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Warlock_23 Dec 23 2009 says:

Wow, loved it!

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HeartbreakOne Dec 24 2009 says:

Great video! Just need a little work for the song, IMO...
4/5 stars from me... ;)

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kingbond Dec 24 2009 says:

come on only the behemoth is a real epic uint there

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mbob61 Dec 24 2009 says:

All three epic units are nicely balanced against each other.
The Atlas is more raw combat power, the Behemoth being more of the mobile warfactory/Long range support type and the Mass has some very useful abilities and a pretty sweet weapon which we will reveal later.
Trust me, you don't want your opponent to have any of these monsters :)


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renteria Dec 25 2009 says:

So the Atlas is the big bad base destroyer, MASS is the selective sniper, and Behemoth is the horde Steamroller?

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Samster01 Author
Samster01 Jan 9 2010 replied:

Yup, that's a pretty accurate description.

- Sam

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HeartbreakOne Dec 26 2009 says:

I've spotted Tank Hunters right there...
Are they replaced or not???

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Pav3d Dec 26 2009 replied:

Being replaced!

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cronos35 Dec 26 2009 says:

ah, i see UAN is the main star, very nice, bravo!!

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mobius117 Jan 4 2010 says:

hey how come we don't even get to see the singularity bomb in action? i was really curious to see what u guys meant cause the description didn't do it for me :/

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Ion_Cannon! Jan 4 2010 replied:

Its ingame and works, but at the time the footage was captured certain aspects of the MASS weren't complete.

I do have some test videos, which show what it does. But I need permission if i'm going to make those public.

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Lolnomnomnom Jan 5 2010 says:

Wait is there a limit on super units? because on the ATLAS one it looked like there were two.

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Ion_Cannon! Jan 5 2010 replied:

Epic units are limited to 1, the atlas appearing twice in the video is a camera / editing trick.

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BananaClip Jan 22 2010 says:

Looks what happens when the Atlas VS the UAN! Yeah. Wanna try that again without the dozen other tanks? =D

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HellJumperGrif Feb 2 2010 says:

Want to try the UAN vs AC against me? lol I'd have 80 of those tanks!! plus the Big tank they get.

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mgs2 Mar 24 2010 says:

The Behemoth looks like the Defensive crawler in CNC 4

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Samster01 Author
Samster01 Mar 27 2010 replied:

I can happily state that we created the Behemoth and posted the image/render of it on the 22 February 2009.

Link to the render =

I'm pretty sure CNC4 wasn't even announced at that point. :P

- Sam

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mgs2 Mar 31 2010 replied:

well your model is better. The crawler in cnc 4 looks like it was made by an 5 yr old

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simon1812 Jun 21 2010 says:

I love almsot all your vehicles guys, especially the behemoth. but you need to shoe infantry units, give infantry some love man!!

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Atlasfield Nov 21 2013 says:

Lovely propaganda... plus the music. :3

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This is the European Conflict Epic Unit Video.

Dec 23rd, 2009
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