The Dark Angels stand first amongst the Space Marine Chapters, as they have done since their very inception as the I Legion. They are a proud Chapter, with traditions and rituals that date back to the earliest days of the Imperium of Man. Read More...

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The Dark Angels - one of the original chapters of Space Marines have finally arrived on the battlefields of Dawn of War : Soulstorm! After some 5 years of development this mod is the definitive way to play as one of the most secretive factions in the 40K Universe.

Tremble before the Power of the Deathwing! Behold the Tactical Brotherhood!

Featuring dozens of new units, you can lead the Dark Angels to victory by choosing from leading the unbeatable might of the Battle Company, the unstoppable speed of the Ravenwing or the unbeatable armour of the Deathwing Company. Each branch has completely different playstyles and also features the legendary heroes of the Dark Angels, such as Ezekial, Sammeal, Belial, Azrael and the Watchers in the Dark as well as the awesome battlefield presence of the Thunderhawk Gunship.

Fear the Might of the Deathwing, Heretic!!

This mod has been developed by the most talented people in the Dow Modding community and features full voice acting and unique FX and models. It requires Version 1.2 of Soulstorm and is packaged with an easy to use installer and the latest version of the Objective Points mod, allowing for unique banner models in player-made races.

Never Forget, Never Forgive! The Fallen Must Repent!

Dark Angels 2.00.00 Public Release

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Dark Angels 2.00.00 Public Release

Dark Angels 2.00.00 Public Release

2 years ago Full Version 22 comments

Dark Angels 2.00.00 Public Release for Soulstorm - One of the most secretive Space Marine chapters in existence, soon, they will arrive in the Kaurava...

Shape of Things That Were DOW:SS map

Shape of Things That Were DOW:SS map

3 months ago Multiplayer Map 6 comments

Latest map set in the Svarog Sector. Should depict an archaeological site with 4 height levels and several SCAR additions to make the map more exciting...

Objective_Points mod v2015.10.25 for DC and SS

Objective_Points mod v2015.10.25 for DC and SS

1 month ago Patch 10 comments

The supplementary Objective_Points mod version 2015.10.25 for DoW:Dark Crusade and DoW:Soulstorm. This mod is vital for running any other mod(s) with...

Avet Alpha DOW:SS map

Avet Alpha DOW:SS map

10 months ago Multiplayer Map 13 comments

After a lot of work and several setbacks, my fourth map set in Svarog Sector is here. First thing first. Sincerest gratitude to Tragivision for his SCAR...

Dangerous Waters DOW:SS map

Dangerous Waters DOW:SS map

1 year ago Multiplayer Map 12 comments

Third map from Svarog Sector. 4vs4, check out screenshots to see details. Instructions for install are in the readme. Enjoy

Mandragore DOW:SS map

Mandragore DOW:SS map

1 year ago Multiplayer Map 25 comments

My second map set in Svarog Sector. Its 4vs4 map, and although big, it can be quite fast. I suggest you use troop transports asap, but you can play without...

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coloneltrukkcrasha Sep 11 2015 says:

So, I just downloaded the Dark Angels mod and decided to put them into UA( for myself and with permission of course), and predictably when combined they didn't do so well, so if I have permission how can I change the unit stats?:P

+2 votes     reply to comment
Gambit_1 Sep 17 2015 replied:

Well, you do not need permission to change the stats for your personal amusement!!!

Anyway, you will need an Attribute Editor (AE).
Corsix Editor is the best for me. Just google it and you will find it.

You will need some experience, though.
There are forums to help you of course :)

+3 votes     reply to comment
NeonLife Jul 19 2015 says:

::Things noted for DA::

+Cool chapter/fluff
+Nice icons and art
-Lack of turrets

==Battle Company==
-Underpowered heroes (Ezekiel o_O)
-Underpowered veterans vs Terminators

-VenDreadnoughts need Crusader/Raider support.

-Do they have enough firepower/armor by late game ?

I'd really like to see this in UA !

+2 votes     reply to comment
Gambit_1 Aug 10 2015 replied:

Thanks for the comments man.
Just to say that the next HUGE patch is almost ready - we simply lack some art assets, which is really an issue since there cannot be an ETA.

Now, here are some comments of my own :)

-Lack of turrets
Not every SM chapter must have turrets man. Other factions lack turrets as well, like Tau and Dark Eldar. It was a design decision.

-Underpowered BC heroes (Ezekiel o_O)
Whoa, have you tried Ezekiel, in-game man?? Not to mention Azrael, or Asmodai... Just have a look at their abilities, and you will see what I mean.
Ezekiel, for example, has 4 powers that are VERY powerful, and they recharge at tremendous speed. Azmodai, has a CONSTANT demoralizing aura, wich is a bit OP, if you ask me!
As for Azrael... He is THE hero!

-Underpowered veterans vs Terminators
It should be so, balance reasons. Just try to see some AI games with BC vs DW and you will see what I mean. After all, they should NOT be directly compared.

-VenDreadnoughts need Crusader/Raider support.
Well, as said above, balance is based upon MANY factors, so the lack of a LR is compensated by the power of the Termi squads. Consider the following rough "equation": LR + Vet = VenDN + Termi

-Do they (RavenWing) have enough firepower/armor by late game ?
They have the ThunderHawk/Sammael, and the standard vehicles that come with the other branches. They do not have veterans or termies, if that's what you mean. But they have a very powerful version of their standard Commander instead (the version with the Land Speeder). He can be repaired, has MANY HPs and very good damage output.

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Guest Nov 12 2015 replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

jONES1979 Creator
jONES1979 Aug 12 2015 replied:

What about to add something? Or change? Or just replace?

+2 votes   reply to comment
Conker_The_King Jun 4 2015 says:

Here be. Can i use your mod in my own mod?

0 votes     reply to comment
Montschi May 10 2015 says:

I Love that Mod!! But I think, the Dark Angels are a little bit too assailable in their HQ, because they have no Turrets and small Artillery. Is there another Update in progress? :)

+3 votes     reply to comment
cybrswami6 Dec 26 2014 says:

Hi Guys,

I love what you have done with this mod. my only issue is that i play UA mod most of the time so would like to get your permission to modify your mod to be UA compatible. I would then like to release the mod of your mod to the community, similar to what people did the the tyranids mod and inquisition daemon hunt mod.

+1 vote     reply to comment
thudo Creator
thudo Jan 7 2015 replied:

Hey Cybrswami6.. Hmmmm are you officially tied to the UA Mod as I've never seen your name associated with that team? Is this a personal mod project of yours as Cyrlene has never mentioned any intention to include DA into UA let alone Black Templars or Salamanders. I am sure its possible as I've seen our DA content in other mods but I think the same policy applies: so long as you give FULL CREDIT to the DA team for any use of the assets then it should be fine.

+1 vote   reply to comment
cybrswami6 Jan 9 2015 replied:

Hi Thudo,
thanks for the reply. firstly mate, LOVE your AI work. truly impressive stuff.

To clarify i am not associated with any mod what so ever. so Cylarne would not have mentioned what i am talking about as i have approached him to use some of his assets as well. I am just an avid gamer who has done some hack coding to get the awesome mods that are balanced for dawn of war to be balanced to UA.

my strategy to make sure full credit is done is to follow what someone else advised me, make people download your mod, install it etc. then get my mod of your mod and have my mod load yours as a dependency. That way your stuff stays as a complete mod and mine simply a tag on to get it to work more like UA works with hugely powerful units, no unit caps or cumulative caps on most things, remove relic requirements for things etc.

For DA I have added a spartan areas 22000 hitpoints, a cerberus (place holder ares model at the moment), tactical support squad (30k style with flamers plasma and melta guns only), increased lascannons damage and reload times, added heavy bolter turrets, and want to add weapon upgrade to the thunderhawk so it can have the turbo laser option and also some las cannons not just heavy bolters.

one question i have is that the buildable area around the DA buildings seems very small. did you guys reduce the radius? or is that normal dawn of war size and i am no longer used to it?

+1 vote     reply to comment
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Sep 26 2013 by moddlord1

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