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Tank MGs (Mods : C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux : Forum : Ideas and Suggestions : Tank MGs) Locked
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Aug 19 2009 Anchor

I absolutely love the idea of the medium tanks sporting machinegun upgrades. It's something I've always wanted to see in C&C games, as pretty much every tank ever made in real life carried at least one. But predictably the issue of balance comes up. Oddly, I've noticed that the tank MGs make the vehicles overpowered against other armored vehicles and structures, rather than infantry. The coax seems to chew up structures in particular; is there any way to nerf its effectiveness on armor? Also, the tooltip claims that the machineguns can shoot down helicopters, but very rarely do I ever see this happen, and my tanks often refuse to target enemy aircraft.

These problems aside, it's a great idea that I would like to see remain if at all possible. Overall, the best mod I've ever played, keep it up.

Haha the 1.21 patch fixed it...not sure how I overlooked it but that's much better. Bonus points on answering my question and fixing the problem before I even mentioned it....

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