This is a recreation of the original Command & Conquer that was made over a decade ago that launched the whole C&C game franchise! All of the original units and themes have been recreated while some of the campaign missions have also been remade, currently there are nine missions available for GDI and Nod, please stand by as more of the original missions will become available once they are completed! Re-discover this classic game on the SAGE 3D Game Engine that C&C Generals Zero Hour is using! Plus you can explore events that occurred after the war ended when Kane was presumed dead by also exploring some new units that were developed and tested by both sides!

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A.I. Problem (Mods : Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn Redux : Forum : Technical Support : A.I. Problem) Locked
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Oct 21 2008, 10:08pm Anchor

Something is wrong with the A.I.,when I start a skirmish game after about 10-15 seconds the A.I. sells it's con yard resulting in me winning with no effort and making the mod less fun,I have tried it at all difficulties and with both factions and the result is the same.I am running TFD in Vista if that helps.

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