This Mod totally changes Serious Sam 2 to feel more "serious". It is not directly the re-creation of SS1 FE/SE - The Main-Features are: - more than 22 new Enemies: Re-creation of all Enemies in SS1 FE/SE + Ugh-Zan III (last boss) and Huge Lava-Golem -Weapons changed: To feel like Serious Sam 1 Weapons. Big, Hard and unforgiveable. -All new Special-Effects: Explosions, Gore etc -All new Sounds: Alot original sounds from Serious Sam 1 -new game-options: Enemies-Multiplicator & Spawn-Time-Reducing (recommend to play the original maps & Selectable Weapon-Speed (comfortable setting or true original speed from SS1) -about 20 new Weather-effects for Levels that looked so plain and should have them: Rain, Snow, Lightings, Flying Leaves, Ashe-Rain, Dust-Clouds, Fog-Clouds Ball-Lightings, Ambience Sounds, Thunders, Metroids, Insects.. -2 new maps: Arcade Map 01 & Huge Enemies Test-map with +1650 Enemies -All the feel of the Game is modified so hard to be like the game was developed for...

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Actual Final 1.0 re-release.

The (allmost) Finally Finished Release of Classic Serious Sam II Mod which makes Serious Sam 2 more classic, +40 new Enemies, changed/new Weapons, gore effects, +45 new usefull options/features and completly customizable Enemie-Replacing. Makes Serious Sam 2 much harder.

This mod was under development for about my last 2 Years.
Now its finished and contains even more Features i ever dreamed off to realize. I'am very Happy and i'am a Big, big Serious Sam (1) Fan.

Please visit my Website: -> Games -> Classic Serious Sam II

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