Cinematic Mod Awakening aims at further delving into the expanded gameverse of FakeFactory's Cinematic Mod which added a lot of depth to the award-winning blockbuster of HL2. CMA uses CM2013 platform with additional work being done by third-party/community members. All work is done with the original author permission from FakeFactory.




Mod Base:

demon667_schwarz (NervenHölle-Team)

Materials, models, prefabs and sounds:
teh strelok
demon667_schwarz (NervenHölle-Team)
MotoR HeaD
Knife Kitty
Rafaël De Jongh \\\ SamVision

Credits for the used weapon models (CM Base):
Twinke Masta
Dr. Zoidburg

Credits for the used weapon models and materials (HL2 Beta Base):

For the new HD combine this mod uses parts of models and
textures from the following authors (CM Base):
insurgency team


For new particle effects this mod uses code and particles created
by GuNsHiP_MK_II

Used model resources (CM Base):
Anton Kisiels Apollo Max
S.t.a.l.k.e.r.: COP
Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light
S.t.a.l.k.e.r.: build 1935
Call of Duty: BO (ONLY CMA build 01 - 74)
Fallout: New Vegas (ONLY CMA build 01 - 74)

Used texture resources (CM Base):
S.t.a.l.k.e.r.: COP
Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light
S.t.a.l.k.e.r.: build 1935
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Notice: This demo doesn't fully represent the final version of the mod as there lots of placeholders and barebones levels. Demo will be periodically updated and improved.

CMA Demo release date (ver.1.0): Q4 2017

CMA (full) release date: 2018

System Requirements (Minimum):
CPU: Dual core CPU 2,9 Ghz
Ram: 3 GB
Os: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
GPU: DirectX 9/10/11 graphics card with 1 Gb Video RAM
Hard Drive: 42 GB

System Requirements (Recommended):
CPU: Dual core CPU 3,2 Ghz
Ram: 4 GB
Os: Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
GPU: DirectX 9/10/11 graphics card with 2Gb Video RAM
Hard Drive: 42 GB

Google Drive:
Mega: [coming soon]

CMA \ Cinematic mod: Awakening - Demo - Mod DB

Image 1

CMA - build 75

CMA - build 52

CMA - Build 43




SDK for CMA (and CMA Demo), DNS and Portal. 22-24 GB. Source Engine 2013 (modified).

CMA: Alpha and beta releases are postponed

CMA: Alpha and beta releases are postponed

News 6 comments

The situation with certain players obliged us to stop public testing of CMA. From now on we'll go by another, more common method: almost complete internal...

CMA (news 07.10.16)

CMA (news 07.10.16)

News 5 comments

Quick update regarding CMA WIP. We continue on fixing bugs. We add new maps. And we also add new features!

CMA - Gameplay (alpha)

CMA - Gameplay (alpha)

News 5 comments

NH-team here with a quick look to CMA gameplay. There are some new effects, new content (including new and reworked old locations), improved AI and a...

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"No Bad Graffiti" for CMA Demo \ CMA

"No Bad Graffiti" for CMA Demo \ CMA

Skin Pack 1 comment

No bad graffiti such as god is dead,naked women,etc. Install files (.vpk): ...\CMA\ep2\CM-A_custom\

"No lens flares" for CMA Demo \ CMA

"No lens flares" for CMA Demo \ CMA

Skin Pack

No lens flares in mod. Install files (.vpk): ...\CMA\ep2\CM-A_custom\

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I really started like this mod. For now i just wanna give one feedback about the lighting effects it seriously affects the performance. Whenever i looks towards light my fps drops to 15-25fps and when looks away from it it reaches 50-70 fps.
I know it is still in alpha and will improve in future. This is just a suggestion Kkeep up the good work :).

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Alrighty then... this here is my definitive review of cinematic mod awakening's demo V.0.96. I started the game expecting a lot of a buggy mess, it wasn't near as bad as I feared. the initial feeling from the content was that of a grand plan that was very much unfinished. however what was available was more than satisfying. I noticed immediately the branching paths and narratives as well as the fact that most of them were incomplete or missing functionality, however there were sections that were deliberately closed off in comparison to the alpha build.

I know that you are planning on expanding upon half life 2's universe immensely, the branching paths were amazing in architecture and design, if unfinished. I also was amazed by the fact that literally every single map provided was overhauled from the ground up. the branching paths are very much alpha in content storywise, but architecture seems perfect.

The transfers to non vanilla levels were as hard as being dropped from orbit without a SOEIV pod, but that will be fixed in the full version. worse though was the fact that just about every other map I lost all my weapons and ammo. I liked the part where I got taken as a POW in water hazard. Although, given the fact that a confiscation grid was there, I should have seen it coming. I did not however expect the grid to actually work, which gave one hell of a jump scare for me. As for the Half-Life OPS missions at bases, they were very interesting of a concept. One which I truly wish to see implemented on a much bigger scale.

I want them to effect the story in various ways based on the ones you do and the outcomes. I also noticed that by Ravenholm both the level architecture and functionality went out the window, no doubt because of the demo status, but at the coast area, where I get the car, I was furious about not having the tau cannon.

However... if in fact like at the end of the demo levels I trade up for a combine CV380 APC, that makes it worth it immensely. Although I got to drive it for all of 15 seconds and its weapons were non functional, it was amazing to think, "I can mow down combine with their own APC." in addition the anomalies in Ravenholm were reminiscent of Metro 2033 and somehow fit perfectly within the half-life lore due to them being quantum anomalies, although... the pool area in Ravenholm immediately had me expecting to see Tiberium fields. the fact that you included hunters at random points was refreshing as were the Zombines, each one added an unexpected challenge to the section they were in.

Furthermore the Combine Gunship's had their Dark Energy cannons active, although their aim was utter ****, coding will fix that. I did however notice that numerous things were of much higher resolution than even CM2013 and didnt have the cringe factor either, for those who want vanilla models of alyx, its there. as for all the other models, they fit perfectly as an HD remake.

As for my criticisms of the mod status... my biggest problem is the fact that the crosshair is always off, one which I circumvented by using my monitor's built in one. ammunition capacity is far too low for my taste due to the fact that most encounters require more ammunition than usual unless you are the master chief with reflexes and aim. additionally I must very much complain about the simple fact that as with all versions of the cinematic mod, the lighting and shaders make most monitors and bright colored screens in game unreadable, oversaturation is abundant, although, not to the point of unplayability.

Also I reached the limit for a single post, next part is below.

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I dont know if it can be fixed but it isnt a deal breaker in the slightest. my recommendation would be to include both vanilla and CMA difficulty and ammo settings as well as a variable shader setup or perhaps presets. I do however dislike the pulse rifle model, and the SMG model, although, I think you already plan on replacing them anyway, they seemed... placeholdery.

In closing however, if this mod is going to go literally to the ends of infinity to make Half-Life 2 as big, amazing and expansive as it can, I love it. However, do not make the number 1 mistake, dont make it too big that you cannot deliver properly. overall, despite the obvious demo nature, I would rate this as a 8 out of 10 on my list, no easy feat. Considering the fact that this mod is extremely unfinished, that actually is saying a lot. If I am giving what some would call a buggy mess an 8 out of 10, the final version might actually get a 10.

So... Demon667_schwarz, keep it up, this is the best mod I have ever seen. Its in no way finished but you just might be the first person ever to make a mod that I give a 10 out of 10 score to. thats kind of along the lines of winning the lottery five times in a row and getting the medal of honor (or equivalent) twice.

All in all, I am most pleased by your work. Keep it up and never give up, and if anyone hates this mod, they dont have to download it. but me? I loved it, and like Half-Life Uplink, the way the mod ended. I really cannot wait for the full version.

This mod requires further data indeed.

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demon667_schwarz Creator

Thanks for the feedback

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You are most welcome. I wish you best of luck with your massive project, and please... dont overwhelm yourself, you already have a massive amount of content to get working. dont bite off more than you can chew, instead save it for the DLC you mentioned. from what I can tell... the mod idea you have in mind is pretty solid. Keep it up my friend.

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Hello everyone.

Just letting everyone know I did a short play through of Cinematic Mod Awakening demo with some bug reports and my own review of it. Please check it out here:

Remember to like and subscribe.

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is this full game or intall in fresh copy of halflife?

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It's standalone

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So you are colliding all episodes and base game into 1 thing?
Came here from the front page.

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I tried the demo, I know it's work in progress but I'll still give some short feedback.

The aiming down sights is cool but it feels clunky and when trying to sprint it feels like I'm losing control over my weapon, it also feels like I'm losing control over the character itself because of the "headbob/screen shake" or whatever when you sprint. It feels like the character is going sideways or something.
Too many shiny surfaces and lens flares, it looks good in screenshots but when you play the game it looks really bad. Also there are dark places in which it's hard to see but there are objects that are lit up and visible even though there is no light source.

Also way too many loading screens at times and they can be kind of long. It feels kind of pointless to have a loading screen just for a small room you'll probably be inside of for like 15 seconds and then you have to wait trough another loading screen.

Overall it feels fresh and I can't wait to see how this project evolves.
I'll end this with a question, is there a chance for you to release the dll's with only the new npc's inside?
I really like making levels and such (for personal use) and it would be cool to have them as a resource since I'm not good at programming and coding them myself.

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as he said, its very much a work in progress still. the mod is very much unfinished. I have played into route canal and even did three of what I am calling, Half-Life OPS missions. I liked them and think that with further work, (it is gonna take till at least december 2018 to finish the massive amount of content IMHO) this could be the single biggest HL2 mod ever. to adress some other peoples concerns myself, I never really liked mods that were canon/consistency nazis... the way he is making this game is better than my failed attempt in 2009, which says a lot seeing as I almost managed to turn half life into fallout.
of course thats kinda irrelevant.

case in point the levels are much bigger but many are unfinished, hence the loading screens. I know there is supposed to be more content. in fact the first alpha had a lot of areas that were literally open to the void, he has blocked these off in the demo. no doubt he has much more in mind. if you ask me, this is the mod Half Life 2 needs.

my basic verdict on this one: not for purists at all, but if you want to see what half life 2 could be if it was pushed to its limits and cranked to 11? sure, its the bomb. I have played every HL2 mod out there, this one has done the impossible. it amused me. I had given up on HL2 modding save for Black Mesa, this? this gives me hope that a mod can work miracles, if you just have an open mind. overall score for the demo in my opinion is a 7.8 out of 10, only because its unfinished. if he keeps this up and refines it by full version, it might get a 9, because no one ever gets a 10, there is no such thing as perfection.

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