Because vanilla Generals isn't good enough for you. Realism overhauls and graphical enhancements are the main points of existence of this mod. If you want tons of new units, this is not the mod for you.

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An graphically enhanced mod just for the people who love realism, so i give 100 out of 10 XD


Awesome Mod!, i always use the graphical content of this mod with Crazy Mod: Revived. But the graphical content of this mod will not be included in the release of Crazy Mod: Revived.

I can't feel RTS without it :D

i love it :D


Awesome graphics but game speed is rather slow...

Cool Textures and terains
keep it up


Very good, another improvement are welcome

best mod!

The only reason I am not giving a 10 is because if I give a 10 that means there is no room for improvement. Well done, excellent mod. I really appreciate this. I have been playing ZH since it came out. My father and I LAN this game. It is the only game he has ever played and he has played every night since 2003 haha. We havent tried any mods before, this was the first and it is so refreshing having the game look so good and feel different. Thank you.

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