Because vanilla Generals isn't good enough for you. Realism overhauls and graphical enhancements are the main points of existence of this mod. If you want tons of new units, this is not the mod for you.

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An graphically enhanced mod just for the people who love realism, so i give 100 out of 10 XD


Awesome Mod!, i always use the graphical content of this mod with Crazy Mod: Revived. But the graphical content of this mod will not be included in the release of Crazy Mod: Revived.

I can't feel RTS without it :D

i love it :D

Awesome graphics but game speed is rather slow...

Cool Textures and terains
keep it up


Wow Graphics is so Very Beautiful.

I wanna you join to SWR Team(They made Rise of the Reds and Shockwave mod) to Improve they mod graphics It will be Great of all Generals Zero Hour mod Exactly.

Most boring mod I've ever played.

Graphically good but the long build times makes it unplayable and incredible boring. I always wanted to wait 1 minute to train barely something.

The start basically means that you watch your HQ 1 minute while doing nothing till your worker is finally done building.

Then you wait another minute till your barrack is done and your next worker is produced, it feels like an eternity literally.

The balance also does not feel better cause I've played as USA and I was so slow that the GLA roflstomped me kinda fast. While I was barely able to counter thanks to the long building times. I do not recommend this mod, it surely has good visuals and some interesting gameplay changes but making this so slow paced while the actual fights are fast paced is just incredible stupid

Infantry takes also that long. Even though they halfway come in groups.
With these building times im asking me what Im doing with my life.
Im asking me if the devs have tried their mod themselves. Also the soundtracks are rather unmatching and bad as well, the official onces were alot better.

Really cool mod I like it like the Shockwave 10/10 for you =D keep working on more I really like this mod it's so cool. Awesome keep the work up bro here's my review.

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