This was created by Ichor, you can contact him on the zdoom forums.

For many months since finishing the latest version of AEoD, I have been working on converting Carnage Galore 3 from JHexen to ZDoom. In addition to finally being able to use slopes in the maps, I've also added quite a few new things:


All old monsters will be returning. In the past, I didn't know how to add new monsters, so I had to replace them with anything new. Eventually, I did figure that out, and new monsters were added. However, this caused the code to get real messy, and old original frames had to be re-added as something new for certain monsters (i.e. chaos mutant). Now, not only is everything cleaned up, but it's organized a lot better. Oh yeah, there's new monsters too...

Some of the monster sprites have been changed as well. I did away with the model rip types (gargoyles, skull wizard, etc.) and made them into sprites that look more fitting.

A few of the old monsters have been changed slightly. Some you'll probably never notice, but others will be more obvious.


Each class will have two new weapons, plus one weapon used by all three classes. Each slot, except for slot 1, will have two weapons each. All weapons, old and new, will have an alt-fire, and when combined with the tome of power, will give each weapon a total of four firing modes. Also, the slot 4 weapons will use a new mana type instead of both blue and green mana.


Most original Hexen items are included. Notable exceptions include the Chaos Device because while it can be a lifesaver, it creates a lot of headaches concerning scripting, and the Banishment Device, which doesn't actually "banish" anything, but just sends monsters to another part of the map, where you'll probably have to deal with them again later anyway. These two have been replaced with the Ring of Wizardry, which cuts mana usage by 1/2, and the Hold Spell, which temporarily freezes any enemy in its path.

All original CG3 items are also included (i.e. Potion of Fire Resistance, charm spell, etc.), and a few brand new items were thrown in as well, including the unused golden egg graphic. The Charm Spell will now always charm a monster that can be charmed, instead of only having a chance to work. To compensate, it has been made less common.

Some of the old items were changed a bit as well. The Mystic Urn now increases your health to 200. The torch now lights up a large area around you instead of the entire map. I've been wanting to do this for a long time now, but until now I couldn't (one of the many limitations of JHexen). It's similar to the one in Serpent Resurrection, but I tried creating it myself instead of borrowing the code from there. Then there's the flechettes. I made it so that all three classes will use the fighter's type. This is because the playing as the cleric was much too easy with these, and as the mage I was struggling to find a good use for the timebombs other than on centaurs.


I still need to change the fake slopes (i.e. those arches) into real ones, and change those fake 3D bridges into real ones. After I finish this and maybe go back to a couple of hub 1 maps and improve them a little, I'll begin working on new maps (I'm on hub 3 now).

List of new weapons:
see feature

List of New Items:

Hold Spell - The Mystic Ambit Incant is typically a multiplayer only item, but I couldn't let that pickup sprite go unused, so I created a red scroll for this. Anyway, it fires a stream of red energy similar to the Banishment Device. However, instead of teleporting them away, they will be held in place (even if they're in mid-air). Also like the
Banishment Device, it can affect multiple enemies.

Tome of Power - Seems fairly obvious what this does by now...

Potion of Fire Resistance - Cuts all fire damage by 1/2. It took a long time and a lot of coding to get this to work in JHexen, but in ZDoom?...I just needed a simple decorate entry.

Time Stop - Umm...stops time

Potion of Regeneration - Replenishes your health over time. However, it works a little differently than the typical regeneration powerup. It gives you health as fast as you would lose it from poison. In JHexen, I was able to make it so the HP number never moved if you had this active and you got poisoned. In ZDoom however, I can't quite do that, so this same situation might make the HP number quickly jump back and forth between...say, 23 and 24 HP. It won't regenerate past 100 HP though, so unless you're preparing for a rough battle, it wouldn't be a good idea to use it after using a Mystic Urn.

Ring of Wizardry - Cuts all mana usage by 1/2, with odd numbers rounded up. For instance, if something normally used 5 green mana, this would reduce it to 3 used.

Charm Spell - Converts a monster to your side, and from then on until it dies, it will attack other enemies. Unlike previous versions, it will always charm a monster if it can be charmed.

Fire Wave - Shoots out a circle of flames that travel along the floor and burn anything in their path.

Glyph - Once you use this, it will spawn in a spot in front of you and sit there until an unlucky enemy wanders by. It will then home in on the target and explode. If the target dies or moves out of range before this happens, it will stop and wait for the next target.

Morph Shield - Prevents you from being turned into a pig, or turns you back from a pig.

Force Cube - Works like in AEoD, but with some new effects.

original the website for this mod was

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Carnage Galore 3 (GZDoom)

Carnage Galore 3 (GZDoom)

Full Version 2 comments

So this a 3 hub carnagefest, with new monsters, weapons, items. The Jhexen version is available on the website if you so choose. I would recommend this...


I have had a similar problem as hardcole described. In hub 1, on the map "Town of Rrducai," there is no place to insert the Daemon Codex in the library. I have searched and attempted to activate every single shelf on both sides, but nothing happens. Based on a video I saw of this, the correct shelf is supposed to be the northeastern most one, but it can't be activated in my game. This means I'm trapped inside the library, and I can only get out using NOCLIP.

I have also noticed that nearly all of the readable books are blank, as they say "text goes here" instead of containing the correct message.

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BTW if anyone is having this or similar problems, there's a workaround using the console. You can use the PUKE + [script number] command to force a script to activate, like the opening of a specific door. Now, since it's impossible to know which script you need ahead of time, you'll have to guess. Therefore, quicksave the game and then start entering them one at a time until you get the correct number. Once you know the right script number, reload the save and only use that PUKE command. In the case of the glitch I described, PUKE 19 will open the door out of the library in Rrducai. It's preferable to do this over just using NOCLIP since the script also opens the quest objective door on the west end.

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It's probablt the best Hexen mod I've played.

But i'm stuck in Hub 3.
Just at the second room, the stone doors don't open(the room with the booksellers and a blue slaughtaur)...
Idk, it seems to be working, I mean, I can use "noclip" and the level seems to be working. And it's amazing. But it's not fun because the game is pretty much a challange.

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hi ! I played this great mod 5 or 6 years ago on doomsday and it was amazing !!! but is this the last version ? i see that in your topic you posted an update, wich , for example, let you summon only one skull wizard at a time , and this version is still summoning lots of them.. the link you provided has expired , is this the latest or do I need that update?

PS: i can't insert the book in map 01 , the library is already full and doesn't let me insert it.. thanks

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Why is this set under A Clumsy Adventure?

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issues with moddb

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