Dark Ages in the British Isles were a fascinating, dismal time of constant wars, in which people fought for survival. A dark age with a deep blend of cultures. The 6th and 7th centuries were a time when invaders (Saxons, Angles and Jutes) tried hard to forge their destiny in a new world with the steel of their swords, shields and spears. The ancient peoples tried to resist, while they saw their kingdoms defeated and conquered by the “barbarians”, and sorrowfully saw how their beloved world slowly disappeared off the face of the earth. But other people must not be left unmentioned, like the Picts, who have always inspired great interest. Or to the west, another island as complex as Britain: Ireland in which many people were fighting for a piece of land, their clans, livestock and supremacy. In short, it is a world we know little about, yet a magnet for history lovers: a time of war and great deeds, where few kings (almost none) died in their beds.

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Brytenwald is one of the best mods for MB I saw so far.

Large world, lots of factions, extreamly large amount of custom content... This is not mod that simply adds something to the MB. It totally changes the game. It 'feels' totaly different. With large amount of factions you really feel that the world is living around you. On the other hand you might suddednly losing orientation in that chaos. It might be intentional ;)

I highly recomend anyone willing to try something totally different then good old MB. You won't be disappointed.

One of two great overhauls for Mount and Blade (the other being 1257).

Brytenwalda brings you the ultimate saxon experience.

The scenes are well-done.

The items equally so.

Tons of new scripts, quests, you name it.

Bug free, a big plus in my book.

Tons of attention to detail.

Only two things bother me: Some of the dialogue is a bit sketchy, and the map could use a bit more work - France is way off. As I'm the one who did the france part, I'll have to take the blame for that one.

So 10/10

Hard but great fun when you get the hang of it.

Overall impression: The amount of work and attention to details is staggering. This mod is evidently the fruit of a labor of love.
Graphics: Passable but unimpressive. M&B WB desperately needs better graphics.
Sound: Similar to core game, but improved period music.
Gameplay: Simply too hard, and often also quite confusing.

Highlights: Convincing environments - towns and villages are much improved. Realistic and balanced equipment (except crossbows). Ships! Vast options for actions. Many minor improvements to game mechanics.

Let downs: No substantial improvement on general sand-box qualities of core game - No real campaigning possible.
Still totally unrealistic trading prices - You must loot thousands of corpses to afford some decent equipment for you and your retainers.
Elite sodiers will still get swamped by rabble.
Capabilities of bandits and other riff-raff totally outrageous.
Ridiculous salaries for top tier soldiers.
Still to many traits to pursue in character development, with very little gain for each step.
Exponential scale for exp.improvement too limiting - Needs moderation.
Morale rules mostly unnecessary - Leading a company of whiners gets boring quickly.
Still almost impossible to get by as peaceful trader etc, because of constant harrassment by elite raiders - No matter how much it tries, M&B can only be enjoyed as a war game (unless you are a masochist).

The temptation to cheat becomes overwhelming after some time and this in turn destroys the enjoyment of any accomplishments. With a few tweaks to the basic calculations, this could have been avoided.

Verdict: An excellent mod that unfortunately retains the worst flaws from the core game.

If you want a Mod for M&B, this is it. Look no further for this is all you will need. Trust me, I'm crazy.

Best Mod ever and this program is awsome too.
Though this mod could use some roman soldier gear..

Great Mod, great work!


Awesome mod, thank you! One in line with great mods like Warsword Conquest, Anno Domini 1257 and A Clash of Kings (Game of Thrones) !!! Very good job!

brytenwalda is a mod that doesnt simply add something to the game it changes the whole base of the game. Every frames of this mods show sheer hardwork of the modder to take time and do this huge project.It has plenty of items, factions,companion,troops etc.To put in a simply way, "You want a mod then brytenwalda is one of your choice".:)

this mod is almost perfect, a few mods are on his level, just a suggestion, why not make sure you can challenge the lond of propia faction in a deadly duel for the crown? would be great

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